Seeing Triple: Queen Elizabeth

Royal HatsWhen Queen Elizabeth repeated a turquoise blue hat for her visit to East London nearly two weeks ago, a number of readers noticed the hat is not the only one in her millinery closet with this distinctive stepped crown shape. Rachel Trevor Morgan has created three hats for Her Majesty in this style, each trimmed with a cluster of handmade flowers – flowers that balance the higher, stepped side of the crown. While the brim shapes slightly differ between the three pieces, the three pieces are undoubtedly related.

A visit to Barking and Dagenham, July 15, 2015

Visiting Rome, April 3, 2014

Queen Elizabeth, June 18, 2011 in Rachel Trevor Morgan | Royal Hats

Enjoying Ascot, June 18, 2011

What do you think about this trio of hats? Is there one that stands out to you most?

Photo from Getty as indicated and Pacific News via Zimbio

16 thoughts on “Seeing Triple: Queen Elizabeth

  1. I think HM has taken a serious look at her wardrobe and thought “who said all my hats have to look different?”. She seems to also have decided that the same applies to her summer coats. Lovely pastel dresses under the coats and gorgeous colour matched hats.

    I didn’t like the Ascot 2011, Pallid Blue. It sort of washed her out and made her look like her horse was losing. And to be honest, even the hat looked sad.

    I like the entire Rome Lilac ensemble. It is a wonderful colour and an elegant style. HM looks wonderful in lilacs, lavenders and purples, The lilac evoked a fuzzy warm feeling and that’s okay, but warm fuzzies aren’t enough. She looked quite content and if I had to describe the “feel” of the ensemble I would have to say ‘Prozac’.

    But, when I looked at the Sky Blue ensemble I knew this had to be my favourite. She positively glowed with robust good health and her smile totally lit up her face. The hat framed it perfectly in it’s gorgeous Sky Blue. It screamed said “I am the Queen and I’m feeling fine and don’t I look great wearing this hat!”

  2. I absolutely LOVE them! They are grand and matronly, reminding me a bit of my own late GrandMother. For me, the larger the angled brim, the better!

  3. It would appear that the shape of these hats is rather polarising! For the record, I like them….very much. I think the steps add interest and height and movement and more importantly the whole shape suits Her Majesty to a T.
    Regarding the choice of trims used- it seems to me that replicating flowers is more successful than replicating stems or leaves. (I have thought this a few times just haven’t commented). When the first blue hat was featured recently there was a comment about the stem just sticking out rather cumbersomely and I’d have to say I agree with that. Perhaps this is what people are thinking when they mention craft glue and the like!!
    My personal favourite is the second one because of the beautiful colour.

  4. I don’t think this stepped crown shape is all that good for the Queen, and I certainly don’t think it warrants repeating in more hats. I think the first one is the best of the three and is the best color on the Queen.

  5. All three are beautiful hats. The third is my favorite, though, because of the colors, although the blue and green are dangerously similar to the colors in the first outfit. The brim of the third hat appears to be flatter than the other two.
    The second picture, from her visit to the Pope, is the time when she wore the “wrong” coat rather than the coat for which the hat was made or the similar but lighter-colored RTM hat which had been made for that coat worn in Rome.

      • You wouldn’t think that steps on the top of a hat would look good but here they sure do! These are such pretty hats.

  6. You know I could have sworn there were loads more like this – but each one I’ve looked at IS different. It just feels like such a standard – but I can see why! RTM is such a skilled milliner and the subtle shaping, the beautiful flowers and the absolutely right brim size show this. I love all three of these hats, and clearly so does HM, as the last two have been real workhorses in her collection – I’m sure the first one will too.

    • All flowers are ‘fake’ on the royal hats we see. Real ones are obviously not an option.

      As for workmanship, Rachel Trevor Morgan’s handmade flowers are exquisite works of art in their own right. I don’t think there’s anything boring about these hats!

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