British Royals Enjoy Season’s Third Garden Party

It has been a  busy season of Buckingham Palace garden parties as the Queen hosted the third in as many weeks yesterday afternoon. For this event, Queen Elizabeth repeated her peony pink straw hat with teardrop shaped crown, curved brim and feather trim. While the shape of this hat is not a favourite for me, the Queen wears this bright shade of pink so well and the whimsical feel of the hat feels fitting for a summer party.

Queen Elizabeth, May 28, 2015 in Angela Kelly| Royal Hats

Designer: Angela Kelly
Previously Worn: March 21, 2014May 14, 2011; February 17, 2011; April 27, 2010; May 21, 2009

Princess Anne, who looked to be enjoying herself immensely, repeated the purple percher hat she wore for the royal wedding in 2011. it seems to me, however, on this outing she changed the angle of the hat’s placement which highlighted its tear drop shape. This change has warmed my reception for this hat and planted a spark of admiration at Anne’s willingness to try a millinery shape so different from what she usually wears.

Designer: unknown
Previously Worn: June 21, 2012; April 29, 2011

Princess Beatrice wore a lovely new percher hat described by the designer as an “almond teardrop with silk roses and hand cut feather flowers”. The rosy-tan hue of this piece looks wonderful with Beatrice’s colouring and the lush trimming gives the small hat a substantial sense of occasion. I hope to see this hat again with a different outfit- while the elegant grey dress and white jacket look great on Beatrice, the cool grey hue does not relate in any way to the warm rosy brown hat. This is another case where the individual pieces of this ensemble are individually beautiful but don’t work together.

Designer: Juliette Botterill. It is the “Silk Feather Flower Teardrop” design
Previously Worn: This hat is new

Princess Michael of Kent, who is recovering from eye surgery, coordinated her eyepatch with a black and white ensemble. Her hat, with a squared black crown and oval shaped white brim, was simply trimmed with an oversize white feather. Hats with different coloured crowns and brims can be difficult to balance well (especially with an oval brim) but this one gets it just right.

Princess Michael, May 28, 2015 | Royal Hats

Designer: unknown
Previously Worn: June 8, 2002June 27, 2000

Which one in this fun quartet of royal hats stood out to you?

Photos from Getty as indicated; Splash News and Splash News via Corbis

32 thoughts on “British Royals Enjoy Season’s Third Garden Party

  1. The hat and outfit I prefer the most is the Duchess of Gloucester’s on the day. Her simple hat and outfit is a great colour on her, and she looks elegant. I don’t like the Queen’s Pepto-Bismol pink straw hat, and the shape is too Mad Hatter for my liking. The collar on the coat is too low and the coat looks too big. I agree that Princess Anne’s hat’s placement is better than last time, though I still think this hat looks like someone sat on it. Her floral coat looks dated, and the flare out at its lower part, makes her hips look wide. She has such a lovely slim, fit figure, but usually doesn’t wear the right clothes to flatter it. I thought it was funny the way that Princess Michael matched the eyepatch to the outfit. I liked the jacket, hat, jewels and accessories, but I thought the polka dot dress was a bit dated, and it didn’t really go with a structured jacket. I don’t understand why Princess Beatrice chose this hat for this outfit. I like the colour on her, though I don’t like the way that the teardrop shaped front section goes down so low on her face. The dress looks too big for her, too matronly for her, and the grey colour doesn’t suit a Garden party event. The jacket is good, but doesn’t go with anything else.

  2. The best hat, though not the best pairing, is Beatrice’s. It’s lovely and looks well on her; like most everyone has mentioned, though, it doesn’t work well with this outfit.

  3. Anyone standing to Princess Michael’s right might need an eye patch of their own – the decor on her hat could easily impale someone’s eyeball!

  4. Oh goodness! It is so delightful to read some of these comments. I cannot claim to be a fashion afficionado and know only what I like and cannot always analyze why. Perhaps I need a crash course. Anyway, I do like the color of HM’s hat and coat. Princess Anne wore something a month or so ago that had everyone agog–she hit the ball out of the park fashionwise–it may have been at a racing event. This outfit did nothing for me. Beatrice’s hat is pretty, but doesn’t match her jacket and dress. The Duchess of Gloucester was there because she’s to the left of the Queen in the second picture down (in blue).

  5. Although I prefer the second hat made for this pink outfit of the Queen’s (, there’s nothing wrong with this hat. The whole outfit looks tired, though, and it’s been around long enough. The collar on the coat is so low that the entire outfit appears a little sloppy.
    Princess Anne’s hat’s placement does make it look different. I like the colors. Both she and the Queen look appropriately dressed for a garden party.
    Clever that Princess Michael matched the eyepatch to the outfit. I look forward to seeing other colors.
    I don’t understand why Princess Beatrice chose this hat. Chief problem, though, is the cut the dress, making it highly unflattering to the princess.

