One Headpiece, Three Frocks

Royal HatsFor the recent bicentenary of the Battle of Waterloo, Queen Máxima repeated a Fabienne Delvigne headpiece made of luminescent silver silk. The open topped headpiece, made of two padded and tapered U-shaped forms that create a ring around Máxima’s head, was met with lukewarm reception when she wore it first in October 2007 at Princess Arianne’s christening. Since then Queen Máxima has paired it with two other outfits, both in blue lace.

Look #1: A silver silk cut-out jacket and pleated silver and grey jacquard skirt worn originally on on October 20, 2007 for Princess Arianne’s christening and repeated during the Swedish royal visit, April 4, 2014

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Look #2: Teal lace dress worn November 23, 2013 on a visit to Venezeula

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Look #3: Grey silk dress with blue lace trim worn June 19, 2015 for the Bicentenary of the Battle of Waterloo

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I’m curious, dear readers, which outfit do you think works best with this unique headpiece?

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23 thoughts on “One Headpiece, Three Frocks

  1. Going to overlook the hole in the hat and fit issues here and vote for number three: the gray in the dress makes for a cohesive look, and the blue provides much-needed color.

  2. The hat shape from the front looks okay but I hate it from the back, it looks unfinished and there’s visible puckering. I don’t think it’s terribly well made. As for the combos, hmm, I’m not sure I really like any of em I’m afraid…

  3. Like Jake, I also don’t like the fact that the rings are open. It looks like two headbands stacked on top of each other. I think the hat works best with the suit but I hate the gap in the jacket – it looks unfinished. Not crazy about the teal dress/silver hat combo at all. The third dress would be better if it wasn’t so tight through the waist and distracting from the hat. And one last quibble – I don’t think silver is Max’s best colour with her warm coloring.

  4. This is a hat I really like from the front, a sort of much improved “reduced turban” – but it doesn’t look nearly as good from the back. I prefer it with the last dress, I think. The repeated grey makes the whole outfit seem coherent.

  5. I actually like the hat on Max. Fun, a little odd and shiny. The color of the silver outfit is lovely. The only complaint I have is how the skirt seems to get tighter at the hem. Kind of an opposite of flare. I don’t care for how it makes a hip-y silhouette. The teal is a tough color to pull off and I don’t care for the teal/silver combo. The 3rd look, for the Bicentenary of the Battle of Waterloo, is very nice. As always. I love her jewelry and how she always looks so engaged in every event

  6. I’m not keen on open crown headpieces but I like this one better than the ones that look like bandages. I’m going to think of it as an avant garde calot. From the front it looks somewhat like a calot to me. Or a pillbox. Or it’s own crazy style. The thing I do like about it is that Fabienne Delvigne is really giving thought to what makes a hat and how far the boundaries of hat styles can be pushed. I commend her for that, even when I don’t particularly like the result.

    Of the three wearings shown, I think I like the 3rd one best. Queen Maxima looks beautiful and well put together.

  7. I find this headpiece quite attractive and like it with the top outfit best, although the fastening of the jacket at the neck and the next button down doesn’t seem to fit perfectly.

  8. I think it goes best with 1 technically but then I don’t like 1 as an outfit. Don’t like material or shape. So have to say 3 as i like the dress. I don’t mind the open crown headpieces at all but she has one or two that don’t work due to the colour

  9. I don’t like how each part isn’t a full ring; if this was two full rings put together into one headpiece, I think it would look better. As is, those rounded points just look weird. In the end, it’s ok because it doesn’t blend in with her hair, but not a true success. I think either of the lace dresses looks better with this hat than the all silver outfit.

  10. I detest this hat! I don’t like open crown hats; I don’t like shiny fabrics for daywear; and I don’t like silver for daywear. The first outfit would be alright for a visit to the Star Trek set. Even then, the fit of the jacket is off and the opened part under the neckline looks weird. The skirt is too short. If I must chose one, it would be the pairing with the teal dress. At least the color of the dress is good. The last dress, a drab gray with dated looking blue lace trim, is ill-fitting. I would happily closet raid all her jewels!

    • Hmm… is a skirt just above the knee too short for a Queen? I’m not convinced.
      Embed from Getty Images
      Embed from Getty Images

      • Skirt length looks awkward in the lower photo, which is in part due to its short length.. I like the jacket, but the skirt makes her look too full through the hips and lands at an inelegant point on her leg. I wouldn’t generalize to say all above the knee length dresses/skirts should be avoided, but this one doesn’t work.

  11. I realize this is off-topic but I notice that in the two photos from Look #1 Queen Maxima has on two different brooches. Both beautiful with black pearls but odd that she has on two different brooches. And if pressed I’d say the “hat” looks best with Look #1, primarily because I like that outfit best of the three.

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