Long To Reign Over Us

For the readers of this blog who reside within the Commonwealth of Nations, our Queen becomes the longest reigning monarch in our history today. To many of us, she simply IS all that is happy and glorious.

Queen Elizabeth II on Coronation Day, June 2, 1953 | Royal Hats   Queen Elizabeth II, May 27, 2015 | Royal Hats

Queen Elizabeth II wearing St Edward’s Crown for her coronation on June 2, 1953 and
the Imperial State Crown for the Opening of Parliament, May 27, 2015

Royal Hats


Photos from Getty as indicated; Hulton-Deutsch Collection and Splash News via Corbis

32 thoughts on “Long To Reign Over Us

  1. Thank you HQ for this posting. Queen Elizabeth really is a most extraordinary woman – putting service and duty ahead of all else. I can’t even begin to imagine the number of events she’s attended, the dull speeches she’s paid attention to, the awkward conversations she’s had to endure, the handshaking, the waving. Yet she manages it all with grace and charm – and has done so since 1952! Margaret was considered the prettier sister, but I think Phillip knew what he was doing. Elizabeth has sparkle, kindness and – when she unleashes it – the most beautiful, youthful smile, even today. And like all oldest/elder children she doesn’t shirk responsibility. I do hope her good health continues. For so many of us she is the only monarch we have ever known. Long live the Queen!

  2. The picture of the Queen in St Edward’s crown was not taken at her coronation – her dress and other jewels are not the ones she wore then. It must be photoshopped, as she has never worn this crown on any other occasion; it is only worn at the moment of crowning. All her other ‘crown appearances’ have used the Imperial State Crown.

  3. Sincere Congratulations to Her Majesty the Queen for her many- a lifetime really – years of faithful and steadfast service to her country.. What a beautiful treasure of a Lady you have there in Great Britain. I’m proud to say that so many of us here in the United States of America are happy she is a great friend and ally to the USA. May she continue to live a long and happy life…long live The Queen! To the Hat Queen: thank you for your wonderful coverage of hats from around the World, but especially of those of Her Majesty and the Royal Family. I look forward every day to seeing your excellent and interesting website!

  4. God Save the Queen! Long May She Reign! Thank you HatQueen for a fitting tribute to the most famous hat wearer of our times. You don’t have to be one of HM’s subjects to appreciate and celebrate her and many of us do!

  5. What a great tribute. Amazing pictures and wonderful hats! Some of those are very interesting but I think she even carries the strange ones very well. It’s rather weird to see her in them though because I only know her with her more classic style. So I was wondering, was she setting trends back then or whas that the fashion of those times?

    • Over her long reign the Queen has worn many terrible outfits (mostly in the 1970s, is my opinion) – but she has also had many fabulous outfits too. Hardly surprising there are misses as well as hits, considering the number of public appearances she has made. Her smile has made them all good.

  6. God Save The Queen! Congratulations You Majesty! May you live many more years in good health. The Queen is not just a Queen, but a Queen of Hats! Thanks HatQueen for this wonderful collection of photos showing so many of her diverse hat collection.

  7. Hat Queen, FANTASTIC assortment of beautiful/unique head wear. I LOVE the mint green one, and the blue basket weave, even if they appear outdated today. We just saw the red one this week, and there is a humorous video of her at the races, running to see her horse, wearing the blue/pink number, binoculars in hand. The two crowns at the top of the page aren’t too shabby, either! From the US, (Ohio) congratulations to her majesty . . . long may she reign, enjoying good health and happiness. My theory is that she has ruled so long because she wears hats a lot.

    • I agree with what Jimbo says: September 9, 2015 at 12:06 pm. She may have lived and ruled so long because she wears hats a lot, by their protective factor against solar exposure and skin cancer. .

    • Thank you for the link to “Lighter side of …. Queen Elizabeth II” on youtube! I loved the scenes of the Queen dancing especially, and the Queen Mother dancing. I urge everyone to watch this.

      • Yes, thankyou SO MUCH Jimbo. I got a serious lump in my throat looking at the footage of this extraordinary woman at play as it were. Just like the rest of us at heart of course, enjoying herself and those that she loves and comes into contact with. Such a gracious demeanour the vast majority of the time, which many of us would find so incredibly and unimaginably trying. Had to laugh tho at the footage of HM (dressed in purple) looking somewhat impatient and irritated whilst obviously waiting for someone. The body language was there for all the world to see. I too loved the dancing footage, with Prince Charles really showing some rhythm and Prince Andrew (I think) attempting to twirl the Princess Royal off balance!!
        If I may also suggest another link- hope this is okay HQ…..the Telegraph has a pictorial of HM through the years of her reign and it is just a plethora of beautiful fashion, each with a matching hat of course!! I found it on the Sartorial Splendour website which I am sure many of us are familiar with. Every colour of the rainbow and an incredibly diverse collection. Lovely viewing IMO.
        Thankfully this historic milestone is getting some coverage here in Oz.

  8. Thank you HatQueen, both for this wonderful tribute to Her Majesty, and also for unearthing some unique and unusual hats that are not always on the radar of the most millinery literate fans!
    Especially pleased to see one of the Freddy Fox ‘Clamshell’ hats included…that sort of whimsy is missing from HM more recent hattery.
    Here’s to many more glorious years!
    God Save The Queen.

  9. An icon of our time in so many ways! Much admired by me (I’m from outside of the Commonwealth here in the U.S.) especially as a prolific hat wearer. Cheers Your Majesty! #longesttoreignoverus

  10. What an interesting selection – thanks for putting it together, HatQueen. And may the Queen’s hats never grow any less comment-worthy!

  11. Hi there, just wondering how you would describe the style/name of hat in pics 9,10,11 and 12. They are orange, light blue, light blue/green and yellow with flowers. Many thanks in advance

  12. What a lovely tribute to an incredibly beautiful woman who has chosen old fashioned ideals to live her life! She truly is a wonder! Long may She reign!!! Thank you Hat Queen for a beautiful tribute and the hats are delightful!

  13. A great tribute Hat queen! ! There’s one about 3 down 1950s turban with a feather it looks lovely on her. And a soft lilac blue one with a mass of feathery things to one side where she looks really pretty looks like 1990s. Some of the 80 s ones though. Ewwww. No picture of her worst hat ever IMHO …the one for the Investiture at Caernarvon of Charles. Hideous

  14. Well, there are some ‘shocking’ hats in this lot and a few great ones……….HM must look back and wonder, “What was I thinking?”. Seriously, though, wishing her all the best for this very significant milestone.

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