Queen Máxima Opens Visitor Centre and Museum

Queen Máxima had a busy day of official openings today in Amsterdam at the new visitor centre of the Bank of the Netherlands and at the  Ons’ Lieve Heer op Solder Museum, a museum detailing the history of a hidden attic church. For these events, she repeated her ‘slice’ brimmed picture hat in earthy taupe felt.

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We have seen this hat on Máxima several times before and it leans toward the bland and dull. Today’s pairing, however, with an elegant ice blue dress, casual pearls, taupe gloves and a snakeskin clutch, showed just how sophisticated this hat can be.

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

Designer: Fabienne Delvigne
Previously Worn: February 12, 2014November 7, 2008; February 28, 2007November 2, 2005
Photos from Getty as indicated 

27 thoughts on “Queen Máxima Opens Visitor Centre and Museum

  1. Beautiful! I love Queen Maxima and appreciate that she always brings her best game and best smile wherever she goes. I think she looks fantastic today!

  2. I’m commenting without reading what everyone else has said (yet) …

    Love this outfit on her – and especially lust after those pearls – the colour and the combining of colours and the choice of hat is very well done, although personally I would snip the tassel off the clutch, cheapens it in my eyes. The only other thing that gives me pause is the way the fabric is caught at her waist. I like the effect, I’m just not sure about the execution; it looks okay at some angles and not so great in others.

    Now, will read and enjoy what others think.

  3. Indeed. Sophisticated and well turned out are words of the day here. Brown hats are usually pretty boring but not here! Yes, we can nitpick all the individual pieces (not a fan of those shoes myself) but all together it’s fantastic!

  4. Love the hat, but really LOVE the pearl jewelry. The black pearl and diamond earrings with the black, gold, and white pearl necklace is a fabulous combination and really works for the day event. It is quite possible also that the pearls on the necklace can be arranged as a shorter necklace/choker in a more traditional style. And her smile…

  5. J’adore, j’adore! Máxima looks absolutely amazing here! So glad she finally got word about mixing brighter colors in with the taupes and beiges. My only complaint is about the presence of the tassles on her oversized clutch, but otherwise this is perfection.

  6. Incredibly elegant and put together, as she often is. As has been previously stated, her mega-watt smile says it all. How exciting to have this Queen attend your event!

  7. Queen Máxima has an outstanding talent in wearing these big hats without them looking too over the top! I am not usually a taupe fan, but I reckon this shade works with her coloring and with the blue dress. I would have preferred her hair in a chignon. It looks messy and too casual for her overall appearance. Queen Máxima’s radiant smile is the best accessory of them all!

    • Why does she have to have a formal hairstyle every time she goes out? Get a grip people! For an INFORMAL event like these wearing her hair down makes the most sense. It works with the hat.

      • Not all chignon are for formal events, I sometimes wear my hair in a chignon at the back of my head for days I just want it out of my face and not hanging down. They can be casual or formal according to the event or what you wear in your hair or on your head.

      • Maxima often has her hair “done” in a chignon. What’s wrong with letting her leave it down for INFORMAL events like this one? Wearing her hair up every time she wears a hat is stuffy and phony which Maxima is NOT.

  8. I quite like the earthy taupe felt hat paired with the pale blue shade of this dress. I don’t like the strange puckering at the front of the dress. The jewellery works, but the bag seems out of place somehow paired with the rest of the items. The Queen does suit these ‘slice’ brimmed picture hats. I wish her hair had been styled more elegantly to really set the hat off.

  9. I like the colour combo …blue and brown. The hat looks like she could not see and flipped the brim out of the way. The purse is too large and the straight hair looks shabby. Seems she rushed to get ready….but the colours are nice.

    • Her hair is not styled because these obviously aren’t formal events. The purse is fab, the hair is fine and the dress, pearls, hat and gloves look fantastic. Her stylist nailed this and she looks great.

      News bulletin- big purses have been in style for a while.

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