Belgian National Day 2015

The Belgian Royal Family began celebrations of their national holiday today by attending a Te Deum mass at the Cathedral of St. Michael and St. Gudula in Brussels. Queen Mathilde wore a classic straw picture hat for the occasion.

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Described by the designer as “a big hat made out of refined pale green parasisal straw… the size and style of the hat highlight the natural grace and glamour of our young Queen.”  While the shape of this piece is simple, the subtle ruffle on the brim, balanced by a soaring upward curve on the other side, gives such beautiful movement to the piece (see it from the back here). The scale is wonderful on Mathilde and the colour, which looks blue instead of green, is so pretty. I particularly adore the way the ruffle on the side of the brim echoes the flowing cape sleeves on her dress. This monochrome dress and hat perfectly compliment the other.

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Designer: Fabienne Delvigne. Banana fibre clutch also by Fabienne Delvigne
Previously Worn: This hat is new

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This is a more classically styled hat than queen Mathilde has traditionally worn for National Day but I adore it on her. What do you think of this piece?

See the hats worn by Princess Claire and Princess Astrid over at this post.

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20 thoughts on “Belgian National Day 2015

  1. Queen Mathilde looks the best in her classic picture hats, like this one. I don’t know how I feel about the big cape sleeves on a daytime dress, but I think if it was a long evening dress it would provide more balance for this particular design.

  2. I adore her in this hat, and I believe that it is one of her best hats. The huge cape sleeves envelop her in a way that isn’t that flattering on her. She should repeat this hat with a more simple, streamlined dress.

  3. In some photos, I think Queen Mathilde’s hat is a little too long in the front. Looks oval in shape. In more direct shots, it’s perfect. Overall, I like this picture hat. The slight ruffled edge is a nice feature.

  4. This has to be one of the best hats ever worn by this Queen. I would definitely wear this hat myself. The big cape sleeves are not my thing, and I am not entirely sure that this look is her most flattering one, but the hat wins the day!

  5. I love the dress, hat, earings … but what I see on her feet are nude shoes (correct me if I’m wrong). I am tired of nude shoes and I never really liked seeing them with grey outfits. So from the ankles up, it’s a fabulous look for me! Very, very elegant.

  6. I don’t like the ruffle but otherwise the hat is beautiful. Don’t like the capelet-sleevey thing and the dress needs a belt but otherwise Mathilde looks great.

  7. Lovely hat – in fact the whole party looks very smart (I adore the colour match of the oldest daughter’s dress to her father’s sash). The hat and dress show as dove grey on my screen so definitely not getting green. This one is a keeper (whew! after yesterday’s selection).

  8. I love it! It is a style MADE for her. She looks wonderful in a picture hat, especially one with a top to it! 🙂

  9. What an excellent look for Mathilde! Classic Fabienne Delvigne design with the ruffled brim (it has shown up multiple times with Maxima’s slice hats), and the color suits her very well. This is a keeper for sure!

  10. I love the hat, and it looks beautiful on her. It goes well with her outfit, but they really don’t look green in the photos. More often than not, she gets it right.

  11. Absolutely amazing. She looks gorgeous. I was hoping she would go for a classic hat and I’m glad she did. The waves in the brim add a nice touch. Also clever to pick a classic hat when you’re wearing a cape, otherwise it would be too much. Don’t know why they talk about green though when it seems to be a very pale almost grey blue.

  12. This is what I was saying! A classic, elegant style suits her looks so much more than fussy, out there styles. I love a picture hat, and this one has enough of a twist to be interesting yet lovely. Not overly sold on the capey sleeves, but I’ll probably change my mind on that!!

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