Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall in Belgium

The Prince Of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall were in Waterloo, Belgium, this morning, to attend the opening of a restored Hougoumont Farm and unveil a statue to honor the British and allied forces successfully held off Napoleon’s army at this site during the Battle of Waterloo in 1815. For this event, the Duchess of Cornwall repeated her an ivory straw picture hat with an off-centre peak atop the crown, balanced by a wide, asymmetrical brim. This hat is trimmed in lengths of sand coloured straw ribbon wrapped in multiple layers around the crown and looped into a side stylized bow.

Designer: Philip Treacy. It appears to be a bespoke version of OC 920
Previously Worn: June 6, 2014 

We recently saw Crown Princess Victoria wear a hat with the same, off-centre peak atop the crown. This new shape stood out much more on her hat than on Camilla’s today, where the distinct shape seems a little lost. At Camilla’s appearance at Ascot yesterday, several guest milliners commented on her penchant for pastels. While this is a lovely enough hat, I think it would be so much more alive and dynamic if it was in a vibrant hue (perhaps the violet shade, olive green or blue hue of these Treacy designs).

Princess Astrid of Belgium was also present, in a chic cream fedora hat with pleated blue band around the base of the crown.

Princess Astrid, June 17, 2015 Royal Hats Princess Astrid, June 17, 2015 Royal Hats

This ceremony was also attended by the Hereditary Grand Duke and Duchess of Luxembourg and kicks off three days of events (including a huge re-enactment) to mark the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo.

What do you think of the Duchess of Cornwall’s hat?

Photos from Pool / Frédéric Sierakovski/Photo News S.A. and Pool / Frédéric Sierakovski/Photo News S.A. via Corbis; and Getty as indicated

12 thoughts on “Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall in Belgium

  1. This is one of my favourites on Camilla. I like the cream/sand combination and I like the flow of the trim in particular. It just looks so well (and effortlessly) done. I think Camilla has become very stylish over the years and agree, she always dresses appropriately for the occasion. Thanks.

  2. Her hat looks like so many others hats she wears. Guess she found her style and is sticking with it. Loving the coat dress on her. Just beautiful in fit and flow

  3. I was certain it wasn’t new. She does indeed have a lot of these type of hats! I think a twin hat feature not only on her cream picture hats but also on her wise brimmed halo hats would be just the job (when you have time of course!!)

    • I’ll put both on the schedule for July, after things die down. Between Ascot and the Battle of Waterloo biennial, there are a lot of hats to cover!

  4. I absolutely agree about the Duchess of Cornwall. Her clothing style might be predictable but she always looks attractive and has such an appealing personality. She dresses appropriately for the occasions where she appears and is a great asset to the British Royal Family.

    • There’s no question about the Duchess dressing appropriately- I just wish her hats showed greater variation in colour. I’m going to have to do a post on all of her cream straw hats because there are so many!

      • Yes, she does have quite a lot of cream straw hats. Please do a post on them (when there are not so many royal events on the calendar). I think that would be fun!

  5. Quite a lovely hat I think! I was once blonde as she was, and cream with light beige is still a good combo on me too!

  6. At first glance I thought it was this hat (, but as I was looking back to find that one, I saw this is actual a repeat from a year ago at the D-Day Anniversary ( I do not remember this one from before, and while it is a great hat for Camilla, I agree that she needs to inject more color into her spring/summer hat collection. We know she can pull off colors well (the purple during the Mexican state visit earlier this year would be a fantastic hue for this hat, or olive green as @HatQueen also suggested), so hopefully she’ll change her mind soon about creams and whites!

  7. Nice hat and pretty similar to the hats she likes and wears frequently. White is not an easy color to wear, but she pulls it off, and she looks pretty. I even don’t hate the beige she pairs it with, but a little more color or contrast might have been nice. The Duchess seems to go for down to earth no nonsense clothes that are comfortable and in line with her preferences. Like Princess Anne, she dresses for comfort and enjoys herself. Once in a while she pulls a trick out of her hat and goes for glam, which she does very well. It’s always fun to see her, because we think we know what she is going to do, and on these occasions we pretty much can guess at dress, coat, hat, gloves and pearls, and that’s usually what we get. She does look great in almost any color, and that happy smile is a wonderful accessory. She is one of my favorite British royals. She has been a real asset to the family.

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