Fourth Day of British Royal Visit to Germany

Queen Elizabeth was all smiles this morning during her and the Duke of Edinburgh’s departure from Berlin. I would like this had something to do with her new hat, a wonderful piece in palest yellow and grey. Made from what appears to be a straw brim and silk covered crown, the chic hat was trimmed in wide grey piping around the upturned brim and a spray of yellow and grey ombre feathers on the squared crown. The colour combination is a departure for Her Majesty and the hat beautifully balanced her grey dress and yellow coat. I think it’s just lovely.

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Designer: It looks like Angela Kelly
Previously Worn: This hat is new

The British Royal visit took a more sombre note later in the day as the Queen and Prince Philip paid respects to victims of the Holocaust at a former concentration camp near Bergen-Belsen. The Queen replaced her yellow coat with an embellished one in grey and white (presumably, both made to match the grey dress below), over which she topped a charcoal grey  and pale blue hat. In the shape of a square-crowned cloche, the main trim of the hat is an austere band of charcoal flannel wrapped around the side of the crown. While I preferred the first of today’s two new hats, I thought this one was a very suitable choice for this engagement. It coordinates beautifully with the Queen’s grey coat, doesn’t it?

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Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

 Queen Elizabeth, June 26, 2015 in Angela Kelly

Designer: Angela Kelly
Previously Worn: This hat is new
While this concludes the British state visit to Germany, it is the second day in a row the Queen has worn two new hats. I can’t wait to hear what you think about them!
Photos from Getty as indicated; Peter Steffen/dpa via Corbis

21 thoughts on “Fourth Day of British Royal Visit to Germany

  1. Lovely outfits and very Queen appropriate.

    On a tangent though, I wonder if she has reinforcing in her coasts/dresses to support the MAGNIFICENT brooches that she wears? Going on the scale of the gems, they must be weighty yet you never see them pulling ungainly at her outfits.

    After her hats I love seeing what brooch she is sporting.

  2. Look 1 was a surprise, with the yellow and grey combination, which worked well on the Queen. Few can wear yellow and get clean away with it. Why spoil it with that big feather? The brooch is perfectly suited, being a daffodil shape, but I would have preferred it with the Australian wattle brooch, which features yellow diamonds. Why would you use black wintery accessories?

    Look 2 was not so successful. Grey is way, way too dull for an older complexion and white hair, and the heavy band of charcoal flannel wrapped around the crown isn’t attractive at all. Once again we have those boring black wintery accessories. I did like the Bronte porcelain brooch being used, because it is not too sparkly for such a grim outing.

    • It would probably be considered undiplomatic to wear a brooch so specifically of one country (the Australian wattle, lovely though it is) when on a state visit to another country. Diplomacy is the name of this particular game.

  3. I love these two outfits on Her Majesty…the yellow was refreshing, and the grey respectful and stylish. She looks wonderful.

  4. Pale yellow and grey- who knew!!! What a winning (unexpected) combination it is. I love the band of grey around the brim of the hat and I really like the fluffy feathers- perfect way to mix the two colours again. And of course the grey dress (reappearing later in the day). Genius.
    3 days, 6 outfits, all new or ever so slightly rejigged. Lots of different shapes and colours. Brilliant. An exciting whirlwind trip. Oh….and one gracious, marvellous Queen. Thank you your Majesty.

  5. I love the yellow hat. The grey hat and outfit achieve the required effect of being fairly sober but not without interest.

  6. Really lovely. The yellow is fabulous and restrained in trimming. Very elegant.

    The grey really wows me though. This coat is amazing, and would suit a woman half her age – but still looks fitting on HM, it reminds me if throat Max wore to Denmark. The hat fits right in. She looks wonderful.

    It’s been a tour of experiments wardrobe wise hasn’t it – none of the usual shapes for sure. Angela has done pretty well I think!

  7. After this tour etc, could we please get a round up of the new hats the Queen has worn since Trooping the Colour… Just even pictures of them all like the Ascot round up- it’s hard to keep up. She is on a role and they look great. You may be interested to hear, HatQueen, that on UK news, said that the Queens trip to Belsen was a personal request.

  8. Love, love, love both hats and coats. The grey hat looks like it is trimmed with pale blue in the

  9. I love it — both of them! The yellow hat is marvelous, especially the gray-trimmed bumper, which allows the yellow brim to show through above and below. The coat fits beautifully, and the coat buttons looks appropriate. The hat would look fantastic just with the gray dress too, providing a pop of color to an otherwise somber (coatless) outfit.
    The gray coat is perfection. The gray-light turquoise(?) (is it really white?) hat looks like a modified Angela Kelly design, but the trim is restrained, and it goes well with that magnificent coat. That coat is worth the price of admission. How clever to design two totally different outfits for one dark gray dress. Second excellent day in a row for the Queen and for Angela Kelly. No wonder there were no new outfits this year until Ascot last week. The clothing department has been working, though.

    • Oh goody, someone else likes this grey coat as much as I do! The trim all around the place really elevates it. The pale blue in the hat breaks up all the grey without taking anything away from the sombre engagement that it was intended for. Besides the fact it wouldn’t have suited the coat, the use of a non floral trim was a welcome change. Good job.

  10. HM looks so elegant in both outfits. I don’t know how she has kept up the grueling pace of appearances this month, and the same applies to Prince Philip, sprightly at 94!

  11. I wish the feather’s on the first hat didn’t look so much like a duster, but beyond that this outfit is wonderful for HM. Very interesting how this shape of hat (especially the brim) has featured prominently with the slew of new hats for HM.

    I don’t care for the asymmetrical brim on the charcoal and white hat worn to Bergen-Belsen, but otherwise this was another great look for HM and very appropriate for the occasion. Sounds like HM was quite moved by it all, especially since she and the DOE are members of the WWII generation.

  12. While I am not a fan of yellow on the Queen, I thought she looked absolutely lovely in this yellow outfit. The hat was smashing with the ombré feather and I loved the style of coat she wore. The silver grey buttons looked just right. All in all, a beautiful look for Her Majesty. The grey was an appropriate color to wear for such a somber occasion, but it was not as stunning as her yellow earlier in the day. I am not a fan of the split crown or the collarless coats she wears. On the other hand, her brooch was beautiful. Lily of the Valley pearl flowers, weren’t they? Hard to tell from a distance.

  13. Both hats worked well for their respective occasions and the summer season trip – I especially like her in the yellow/gray one.

  14. The pale yellow outfit is lovely on her! Not overly crazy about the Koosh ball ornamant on the hat but I’ve seen worse. And the bouquet really makes the whole thing pop! The grey outfit is totally appropriate to the occasion.

  15. Well they are lovely…. The two complete outfits. Finally after all of the irritating hats and coat. Hope this is the beginning of ” nice”.

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