Greek Royal Wedding 20 Years On: Families

Prince Pavlos and Marie-Chantal Miller, July 1, 1995 | Royal HatsRoyal Hats

When Crown Prince Pavlos of Greece, Prince of Denmark, married Marie-Chantal Miller on July 1, 1995, the event was a family affair. Because of the Greek royal family’s close relations to several other royal houses, that also made it a major royal event. Here is a look at the hats worn at this wedding by members of the couple’s families.

Queen Anne-Marie topped her sea foam green silk coat with a straw headpiece in the same hue. With an open top, the headpiece wrapped in a circle around her head and was trimmed with a wide straw ribbon tails on the side.

Queen Anne-Marie, July 1, 2015 | Royal Hats

Queen Anne-Marie, July 1, 2015 | Royal Hats  Queen Anne-Marie, July 1, 2015 | Royal Hats

Princess Alexia wore a wide brimmed hat in natural straw while Princess Theodora, as bridesmaid, wore a floral wreath in her hair. Both Alexia and and Queen Anne-Marie were dressed by London-based Austrian designer Inge Spronson.

Greek Royal Family, July 1, 2015 | Royal Hats

The mother of the bride, Chantal Miller, matched Queen Anne-Marie’s ensemble in a hat and dress in sea foam green topped by a pale peach hand embroidered and beaded Valentino couture coat. The hat followed the shape of a ruched turban at the back but was brimmed with a halo brim around the front that framed Mrs. Miller’s face. Trimmed with a stylized silk flower, the chic hat has a wonderful sense of movement that almost draws my attention away from her pearls.

Chantal Miller, June 1, 2015 | Royal Hats  Chantal Miller, June 1, 2015 | Royal Hats

Princess Marie-Chantal’s two sisters, Alexandra Miller and Pia Getty wore what I suspect were very fashion-forward hats for the time. Pia’s round burgundy percher hat was edged in scalloped pink ribbon and trimmed with a spray of pink and burgundy feathers at the back. While this hat shape is familiar to us now, it was a very avant garde millinery look 20 years ago that left me wondering at the time if she had stuck a cushion on her head.  Alexandra toped her blue suit with what can only be described as a pink headscarf, worn as a headband and loosely tied in a bow behind her ear. This headpiece (if you can call it that) has always left me scratching my own head.

Pia Getty and Alexandra Miller, July 1, 1995 | Royal Hats

Princess Benedikte, July 1, 1995 | Royal Hats

Looking at the groom’s extended family- Queen Anne-Marie’s sister, Princess Benedikte of Denmark (above, right) wore a large rose pink hat with high ‘slice’ brim that folded up over the square crown on one side. We see these ‘slice’ brim picture hats often these days but I suspect it turned heads at the time. Their mother, Queen Ingrid of Denmark, wore a memorable hat in sky blue. With a traditional round crown, the brim of the hat was wider around the front and folded up to frame Queen Ingrid’s face. The straw was light embroidered in monochrome blue vines and embellished with a small spray of flowers at the side. We seldom see patterned royal hats and this one still stands out in my mind as a unique piece.

Queen Ingrid, July 1, 1995 | Royal Hats   Queen Ingrid, July 1, 1995 | Royal Hats

Queen Margrethe, the eldest of Queen Ingrid’s three daughters, also wore an unusual and distinctive hat. Her headpiece, in steely blue straw,  featured a large disc atop a calot base. The disc was sliced to the radius at the top of the headpiece- a large bow was placed in the slice, leaving one side of the bow visible on top of the hat and the other, behind the back of it (which also curled up that side of the disc). A spray of silk violets completed the striking hat.

Queen Margrethe, July 1, 1995 | Royal Hats   Queen Margrethe, July 1, 1995 | Royal Hats

While King Constantine’s sister, Queen Sofia of Spain, did not wear a hat, her daughters  Infanta Elena and Infanta Christina both topped their dress suits with simple cream picture hats.

Infanta Elena, July 1, 1995 | Royal Hats   Infanta Cristina, July 1, 1995 | Royal Hats

Looking at these hats today, I am surprised how current many of them seem. Which ones stand out most to you?

Greek Royal wedding, July 1, 1995 | Royal Hats

Photos from The Greek Royal Family; The Royal Forums; and Lord Lichfield via Getty

