Japanese Royals Visit Brazil

Prince Akishino and his wife Princess Kiko arrived in Sao Paulo yesterday to begin a short visit to Brazil. On their visit the Monument to Japanese Immigration Pioneers at the Ibirapuera Park, the couple planted a memorial tree. Princess Kiko wore a simple cream straw hat with a squared crown and gently rolled brim. The hat is trimmed in a slim band around the base of the crown in the same textured beige silk as her suit. We don’t often see the princess in straw hats (most of her hats are felt or covered in fabric) or in such large brims and it’s nice to see this bit of change.

Designer: unknown
Previously Worn: I believe this hat is new
Photos from Getty as indicated

10 thoughts on “Japanese Royals Visit Brazil

  1. The princess looks lovely. Her suit, with the pearls placed just right, is understated perfection. I really like the hat with trim, and the slightly bigger brim, but it does not fit her…it is just too big!

  2. I feel like whenever we see Princess Kiko in a brimmed hat, it always seems to be at least one size too large for her head; this is the case here once again. Otherwise I like the subtle details of her whole ensemble and the wider brim of the hat for something a little different.

  3. Charming and simple . . . she just looks to me like she’s playing dress-up with her mother’s hat; it looks too big on her.

  4. Princess Kiko looks lovely. This outfit is proof positive that simple ideas done well work the best. Her beige suit is classic, and not the drab shade of beige we often see on our Royals. The hat is simple and classic, but my only complaint is that it covers too much of her forehead. I would gladly take that pearl necklace if she gets tired of it! In fact, I would be happy to take everything she is wearing!

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