British Royals Attend Braemar Gathering

Queen Elizabeth, the Duke of Edinburgh, the Prince of Wales and Peter and Autumn Philips attended the Braemar Gathering yesterday. This yearly event, which dates back more than 900 years, now takes place in the form of Highland Games held in Cairngorms National Park in Scotland. It is a favourite event for the British royal family and for the Queen, who is  Chieftain of the Braemar Gathering. While many of us guessed she would attend in traditional tartan this year, she appeared in a much loved crimson wool dress, coat and embellished hat.

This simple hat is not as simple as it first appears. With a shaped crown, smoothed into a semi Pork Pie indented shape, and double figure eight bow, studded in subtle sparkling beads, there is more detail to this piece than first meets the eye.  I adore the colour on Her Majesty and judging by the number of times she has worn this piece, she loves it as well.

Autumn Phillips topped her herringbone tweed coat with a simple chocolate felt beret hat. Trimmed with a flying half-looped bow that brings a lovely amount of whimsy and motion to the piece, it’s an uncomplicated hat that Autumn wears well.

Designer: unconfirmed. Perhaps a version of Gina Foster’s Meribel felt beret hat with bow
Previously Worn: I believe this hat is new.
Photos from Getty as indicated

21 thoughts on “British Royals Attend Braemar Gathering

  1. HM looked wonderful, especially coordinating her lipstick with her outfit. The red definitely makes her stand out in the see of tartan and subdued fall colors worn by the others in these photos. Autumn was simply smashing in this outfit, and it’s definitely something she should repeat; the cocktail hat looked amazing on her and that coat is very flattering.

  2. This shade of red is perfect on Her Majesty, and I love the detailed trim on the hat too. I guessed right that it was made by Rachel Trevor Morgan. The Braemar Feather Brooch really pops on the red background. It’s so sweet that the Duke of Edinburgh colour-coordinated his kilt with his wife’s coat. The men look good in their kilts. I would like to own the coat and the hat worn by Autumn Phillips. She looked very stylish.

    I wonder if Peter Phillips owns a kilt? I can’t remember ever seeing him kilted.

  3. The Queen looks so vibrant and young, especially when she smiles; the royal red is beautiful on her! The Prince looks wonderful too; so handsome next to his Queen!

  4. Her Majesty looks marvellous. I hadn’t realised how many outings this ensemble has had. And no wonder, it’s a ripper- gorgeous rich colour, texture, warmth, stand out appeal, well proportioned hat, nicely finished, pleasing trim….It’s all there. And….my 11 year old son said, “I like that button Mum!” And I would have to agree with that, it adds a lovely iridescence.
    Great to see HM again, doing what she has always done, in typical graceful style, in the lead up to this historic day on Wednesday. Thanks.

  5. Elizabeth, our much-loved record-setting monarch, looks … well, wow, ma’am. Magnificent, gorgeous, dramatic, she’s got adjectives of awe well covered. This is such a beautiful colour on her, and the hat is great too – here the one colour really works.

    Autumn Phillips looks very nice, she’s pitched her outfit just about perfectly for a “non-royal royal” in Scotland. (I would have liked a green or blue hat – there’s something about brown-eyed blondes in brown that always looks a little lacklustre, but maybe that’s just me!) Re the colour of her coat, to me it looks various colours in various photos, hard to say.

  6. The queen looks magnificent in red, although she seems to be pushing the Christmas season a tad. Where I live, today it’s 90 degrees Far. (32 Cel.) so I’m not totally on board with her ensemble. BTW, I love the third picture where two people are sharing the blankly!

  7. This is more vivid color than the Queen usually has gone for at the Braemar Games, but this is a lovely outfit and a particularly attractively designed hat. The sparkly beads inside the bow are fantastic.
    Amber Phillips’ simple chocolate hat doesn’t seem to me to tie in to the rest of her outfit: the coat appears gray, the buttons a blueish gray, the purse black and piece of fabric sticking out from the coat blueish-green.

    • I agree with what Snug Harbor says: September 6, 2015 at 5:05 pm. The Queen looks great in this outfit and hat. The colour is amazing on her. I love Amber Phillips’ chocolate hat, and her grey coat, but the two don’t seem to belong together.

      • If you click on the photo, it enlarges, and you will see that the purse, hat, and shoes are all rich brown, and the coat is a pale tweedy brown also. The fabric of Autumn Phillips’ dress or skirt is multi-color, with the same blues (visible) as in the Prince of Wales’ kilt. I think she looks quite nicely put together, myself.

  8. I swear it – someone in the known is reading this blog, and said ‘let’s prove ’em wrong and not go for the tartan’. This is a fab hat as ever, and as you say it must be much loved. Not surprisingly, she really suits these rich, jewel-like colours.

    And Autumn looks great too, elegant and well put together.

  9. Wow! This is a delightful hat day. I agree about the little sparkle in the Queen’s hat, such a delicious touch. And that rich red color, yummy!
    I thoroughly enjoy the look for Autumn Philips, her “chocolate felt beret hat” combined with that coat is wonderful. Who could resist chocolate?
    I also love plaid kelts and skirts, so these photos are visually pleasing on all counts. Beautifully evocative of the fall season approaching.

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