  6. Out of all of Princess Anne’s outdated recycled outfits this is the worst one. Love Beatrice’s hat but the dress makes her look bigger than she is. Her shoes are from Stuart Weitzman.

  7. I believe there are touches of beige in the pattern on Bea’s dress and there is a beige belt so it’s the jacket that’s doing the damage to the look, all that dazzling white is dominating the subtlety of the other colours. The hat is lovely. Love Anne’s outfit, slightly flattened rose and all. The colour suits her and, by golly, this outfit is *modern*, huzzah! The Queen’s hat (and outfit) is neither here nor there for me. We see her in this sort of thing so often. Good colour for a garden party. (I’d like to see in rotation some of the interesting outfits she wore to France last year, minus the ‘miner’s lamp’ hat). Princess M, well good on her for carrying out her engagement with aplomb. The eye patch was doubtless a wonderful ice-breaker for those she was meeting. I like her hat, but, again, not the jacket, which to me looks like a clash. It’s so bold against a daintily patterned dress.

  8. MrFitzroy has been breathless in anticipation of this post. HatQueen has hit the proverbial nail on the chapeaued head across the board here!
    For all it’s inherent shortcomings, HM hat is indeed perfect for a garden party, and does come across as whimsical, where other similar hats do not. JamesB is right, however, and it’s time to retire this one.
    The Princess Royal has stepped it up a notch in placement, but please steam and reshape the bloom a bit, it still looks like someone sat on it. Quite a lovely ‘little’ brooch she is sporting too, though it’s not well showcased on the jacket (which exactly matches MrFitzroy’s grandmother’s shower curtain, circa 1966).
    Does anyone else get the sense that Princess Beatrice and the Countess of Wessex would have fought over this hat, had they been shopping together? This delightful bit of foof has Sophie written all over it, but Bea wears it well — pairing it with the dress is a puzzlement, but the shoes, my heavens, the shoes!
    MrFitzoy had been chuckling to himself about the Princess Michael/Pirate conundrum since seeing the first coverage of the event….. and Mr. JamesB is right on target there also. Yar, let’s pull a couple strands of jawbreaker size pearls out of the booty chest, and nobody will notice the patch! Bravo MC for making a difficult fashion accessory work so well! (hat twin?)

    • MrFitzroy, I always enjoy your witty yet courteous comments, but I was laughing aloud at this one (in several places)! 🙂

  9. If Princess Beatrice would co ordinate her colours this would have been a lovely outfit. Her hat is nice with her hair…then she wears grey and white. No. Princess Ann looks terrible. The hat is Ok.
    Queen Maxima pictures from yesterday are in our media…hope you catch them.

  10. HM does at least look garden party festive this time, but this outfit has done its duty and needs retiring now. When is she going to get some of the newer Ascot corkers out? Anne – well I like this outfit, it’s different for her, shows how slim she is and is coordinated. Hat placement is getting there from last time too. Beatrice’s hat is gorgeous on her and her looks amazing. But you’re right, this outfit is a mismatch – has Maxima been styling her? As for the Jolly Marie-Christine! Har har me hearties – she is rocking, rocking that eye patch I say! And that’s the hat she wore for Chuck and Cams’ wedding n’est-ce pas? See a good hat doesn’t date!

    • Is it the same? The feather on the 2005 hat is different (just a spine) and the crown of that hat looks like it is navy to match the suit she wore. The feather on this hat is the same as the feather on the 2000 and 2002 outings and it looks to me that the crown is black, not navy. Is it the same hat or do we have a white/navy and white/black pair of hat twins?

      • Hmm. I can’t tell to be honest. Yes the feather has an end now but I just can’t tell the difference between the black and the navy. Is wager it’s the same hat but that she sat on the feather and had to have it replaced. But – what do I know!? I think it’s impossible to tell!

  11. HM looks wonderful. I am amazed at her resilience and the schedule she keeps. Anne looks good and happy. She has shown that she doesn’t really care about fashion and I have to admire her for that. If I were to be lucky enough to go to a Palace garden party, I would obsess over what to wear. Anne knows who she is and is very comfortable with that. I absolutely hate B’s dress, but the jacket and hat look really pretty. Princess Michael’s whole outfit is just odd to me.

  12. I loved Princess Anne’s hat. It looked modern and appropriate, and was very flattering to her. I did not, however, like her coat. I believe the flared bottom was not flattering to her and it looked very out-of-date compared with the delightful hat.

  13. This is my favorite garden party outfit and hat for HM so far this year; this time it seems appropriate for the occasion and the weather. I still don’t like this headpiece for Anne, no matter how she tries to wear it, although I do like the outfit. I think Beatrice looks amazing, and the hat goes with her shoes; plus, grey is the universal neutral, so I think her outfit does go with hat in the end. Beatrice is the winner for me with this outing. Finally, so glad to see Marie-Christine out and rocking that eye patch, coordinating it with her outfit; not a fan of the polka-dot dress, but everything else I like.

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