Queen Mathilde Celebrates Belgium At Expo 2015

Throughout its six month duration, Expo 2015 in Milan will spend one special day highlighting each of the 145 participating nations. Today was Belgium’s turn and Queen Mathilde travelled to Italy to tour her nation’s pavillion and join in celebrating all things Belgian. For this visit, Mathilde topped an elegant pleated dove grey dress and coat with a new rounded pillbox in the same shade. The straw hat followed the sleek, clean lines of the coat and dress and was trimmed simply with a knotted twist at the back from which two ribbon tails wrapped up the side of the hat. While the ensemble is very elegant, I think a pop of colour from a shoe, bag or jewel (something larger than the odd insect pin) would bring it to life. I’m afraid it’s a little boring and one-note as is.

Queen Mathilde, June 12, 2015 | Royal Hats

Designer: Fabienne Delvigne 
Previously Worn: This hat is new

Photos from Nick Zonna/Splash News via Corbis and Getty as indicated

11 thoughts on “Queen Mathilde Celebrates Belgium At Expo 2015

  1. I too would’ve liked to see contrasting shoes and handbags (navy or cobalt would be excellent choices). Overall I really adore this hat and look for Mathilde.

  2. I quite like this hat tho it’s not much different from quite a few ‘back of the head’ pills she wears a lot – the color is great, I like the fabrication and the knot detail in the back.

  3. I loved the outfit and the hat very much. She is such a beautiful, elegant woman. A bit of color might have been nice, but Mathilde generally does quiet and understated, or occasionally bright and colorful. She very rarely mixes both styles together. If she errs, it is generally on the side of caution, but she always has great hair and makeup, regardless. She could star in a handbook for queens if there were such a thing, because she is that good.

  4. Just a lovely ensemble. A more colorful handbag and shoes would have aced this outfit. I even like the insect jewelry (because of the smaller side). Queen Mathilde is like the paler, safer twin of Queen Maxima.

    • JMurrcat I agree with your Mathilde/Maxima comparison. I enjoy seeing both queens, and both queens have their own style of dress. Queen Mathilde could have added a more vibrant color for earrings and a necklace, but that’s not her style, and that’s alright.

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