Queen Elizabeth Visits Military Care Centre

Queen Elizabeth was in Gloucestershire today to visit Imjin Barracks’ joint casualty and compassionate centre. For this event, she repeated her orchid purple hat with tall, domed crown and fuchsia arrow feather trim.

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

This profile view shows that this hat’s crown is not centred on its brim – there is an almost visor-like wider brim around the front of the hat and a very short brim at the back. This interesting design customizes a perfect fit for Her Majesty, placing the hat at the best possible spot on her head (tilted back a little to give a clear view of her face) without the back of the brim covering her neck.

Embed from Getty Images

Designer: Rachel Trevor Morgan
Previously Worn: March 20, 2015; December 25, 2014

Have any of you noticed a similar brim shape on any of the Queen’s other hats?
Photos from Getty as indicated

13 thoughts on “Queen Elizabeth Visits Military Care Centre

  1. The Queen is fortunate that she looks good in these bright colours, but the crown of the hat is too high on this petite lady, and the feathers are too tall. It overwhelms her. I like the short brim at the back. It avoids the hat banging against headrests in cars and gives a more interesting shape to the brim.

  2. Larger hat brims tend to get bumped in the back, when sitting in cars with higher head rests. It happens to me occasionally. As usual, the queen looks absolutely wonderful. Fuchsia is a great color for her! I’m glad she’s out and about again, and in such good health. I can only hope!

  3. I still totally love this outfit. How many women of nearly 90 are colour blocking like this! This is such a young look and she looks fab. I’d like to see this approach to colour a bit more – bold mixes but subtly done (it’s just those flashes of fuchsia that lift the whole thing isn’t it). Lovely, and HM clearly likes it too as it’s had 3 outings in a year which is unusual.

  4. I love this entire ensemble! I liked the hat last time we saw it, and I still like it. The color combination is so bold, and it works! 🙂 For me, anyway.
    Hat Queen, thank you for pointing out the brim. That is such a great design adaptation – why haven’t we seen more of this on HM all along?! It’s perfect for people with a shorter neck (myself included).

    • I also wondered why I hadn’t noticed this before! I think it’s because we don’t often see such clear profile photos. Moving forward now, however, we’ll all be keeping our eyes open for this!

  5. One of my favorite newer outfits for HM! I loved this first at Christmas last year and still love it. The color scheme is so striking. I agree with @SnugHarbor and would like to see the dress underneath the coat, especially since it has the red-violet color of the feathers and looks to be an interesting color-blocking design, which is unusual for HM, but a fun choice!.

  6. Her Majesty looks beautiful! I agree…the design of the hat is brilliant and well- thought out for the Queen’s more mature stature.

  7. Brilliant design!! The smaller brim at the back makes so much sense, especially, and with the utmost respect to Her Majesty, because of the posture she has developed over the years (like many her age, including my own mother) where she is naturally leaning forwards, but the head stays facing forward. You don’t even have to be hunched to know how uncomfortable it is to have the brim poking you in the upper back and pushing the hat completely off kilter forwards. Brilliant.
    Thanks for bringing that to our attention HQ. I wonder if that was the reason, or part thereof, for this particular design feature.

  8. Like the colors on her – it’s nice always to see her in color in the fall-winter time – so many folks (old or not) are just in black or gray now days – it’s time we all put more color into our lives – I did think right off of the Red Hat Society ladies however seeing this color combo

  9. Do the designers know about the red hat ladies….red and purple …and they put the Queen in red and purple.
    This is what I posted Dec. 26 2014

    Those are the colours of the group called the red hat ladies and they often dress up in strange outfits.

    I dislike this outfit so much. I hope she never wears it again.

    • Jane. Thanks for bringing up the Red Hat Ladies theme. I have to disagree with you I’m afraid though. I think the combination of these two bold colours is great. So so striking. Also, I thought the Red Hat Ladies’ motto was to have fun and stay active and youthful and frivolous and enjoy life. The dress code is kinda irrelevant. I don’t believe they all dress strangely much of the time, and I am not suggesting you think red, pink and purple are strange…..but if wearing bold colours contributes to them enjoying themselves….fine by me. Each to their own. Maybe HM might join one of the groups, similar to how she is a member I believe of her local Women’s Institute (or similar- here in Australia we call it the Country Women’s Association). Wearing this lovely outfit, HM would fit right in!! Cheers.

  10. I think that the crown’s being off-centered from the brim is a good idea. Although QE2’s hats often are criticized for being too tall, I think the tall arrow feathers and larger front brim keep this hat proportional.
    Although the coat fits beautifully, what I really want is to see the entire dress. So many of the Queen’s pink and purple outfits run together in one’s mind; this obviously stands out and is unique. This is a perfect working outfit for Queen Elizabeth.

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