British Royals Welcome Chinese State Visit

This morning, a ceremonial welcome took place for Chinese President Xi Jinping and first lady Peng Liyuan, who have come to Great Britain this week on state visit. Greeted by their hosts Queen Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh, the Chinese guests inspected a guard of honour at Horseguards Parade before travelling by carriage to Buckingham Palace. To my great surprise, Queen Elizabeth used this event to début a new hat. In heather hued straw, this hat features a slightly sloped crown and medium sized brim that gently folds upward on one side of the hat. The focal point is the trim, consisting of three beautiful straw roses and several bow loops, also in straw. It’s another well balanced hat of excellent proportion that suits Her Majesty so very well.

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Designer: Rachel Trevor Morgan. Coat by Stewart Parvin.
Previously Worn: This hat is new

The Duchess of Cornwall repeated her large upturned brim hat in snakeskin print straw trimmed with Lady Amherst pheasant feathers. The hat is such a great compliment to Camilla’s taupe coat- a coat that with the wrong hat could easily fall into ‘boring beige’ territory. We’ve talked much recently about neutral royal outfits and hats and I think Camilla’s ensemble today is a lesson in how to do it right.

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Designer: Philip Treacy. Coat by Bruce Oldfield.
Previously Worn: April 30, 2015November 14, 2012
The two hats we saw today were not bold in colour but each managed to make a strong millinery style statement. Whatdo you think about this pair of royal hats?
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24 thoughts on “British Royals Welcome Chinese State Visit

  1. As an American, I think Queen Elizabeth should jettison the creator of the peach boucle outfit and stick with these designers. This outfit is infinitely more elegant and ladylike than the peach confection.

  2. Hatqueen

    May I know whats the protocol for wearing hats at this kind of event? It appears the first lady of china did not wear one but in other photos, I noticed her aides wearing hats. Any comments?


  3. I enjoy the flamboyance of this hat on Camilla – she *can* carry off these large hats, so it is wonderful that she *does*. Hat-lovers have too few opportunities to see this type of hat worn well.

    I really like the Queen’s hat (especially from further away), all but the larger flower which somehow just looks a bit … hm, I guess crude, to me. Obviously it’s stylised, but it’s still less sophisticated than most of RTM’s floral trims.

  4. I like the shape and snakeskin fabric look of the Duchess’s hat, but I can’t now unsee what Maryanne has commented, that the feathers look like the remnants of the snake’s lunch! I think her coat is drab and I don’t get the 2 circular disks of fabric at the waist. I like the Queen’s hat and the lavender color suits her well.

    • I agree with what TiarasRUs says: October 21, 2015 at 3:14 pm. The two circular disks of fabric at the waist match the pink collar but I don’t understand why these were put on this coat. I also agree with what Maryanne says: October 21, 2015 at 10:42 am.

  5. 1. HatQueen, could the Queen’s new hat be a quadruplet? (I’m referring back to your July 28 post.)
    2. I thought the same thing as Jake: with all the winter hats she has already worn since early September, this lavender number, beautiful as it is, seems more springtime and Easter-appropriate. . . just a thought.
    3. Finally, if my math is correct, this addition to the royal SUMMER closet makes 12 new entries this year, so what’s in store from her WINTER closet? Thanks for letting me ramble . . . it’s a slow Wednesday.

  6. The colour the Queen is wearing is nice , the coat at the top is too. I dislike the hat shape though. The Duchess of Cornwall contrary to other folks here, I like nothing about her outfit.

  7. Lovely to see a new hat on HM, and in that fine lavender color that suits her so well. I saw a photo before this post went live of Camilla and literally said out loud “yes!” upon seeing the return of this hat! A bit interesting they both chose straw hats for this late in October, but I suppose it’s all based on the weather and not the season itself (although I’m ready to wear my felt hats).

  8. I particularly like the Queen’s coat. I kept staring at it, wondering whether it was a remake of this coat below. The material iooks dangerously similar, if it’s not actually the same. Each coat has a light purple dress to accompany the coat, but the dresses are different from each other. I much prefer today’s hat to the AK hat for the other ensemble, although I’m not fond of the loops that are higher than the crown on this RTM hat. I think the hat would like better without those loops.

    The Duchess of Cornwall looks appropriate for her image, and I love the look.

    • Interesting observation… I’m inclined to think that these are two coats, simply because the new coat is confirmed as a Stewart Parvin design and I can’t imagine he would remake an earlier made Angela Kelly design.

  9. That’s an amazing hat QEII is wearing! I really like it.
    Not sure about Camilla’s hat. It’s her typical dramatic style (nothing wrong with that) but for me there’s something wrong with that combination of the snakeskin and the feathers. I don’t think it really works.

    • I’m with you TM- don’t think the snakeskin and feather combo works. Generally not feeling the love for either of these hats (or outfits)… I shall add no more. Thanks for the post.

      • I also don’t like Camilla’s hat. Those feathers look to me like the remnants of whatever the snake ate for lunch.

        The Queen’s hat is nice but I wish it was a shade or two brighter.

  10. Both hats are striking and suit their wearer. Cannot believe that I recognize a repeat wearing(!), but didn’t the Duchess wear the Bruce Oldfield coat w/out a hat in the USA earlier this year?

  11. Love both hats! The Queen’s hats’ shape gives it great character. The Duchess’ hat is beginning to remind me of the wide rims that princess Beatrix wears, which I also love. I think their hats just might work on each other.

    • I was thinking the same. Camilla has her typical large hat style, just like Beatrix. And it works with their large hairstyle.

  12. Everyone is lovely and I love HM’s new hat. (Non-boring) neutrals are such an elegantly understated look for this type of event, IMO. Let’s the scarlet uniforms shine!

  13. Love the Queen’s hat- but it wouldn’t have worked nearly as well without the (for HM) unusual coat design that gives us a slash of the colour of the Queen’s dress at neck and hem. Seeing that the colours match makes sense of the hat with the colour of the coat (at least as it photographs). The closer shots of the Queen make me wonder if the decoration is a little too exaggerated but in the distance shots it looks just right and that is how most people would have/will see it. Is the brooch new too?

    Camilla’s unusual hat is lovely and she wears it well. (But I wish she’d get a bit more uplifted, if you see what I mean. Would make all the difference.)

  14. HM’s hat is in two shades isn’t it – mauve and grey? I like this. It’s a very similar one to the lilac hat with the rose trim that featured in a this or that, as well as the Rose being similar to the coral hat that we regularly vote one of her best.

    Camilla in her uniform of enormous bin lid hat never fails to disappoint. She does this look time and again but always nails it.

    Good show! Now for tonight’s banquet excitement!

    • I initially thought the hat was two colours but upon close inspection, I think the single layer of straw on the brim (as opposed to the crown, which is lined and the edge of the brim, which is a double fold) allows just enough light to pass through to appear a slightly different shade. If you look closely at the colour undertone (grey), it is the same on both the crown and brim of the hat.

      • Hmm, you could be right, but it still looks different to me. I guess we’ll just have to wait for its next airing to know for sure!

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