Swedish Royal Wedding: Danish Royals

Royal Hats With close relations between the Swedish and Danish Royal Families (the King Carl Gustav and Queen Margrethe are first cousins and Queen Margrethe is Prince Carl Philip’s godmother), there was a predictably large group of Danish Royals in attendance at the Swedish royal wedding yesterday in Stockholm.

Queen Margrethe wore the most romantic of royal tiaras, the Baden Palmette Tiara. The heart-shaped scrolls on this piece are delicately pretty on Margrethe but its pairing with her cupid red gown (a stunning gown on its own) for a wedding felt a little cheesy. If I saw this ensemble at a royal banquet I would absolutely adore it but yesterday, I would have preferred a different tiara with this gown.

Queen Margrethe, June 13, 2015 | Royal Hats   Queen Margrethe, June 13, 2015 | Royal Hats

Crown Mary wore her Wedding Tiara, utilizing the piece’s option to add pearls to beef it up. I like this tiara much more with the pearl additions- it is an elegant piece that works well with her pearl drop earrings and stands out against Mary’s dark hair. Her ice blue gown was a great pairing with these jewels and while it looked great from a distance, a few issues with construction (wonky bust darts and oddly placed lace slapped on the front midsection) made me more a fan of the tiara than the dress.

Interestingly, Princess Mary tucked a diamond brooch into her chignon. I’m just not sure the addition was necessary or that the two pieces worked together.

Princess Mary, June 13, 2015 | Royal Hats

Princess Marie wore the tiara she usually wears, her Diamond Floral Tiara. I adore the lightness and intrinsic beauty of floral tiaras and Marie wears this one well. Her fresh green dress was a great choice for a summer wedding although I would have preferred it much better without the oddly placed, pleated cummerbund.

Princess Marie, June 13, 2015 | Royal Hats   Princess Marie, June 13, 2015 | Royal Hats

The Danish royal’s fashion choices were not as successful as I would have hoped but  they looked to be having great fun at this event. I suppose in the end, that’s what matters most. Next, we’ll look at tiaras worn by the Norwegian royals.Princess Marie and Princess Mary, June 13, 2015 | Royal HatsPhotos from Patrick van Katwijk/dpa, Patrick van Katwijk/dpa, Patrick van katwijk/dpa,  Patrick van Katwijk/dpa, Patrick van Katwijk/dpa, and Splash News via Corbis; and Getty as indicated

17 thoughts on “Swedish Royal Wedding: Danish Royals

  1. Princess Mary’s tiara with the pearl addition is perfection but totally agree with her gown’s construction. Probably the dress was tried on with a regular bra which would have changed where the the bust apex is compared to a strapless long line which is what she wore under the gown. The Alencon Lace could have been appliqued in more couture manner. The gown did fit well and the fine tuned details of the construction were very poorly done. The gown was not properly underlined to create a regal effect. Also, the hem should of had horsehair braid to make it lay beautifully. Silk satin can be very unforgiving in the hands of an inexperienced couturier and this is the sad outcome. This gown could have been regally elegant.

  2. I loved Margrethe in red with her heart shaped tiara – it’s like she was sending her support to CP and Sofia as they certainly had challenges to overcome to get to where they are today.

  3. Marie has some fabulous tiara hair, here–would love to see another picture of it from the back.
    I love Mary’s tiara–I know I’m in the minority, but the diamond/pearl combo is just so pretty and I love the pearls at the base.
    Joachim’s hat–can someone explain?

  4. I was taught, growing up that there are 3 colors a lady does not wear to a wedding: black, white or red. But I guess these days anything goes. Other than the color, Daisy’s dress is lovely. The colors of Mary and Marie’s dress are wonderful. I like the extra bling in Mary’s hair, but the prize goes to Joachim! Sartorial homage to his father who has had such a daring flair in his own dress code

  5. On the broadcast it looked as though Daisy was in pain as she walked the red carpet but, being the trouper she is, you’d never know it from the stills. I thought she looked magnificent and striking. Didn’t realise the tiara contained hearts until pointed out here (couldn’t see the shape against her hair) and didn’t give her red gown a second thought, except to mentally put it on my favourites list for this event … which is why I’m not running a Royal Hats blog! But I don’t mind the pairing at all.

    Mary’s dress looked great in motion, very princessy, but I hadn’t noticed the lace (was watching it live very early in the morning where I am). Odd that it wasn’t organised to cover the darts.

    Marie, very nice colour and fit, but the dress felt a bit flat … but HQ there is a spiffy hat in the Danish group that hasn’t been mentioned – Joachim’s! What is that cute cap? Who needs to be an admiral, when you can wear something like that?

    • It’s not Marie’s cummerbund, it’s that strange bodice. I just said the dress was a nice fit, and it was, but I think I mean from below the bodice! The bodice and sleeves look rumpled and the rest of the gown is very clean. Odd.

    • I agree it looked like she was in pain walking into the wedding. I noticed Prince Daniel lend her his arm to walk up the stairs from the outdoor reception. Kudos to him – not only did he take princess Leonore while waiting for the service to start but he offered to escort Queen Margrethe up the stairs showed some real style.

  6. I agree with HatQueen aboutall of the above and thank you for working so hard on all this. However my problem with QP Mary’s dress is in addition to the clumsy darts, lace, the dress is wrinkled. Or it looks it. She is beautiful and I’m sorry her dress is so off.

  7. Seriously I think it was sweet of her to wear a tiara with hearts to a romantic event like a wedding. The red dress represents romance…Valentines….I just took a different feel to the whole outfit….she seems so happy too.
    I do not like how Mary’s earring hooks show up on the back of her ears…they are huge. The darts are badly placed. The lace on her dress showed up about the same as the skirt decoration on Catherine’s wedding gown. It took a long time to even see it.
    There seems to be so much position difference in rank between Mary and Marie. I often feel Marie is left out. This is going way off from hats.
    Thank you Hat Lady for everything you do with the blog….I wait for it everyday.

  8. I have to agree about the tiara and red dress. I think I would have liked anything but the red dress with it. The effect was jarring for me, but for a different reason. The bright red was too much; I think a softer color like a pastel would have been lovely. Mary’s dress was poorly constructed which surprised me, because she is usually the best dressed and most elegant. This one was not good. Other than that she was beautiful, and had a great time with the family. Marie’s dress was a lovely color and it looked nice on her. It is so refreshing to see a family that gets along so well together, and enjoys each other’s company. I must admit that the question for me, was what language did they speak: Danish or English or French?! I know Joachim and Marie speak all three, and that Mary speaks English and Danish, but I don’t know if she speaks anything else. Silly, but I was curious. Whatever they were speaking, they looked to be having a marvelous time!

  9. My favourite here for tiara and gown pairing has to be Marie. Just a good look all round and I don’t even mind the cummerbund . 8t is a good antidote to the trauma of Princess Brigitte s outfit!
    Can I just say thank you for your amazing coverage of this weekend both Trooping and Wedding you have worked so hard and it is much appreciated x

  10. Unusual for CP Mary to have an ill-fitting gown as she normally looks very elegant. The lace might look better if placed correctly and in a different color, like Queen Silvia’s gown. I’m not sure I understand your comment about Queen Margrethe’s gown. The only objection I can think would be the red color. The gown, done in a soft, pretty pastel would make it fantastic. Princess Marie looked very pretty with her tiara and green dress, but prefer to see her in bolder colors.

    • I love Queen Margrethe’s gown- I just thought it was a cheesy choice to wear it with a heart-shaped tiara for a royal wedding. I suppose I don’t respond to such literal romantic gestures. A different tiara and I would have been happy!

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