Princess Akiko In Niigata

Princess Akiko of Mikasa has been in the Niigata region this week to take part in the awards ceremony at a cycling race. On Monday, she visited a facility in Tsubane that makes hand hammered copper products. For this event, she wore a palest blue hat with tall, flat crown and downward facing brim. The hat appeared to be wrapped in a light layer of crin (or similar material) that lended softness around Akiko’s face. It’s a much larger hat than she usually wears and it’s nice to see her experimenting a bit with millinery.

Princess Akiko, July 20, 2015 | Royal Hats  Princess Akiko, July 20, 2015 | Royal Hats

Photos from Kenoh

7 thoughts on “Princess Akiko In Niigata

  1. This is not a hat shape I normally like, but it looks really good on her. The light blue colour works well for her. The retro look suit is good too, though I don’t like the buttons. Her jewels and accessories are a good addition to the overall effect.

  2. This is such a nice change from the bumper, bowlers, and saucers the imperial family usually changes, and so flattering! Perhaps we will be seeing more brims on other family members since this one was so successful.

  3. This is so beautiful on her, perfection 1st class all the way. The shape of the hat is very becoming on her, and her outfit is very chic. What a lovely young lady. I hope to see more of her in this style. Well done pretty Princess!

  4. Princess Akiko of Mikasa looks the best I have seen her look. This hat really flatters her pretty face, and the pale blue colour of the hat is very soft and feminine and is perfect for her colouring. The suit is elegant and her jewellery is attractive but not over-powering. Keep up the good work Princess Akiko!

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