Queen Elizabeth Stays On The Job In Scotland On Historic Day

Queen Elizabeth celebrated her historic day yesterday with a ‘business as usual’ engagement in Scotland that saw her ride the ‘Union of South Africa’ steam locomotive and unveil a commemorative plaque at Newtongrange Station. The practical approach to the day continued with her hat choice, an oft-repeated vibrant blue and turquoise stovepipe shaped piece with fringe trim. I have long admired the perfect balance between the bright colours in this two-toned ensemble; while this is not my favourite hat shape, the Queen wears it beautifully. Whatever hat Her Majesty wore yesterday was bound to go down in history and her choice of an Angela Kelly design, while predictable, gives a very deliberate and visible nod to her loyal dresser and designer.

Designer: Angela Kelly
Previously Worn: January 11, 2015October 18, 2014April 29, 2014;  November 14, 2013
Photos from Getty as indicated

14 thoughts on “Queen Elizabeth Stays On The Job In Scotland On Historic Day

  1. The Queen looks her best in these vibrant colours, but I don’t feel that this stovepipe shape of hat is at all flattering to her face, and it has been too oft repeated.

  2. I’m not a fan of the hat itself, but in concert with the outfit and its wearer, I like it. Always lovely to see Her Majesty in bright colors–it seems to energize her!

  3. Great colors, but I definitely prefer other shapes on her. I secretly was hoping for some purple (which I wore a lot of to celebrate the day). Nice to see she didn’t want to make a fuss; after the last few years of the Diamond Jubilee, 60 years since her coronation, and the Olympics, she probably wanted a break from big celebrations.

  4. If I were to guess, I think Her Maj was trying to deflect some of the ‘momentous occasion’ attention and emphasize that this was business as usual. No new hat, no parade, no shouting “Look at ME!” Well done, Ma’am.

  5. Like others, I’m surprised that this oft-repeated outfit was chosen for such a momentous day. It’s a standard working outfit and a standard Angela Kelly design. Although I actually rather like the split crowns, I must admit that I saw several TV clips of the Queen on yesterday’s newscasts, and shots taken of the Queen from the side with the higher crown, as she was walking, did make the hat look abnormally tall and oddly proportioned and, thus, made the Queen actually look shorter than normal.

  6. I feel the choice of outfit is rather anti-climactic, considering the occasion, yet it’s still very nice to see HM out and about in such a beautiful setting as Scotland. BTW, i just saw “Mr. Holmes” last night and the aerial shots of England were wonderful, along with a lovely orange hat worn by a lovely young lady.

  7. Although I can’t find fault with this hat, this wouldn’t be the one I picked to be seen over and over again because of the special day on which it was worn. I rather wish she had worn the yellow and grey hat that she wore for her last day in Germany or the pink that she looks so good in like the one she wore when Princess Charlotte was born. Oh well, I suppose she knows best what she wants people to see when they look back on this momentous occasion.

  8. Apparently two years ago I loved this – whereas now I’m over this hat through over exposure. I do still think it has a somewhat home made quality to it…

    But no matter, as I think she looks spiffing, and of course a workhorse hat and one of Queen Victoria’s brooches says to us all ‘business as usual’.

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