14 thoughts on “Greek Royal Wedding 20 Years On: Families

  1. You learn something new every day! I was shocked and alarmed when I discovered that Queen Anne-Marie’s sea foam green straw headpiece, in the same hue as her elegant coat, which I used to like, was not a hat at all, but an open topped bandage thing! Oh the horror! Quelle horreur! While Princess Alexia’s wide brimmed hat in natural straw interests me, her daggy outfit does not! Princess Theodora’s bridesmaid floral wreath in her hair and dress is attractive, but the little boy wearing shiny blue pants must have cried with embarrassment after the ceremony. Quelle horreur! Chantal Miller;s hat and dress in sea foam green just didn’t go with her pale peach coat, though I will say I liked her hat, with its ruched turban shape at the back, and halo brim around the front , and i must agree with HatQueen that it framed her face well. I even like the simple trim of a silk flower. The pearls just don’t work with this outfit at all! Alexandra Miller’s boring blue suit, worn with, of all things, an odd pink headscarf thing, was a wall of hideousness, and Pia Getty;s round burgundy percher looked like a cushion from most angles. Princess Benedikte proved once again that she can rock pink outfits and hats, and her very large rose pink hat with high ‘slice’ brim, was a real stand-out and could easily be worn right now. Poor Queen Ingrid of Denmark had marked kyphosis, which I assume was due to osteoporosis, so it probably pained her to attend. I liked her sky blue straw hat and its light embroidered monochrome blue vines and embellishment with a small spray of flowers at the side, and it was flattering to her, and was as much at home then as it would be today. Queen Margrethe’s distinctive hat is one of the best she has ever worn. I loved how its steely blue straw color flattered her coloring, and its unusual big disc atop a calot base suited her well, and could still pass muster today. I also liked the spray of silk violets as a trim, but she ought to have abandoned the fussy pussy bow at the neck of her outfit. Infanta Elena and Infanta Christina both wore simple, classic outfits with their simple cream picture hats, but i wanted to see something a bit more for this grand occasion, but at least they wore hats, which is more than can be said for Queen Sofia, who looked totally under-dressed!

  2. MC’s Mom Chantal was dressed by John Galliano for the wedding and pre wedding ball. Didn’t like the gown he did for her though. I think Pia is wearing Oscar De La Renta and Alexandra is wearing Valentino. Yes that’s only a pink ribbon in her hair. As far as hats go the only ones that stood outfor me were Queen Noor ( my favorite at that time), Princess Bendicte (sp) and Diane Von Furstenbergs.

    • I’ll have to go find pics of QNoor and DVF and look at their hats! You’ve made me so curious, SASSY!

      • Don’t get too curious lol….there’s a reason I said “At that time”. 🙂 Not sure how I feel about now and she did show head to toe Ivory which I thought was a serious faux pas back then.

  3. Anne-Marie’s outfit strikes me as too old for her – she was 48 here, it’s a bit elderly I think. Of the others, Alexia is somewhat frumpy, Mrs Miller is somewhat fabulous and Queen Marge is very fashion forward. You’re right, it’s a collection of hats that really does predict later millinery fashions, none more so than Pia Getty – I remember at the time thinking this was an unusual look, now it would barely merit comment!

  4. I’ve only ever seen Anne-Marie’s hat from the front before this, so I always assumed it was a pillbox; I am now less in love with it, although it still gets a pass. Who knew she was advancing Fabienne Delvigne so early on?

    Alexia’s hat and outfit are quite representative of the mid-90s. I think the hat would be okay still today, but it’s not that exciting to me.

    Chantal Miller’s hat is retro 1940s in a good way and the shape reminds me of some worn in the film “Evita”, which I just rewatched the other night. It’s unfortunate her pearl necklace looks rather terrible.

    Is Pia Miller Getty a time traveler? She could walk into a wedding or horse race today and no one would blink an eye at this hat and outfit. The color, shape, and details of this ensemble are amazing and have held up very well over 20 years (unlike some of the Princess Royals hats and outfits); brava! Alexandra Miller, on the other hand, just didn’t look good at all to me.

    Benedikte’s outfit should remain in the 90s, but I would be interested in this hat making another appearance. Her mother, Queen Ingrid, looked quite wonderful in her hat and outfit; a wonderful color and shape for her! As for Margrethe, I’ve always wanted this hat and outfit to make another appearance! This hat, like Pia’s, would not be out of place today, although the outfit is a bit more couture.

    Finally, Elena and Cristina both looked very appropriate for the occasion, although, like Alexia, they represent the mid-90s quite well. I believe Cristina was with Prince Kyril of Bulgaria; correct me if I’m wrong.

    • Infanta Cristina is pictured with Archduke Simeón of Austria. I think this photo set the tabloids wagging about a possible love match. Alas, it didn’t amount to anything and she met Inaki a year later.

  5. Both mothers looked great. Princess B, as is elegant as ever. I like Pia’s percher also. All of these hats would still be current if worn today. I love that!

  6. I really like Anne Marie’s ensemble – even the hat. She seems to have found he fountain of youth. She still looks young and beautiful. It’s was wonderful trip down memory lane. I wonder why Sofia didn’t wear a hat? I found the video fascinating. It was great fun to spot the Royals and touching to see Prince Kardam among the young men holding the crowns.

  7. I especially like the hats on the two mothers. Mrs. Miller’s pearls, as HatQueen noted, are (to use my mother’s term) unfortunate as are her earrings, but her Valentino coat is breathtaking. I tried to find better pictures of it online but was not successful. Does anyone remember more details about it?

  8. I like Christina, Elena, and Q A-M best. I usually think non-royals try too hard since they’re not used to wearing hats; they tend to look like the hats are wearing them. This excludes the British though because they do wear hats a lot.

  9. Queen Margrethe’s whole outfit is interesting and well coordinated, but I don’t particularly care for it. Queen Anne-Marie’s hat looks fine from the front — only. Princess Benedikte, however, looks fantastic, as she usually does.
    Does anyone know whom the Infanta Christine came with? That certainly does not look like her husband. (Others, while obviously older now, still look like themselves.)
    Beautiful retrospective. Thank you!

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