This Week’s Extras

Royal Hats

Princess Alexandra opened the new Kent Sharpshooters & Yeomanry Museum at Hever Castle in Kent (Hever Castle)

Pincess Alexandra, September 6, 2015

Queen Margrethe repeated her frequently seen blue Pork Pie hat when she unveiled a WWI statue at Canterbury Cathedral on Friday (BBC)

King Carl Gustaf wore his trusty old fedora this week in Västernorrland (Swedish Royal Court)

The Albanian royal family shared a lovely photograph of Prince Leka and his fiancée, Elia Zaharia. The photo shows Elia in a purple percher cocktail hat (Albanian Royal Court)

If you enjoyed the retrospective of Queen Elizabeth’s hats here on Royal Hats earlier this week, here’s an even bigger one you won’t want to miss (Telegraph)

Royal Hats

The Norwegian Crown Princely couple hosted the heirs of Denmark, Sweden and Luxembourg and their families for a weekend together on the island Tjøme. I love it when royal contemporaries prove to be friends.(Swedish Royal Court).

Charming new photos released for Prince Hirahito’s ninth birthday (Imperial Family of Japan)

5 thoughts on “This Week’s Extras

  1. Princess Alexandra looked very elegant as usual and she had on an interesting hat. Do you know what it’s made of HatQueen? Queen Margrethe’s often repeated blue Pork Pie hat needs to take a well-earned rest for a while methinks. King Carl Gustaf always looks dapper in his fedoras. Elia Zaharia looked elegant in her grey dress and the purple percher was a good contrast, and not everybody can wear a percher, but she obviously can. The retrospective of Queen Elizabeth’s hats and outfits was very entertaining. The Queen must have the world’s biggest hat wardrobe! Some of her hats were gorgeous, some were just OK and some were fabulous. I would like to see her repeat a few of these, and I wonder if they are still somewhere in the palace wardrobes. It was kind of the Norwegian Crown Prince and Crown Princess to invite a few of their royal contemporaries over. Perhaps my invitation got lost in the mail? Happy Birthday to Prince Hisahito! Shouldn’t it be Hisahito with an ‘s’ not Hirahito with an ‘r’ HatQueen?

    • I think this is the same hat, TiarasRUs. It looks to me like a cool white straw cloche base loosely wrapped in lilac grey wide-weave dotted tulle veil.

      Embed from Getty Images

  2. Thank you for the link to the Telegraph’s retrospective on QE2’s hats. I am surprised at how many hats from the earlier years are in different colors from the rest of the outfit. Nowadays her hats generally match the coat, often with trim to match the dress. Quite a few of the hats from before the mid 1980s just looked as though they’d been plopped on at random. I wonder too whether, in those days, she always wore one specific hat with one specific coat and/or dress.

  3. I must echo Jimbo’s enthusiasm over the Telegraph’s selection of the Queen’s fashion evolution over the course of her reign. I have not seen some of them before. It was a wonderful walk down memory lane. The examination of fruit caught my eye too. There is one where she is in evening dress and looks so like her mother. Thank you!

  4. What an absolutely EXTRAORDINARY and beautiful selection of Queen Elizabeth’s fashions through the years! It seems that she has worn of lot of green in the past. I particularly enjoyed 1971 and 1997. I got a chuckle out of 1977, where she’s picking fruit for the Royal table! And who could forget 1990, with her Hyacinth Bucket style! However, I’m not a fan of the swimming cap look, such as the 1967 model. Thanks, HQ. This is such a great way to start a new week!

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