British And Dutch Royals Pay Tribute at Remembrance Sunday

More than 10,000 veterans gathered in London today to commemorate Remembrance Sunday. Members of the British Royal Family were in attendance to lay wreaths at the Cenotaph, led as usual by the Queen.

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Her Majesty chose a new hat for this year’s ceremony with a tall, squared crown covered in the same silk wool crepe as her coat. The hat’s upturned straw brim was edged in a wide band of the same fabric and a slim silk band circled around the straight sides of the crown, anchored by two buttons.

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Designer: Angela Kelly, made by Stella McLaren
Previously Worn: This hat is new.

As this year marks the 70th anniversary of the liberation of the Netherlands after the end of World War II, the Dutch monarchs were invited to participate (the first to do so). King Willem-Alexander laid a memorial wreath at the Cenotaph while Queen Máxima watched the ceremony from the balcony of the Foreign Office with Vice Admiral Sir Laurence, the Duchess of Cambridge and the Countess of Wessex.

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Queen Máxima wore a new black velvet fur felt picture hat with a soaring, curving brim. The hat’s only embelishments were a slim black feather spine and a silk ribbon around the base of the crown. While this hat is very grand, Máxima carried it with an elegance that downplayed its drama and made it fit appropriately for this sombre event.

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Designer: Fabienne Delvigne
Previously Worn: This hat is new

The Duchess of Cambridge wore a new percher hat in black fur felt. The half bumper half cocktail hat features a moulded brim that folds high above the top of her head, a net tulle veil, and cut work flowers trimmed centred with black pearl beads. While we have seen Kate in many percher hats, the use of a veil and the unique shape of this piece sets it slightly apart from the many others in her closet.

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Designer: Sylvia Fletcher for Lock and Co. 
Previously Worn: This hat is new

The Countess of Wessex also wore a new hat today. Described by the designer as an “intricate cocktail hat with rose patterned lace (and) veiling,” the the lavish trim on this piece was anchored by a moulded black felt beret base. We don’t see very many royal hats trimmed in lace and the rose patterned lace cut-outs on this piece are particularly striking.

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Designer: Jane Taylor. I believe it is a bespoke version of the Omo design
Previously Worn:

Princess Michael of Kent wore a simple black hat with raised halo brim and the Duchess of Gloucester wore a bumper hat in black velvet with silk ribbon trim on the side.

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Designer: Princess Michael’s hat is John Boyd. The Duchess of Gloucester’s hat is an unknown design.
Previously Worn: I believe Princess Michael`s hat is new. The Duchess wore this hat November 10, 2014

The only repeated hat among the female royal spectators was that worn by Princess Alexandra of Kent. The simply shaped black wool piece is trimmed with a crushed velvet sash around the crown and piping round the edge of the brim which repeats on the collar on her coat for a unified ensemble.

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Designer: unknown
Previously Worn: November 10, 2014March 2, 2005; 1996

The British royal princess and Princess Royal appeared in military uniform as they do each year, lending both a sense of formality and personal connection between the British Royal Family and the many service men and women who are remembered on this day.

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31 thoughts on “British And Dutch Royals Pay Tribute at Remembrance Sunday

  1. Would it be possible to have a respective of all Elizabeth II Remembrance Day hats, just to see how much variation there can be in a black hat, and if she always wears a new hat for the occasion.

      • Interesting- you`ll have to stay tuned for the post I have scheduled for Thursday which looks at the Queen`s black hats. While we looked at orange hats in October, we`re going to look at black hats this month!

        The post does not limit to just the hats worn for Remembrance day, as the Queen wears black hats for other events (funerals and such) as well.

    • Great minds! Look forward to that very much. One request although they are both from 1997 but very iconic black hats at possibly the most publicly watched funeral the Queen has attended – Princess Diana’s , and the black hat worn the previous day to view the vast amounts of flowers outside the palace. Both beautiful hats

  2. I liked all of the new hats on this occasion, although Queen Max wins overall.

    Regarding suitability, my impression is that “cocktail hat” is a style, like pillbox or fedora. Is that right, HatQueen? Or is there still someplace in the world where ladies wear hats to drink cocktails? The trim on Sophie’s hat is beautiful, but restrained — it’s definitely not an Ascot hat.

    I think the Duchess of Cambridge’s hat would look better if she had her hair in a chignon. A percher should have a perch, right?

  3. The designer of the Countess of Wessex said “a cocktail hat.” It was very inappropriate for Day of Remembrance. Ditto on Duchess of Cambridge. Tsk. Tsk.

  4. Do you think the Duchess of Cambridge’s percher hat is a bit whimsical for the occasion? I am referring to the cut work butterfly. Though the net tulle veil makes the hat more traditional.

  5. The Queens were outstanding. I was not fond of Catherine’s hat at all. I have a bit more love for Sophie’s hat – quite interesting! The Duchess of Gloucester and Princess Alexandra looked fine. Princess Michael? NO.

