Queen Margrethe Celebrates Christiansfeld

On Saturday, Queen Margrethe visited Christiansfeld to take part in the town’s official inclusion on the UNESCO World Heritage List. For this celebration of the town, founded in 1773 and named after King Christian VII, the Queen repeated her pink straw hat and matching suit. This outing of the ensemble gives us a much better view of the hat and shows that the double band around the crown is in fact, made from the same navy floral fabric as Margrethe’s blouse. This trim on the hat helps greatly to break up the sea of bright pink and provide some much needed contrast. I wish that the silk flowers trimming the side of the piece were larger- in their current scale, they seem like a sad afterthought.

Queen Margrethe, August 29, 2015 | Royal Hats

Designer: unknown
Previously Worn: June 26, 2015

UPDATE- Count Ingolf of Rosenborg (Queen Margrethe’s cousin) and his wife, Countess Sussie, also attended this event. Countess Sussie wore a simple straw hat in latte coloured straw trimmed with a white and mint green band around the crown.

Countess Sussie, August 29, 2015 | Royal Hats

Photo from Claus Fisker/Scanpix via The Danish Monarchy

11 thoughts on “Queen Margrethe Celebrates Christiansfeld

  1. I prefer Countess Sussie’s straw hat and simple outfit, to the wall of pink, though I do think the Queen suits pink, but there is just a bit too much at once. I don’t like the trim on the Queen’s hat.

  2. I’m glad there’s something to break up the pink, but this just confirms for me what I said the last time: the hat band should be a solid color (navy) and something should be done to make the floral trim bloom more (pardon the pun). I think a navy skirt would also help break this up a bit more, although I do think she can pull off all this pink at the same time.

  3. Wow, she looks fantastic! I love the contrast between the band/shirt fm fabric and the pink. I don’t think I’d like that hat shape on anyone else, but it suits her very, very well.

  4. Despite others’ comments about the bright pink and the flat-topped hat, I like the ensemble. I don’t particularly care for the belt, but actually today’s outfit looks better than at its previous belt-free wearing. I agree that the silk flowers on the side of the hat looks out of place or proportion.

  5. Love her in this color — not too crazy about the hat though. For me it’s a little too flat on top and I’d rather see only one row of ribbon. Also the flowers have to go. Just seeing her happy smiling face makes it all right though.

  6. I’m not a fan of this ensemble. First, too much pink. A hat in a neutral shade would have been better. Second, I dislike when the trim on a hat is exactly the same fabric as, in this case, the blouse. Too much matchy-matchy.

  7. So great to see HM Queen Margrethe out and about again! I don’t usually like such a strong shade of pink but if anyone can pull it off, she can.

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