Seeing Double: Princess Beatrice

Royal Hats Several of you noticed that the navy blue percher cocktail hat Princess Beatrice wore last week on Day 3 of Ascot looked very familiar. Good catch! Beatrice as a very similar hat in rosy-almond beige that she first wore in late May. The shapes are slightly different (the navy hat has a more exaggerated tear-drop point and the feather trims behind the silk roses are different) but these two hats are clearly close relations. Designed by Juliette Botterill, this pair of the “Silk Feather Flower Teardrop” design are particularly intriguing as they made inaugural appearances just two weeks apart (indicating a double purchase as opposed to ordering a different version of a tried and tested favourite hat). Do you think this piece warrants two places within Princess Beatrice’s millinery closet?

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13 thoughts on “Seeing Double: Princess Beatrice

  1. I think both hats have their merits, and like me, she probably couldn’t decide which to buy so took the two! The blue is more suited to Ascot with its bolder colour, more defined shape, and the pouf ball for a touch of frivolity. The beige hat is best for a more formal function where you want a hat that blends in more in a more neutral tone. Perhaps she wore the two a little close in proximity which made it easier for we hat sleuths to spot the similarities.

  2. I like both and this style suits her. Both colours look good in her red hair. These hats could also look good with her hair up too. They are quite versatile hats, but not suited to everyone. I admit I often buy 2 pairs of shoes in different colours when I find a comfortable pair, so perhaps she felt like doing the same with her hats.

  3. I think it’s appropriate to have both of these in the closet. Whilst very similar, they are (technically) not the same. The different colours alone are going to separate their potential looks as it were and the trim, to me has a different feel to it- the blue is pouffy and fun versus a little more conservative/traditional look for the other. I don’t really like the brown one actually, the base colour is heavy and kind of dull looking to me. I remember thinking when I saw the blue one that the point was way too exaggerated, but they both suit Beatrice, so, let her have them both and let’s hope we see them many more times.
    Surely that’s the point too. Royals should get plenty of use out of their apparel, and on the whole I believe that they have embraced that notion and do indeed recycle quite often. To not repeat outfits would be extravagant and set them up for (IMO) justifiable criticism. Anyway, that is much of the fun for me; seeing in what way certain ensembles are altered and rejigged and seeing which outfit is obviously a personal fave of the wearer!

  4. Yes, think it is a nice hat style for a young woman like Beatrice who wears her hair down on most occasions. The two colors are very versatile and would compliment many colors and dress styles.

  5. I think both hats look very nice on Beatrice. I would love to try them on! Though as TiarasRus says, I hope she got a good discount. So, Royal Hats, please tell us, does royalty get discounts from the hatmakers?

  6. I do not think this piece warrants two places within Princess Beatrice’s millinery closet. She doesn’t have enough hat-wearing events to go to to justify two similar hats. Princess Beatrice’s beige hat is the better one, as it tones in so well with her hair color and you don’t notice the pointy end as much as you do with the blue one. I can understand why she bought both, as they are great hats, but at the end of the day, it is a case of hat overkill. Perhaps she got a good discount on the two hat deal?

  7. Absolutely justified! They are a great design-simple enough to go with lots, whimsical enough to be youthful, different enough to not be identical, and two easy to wear neutral colors. I think she will get lots of use out of both.

  8. They are indeed lovely hats, and I can see why she decided to grab a two for one. I’m not entirely sure she’s doing in right though – her hair up might be better, and both outfits are Beatrice classics, she just gilds the lily; the outfits are mismatched, too fussy and didn’t do her any favours. With a really simple dress these hats would sing. Bea is actually a stylish young woman and has some beautiful appearances, she just seems to falter at Royal events where she needs to be all ‘done’. She really does need to heed Coco’s advice about taking off that last accessory…

  9. I really like both hats. Especially, I like the ‘poof’ in the blue hat – such a fun detail. Also, I think both look good on her. So yes, I can see justification for having 2 of these hats, with the different colors and trim providing enough differentiation.

  10. I think they are a great shape. A bit perchey without looking like the satellite dish Kate had on at Trooping. This is a good summer hat shape that would work in lots of colours and I think it is a flattering shape for a lady with longer fuller hair. I don’t think it would work on Camilla or Sophie

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