  6. I love the queen’s hat best. Max looks good but top marks go to her hair! Princess Alexandra looks good but predictable – not a bad thing. Sophie and Kate’s hats just don’t sit well with me – too much embellishment for this occasion. I do not like the cut of Kate’s coat – too tight.

  7. HM’s new hat was most excellent and she looked very regal.

    Máxima was my personal favorite of the day, and I loved how well she pulled off this hat at this event; so so chic and loved her chignon with this hat.

    Glad to see Kate again and loved her McQueen coat. Great to see a new hat for her, especially at this event, but I’m a little confused about the use of two types of veiling used; nevertheless, still loved her whole look.

    Overall I liked Sophie’s hat, but not a fan of the veiling falling awkwardly on her forehead nor did I care for her hairstyle; also, compared to everyone else, her bare neckline is quite noticeable and make’s me think she’s cold, as @Peggy said.

    I really liked seeing this halo brim style on Princess Michael for something quite different for her; curious as to if there is any interesting trimmings on the back we can’t see.

    I believe the Duchess of Gloucester’s hat (and coat) is the same one she wore last year, only sitting farther forward on her head and looks to be missing the little poppy pin; not nearly as successful this time around unfortunately.

    Alexandra looks exactly the same as last year, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it is a bit boring.

    The men all looked good as well, and I’m very surprised Harry still has his beard! (my friend is hoping it doesn’t disappear haha)

    This is certainly a more memorable Remembrance Day. Bravo everyone!

  8. Queen Elizabeth, as always, was reverent and dressed appropriately. The only thing that bothered me about her hat was the hat pin, in sterling silver I’m sure. It seemed to really stand out against the black hat. Queen Maxima was exquisite as always. A very stunning woman who represents the Netherlands wonderfully. The Countess of Wessex always is appropriately dressed. I like her hat although I understand comments regarding the appropriateness of her hat. The only thing that bothered me about what she was wearing was her dress or maybe it was a coat-dress. Everyone appeared to be bundled up but seeing the Countess with her open neckline made me cold. I so wish the Duchess of Cambridge would do something with her hair. I am so tired of seeing it hanging off her shoulders or in her face.

  9. I’m not wild about Garbo hats but Queen Maxima looks fantastic. When she wants to bring it, she brings it. Same for Sophie Wessex, her hat is a beautiful work of art. I also think The Queen’s hat is lovely.

  10. As much as I like cocktail and percher hats in their place, I am not sure if this is the proper occasion to wear them. I much prefer a Real Hat, such as the two Queens wore, or Princess Alexandra or Princess Michael wore. Given the extreme solemnity of the ceremony, a frivolous hat doesn’t seem as appropriate. Queen Maxima and Queen Elizabeth looked magnificent. Like the Queens that they are.

  11. Queen Máxima’s hat is my favourite one here. It is dramatic but simple and still dignified, and her hair was well-styled neatly. My second choice is the hat worn by the Countess of Wessex, featuring those unusual lace cut-outs. This shape is most flattering to her as well. My third choice would be the hat worn by the Duchess of Cambridge, a larger and more unusual shape than her usual percher hats. I am not so impressed with the other hats. Princess Alexandra of Kent’s hat does the job, but we have seen it before, and it’s not that striking. Princess Michael of Kent’s hat has a too high raised halo brim, and it doesn’t suit her face. The Duchess of Gloucester’s bumper hat is pretty boring. It was good to see the Queen in a new hat, but I don’t like buttons on hats, especially when they match the coat, which makes it look very dated. There is something a bit off about the shape also.

  12. I think this is the first time in years that Queen Elizabeth has worn a new black hat. I’m not too fond of its buttons, but the hat looks particularly attractive in picture #1, side view. Although her colored outfits tend to consist of the one-hat-for-one-coat match, the Queen’s black coats and hats seem to intermingle. The buttons of today’s coat looks as though this might be an entirely new, specially coordinated outfit, however. The general share and proportions of the hat are flattering.
    Queen Maxima looks fabulous. I’m glad she’s recovered, and her hair looks magnificent with this extraordinary hat.
    The Duchess of Cambridge’s hat is good, but the coat looks too tight and with too many buttons. I find the others’ hats fine but not spectacular
    This was a particularly remarkable display for Remembrance Sunday, however.

  13. Everything was dignified and they were all perfect.
    I have a question why did the ladies wear a different number of poppies?

    • As I understand, the number of poppies one wears relates to the number of close loved ones who served in military operations. It’s understood that Kate’s three poppies relate to #1 William #2; her grandfather (who trained Air Force pilots during WWII); and #3 her grandmother (who worked as a code breaker at Bletchley park), also during WWII).

      • I have to politely disagree – this is simply speculation and has never been confirmed. The Palace has stated in the past that it’s just a bunch of poppies, no special reason. Queen Maxima wore three, and she would have no specific reason to. Most British people wear only one, they don’t wear a number to represent those who served.

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