Queen Elizabeth Visits Home Office

Queen Elizabeth paid a visit to the Home Office this morning where she helped greet the Indian Prime Minister who is in Britain for an informal trade visit. A vision in her trademark blue, the Queen repeated her sky blue felt hat trimmed with chrysanthemum feather flowers. While not my favourite of Her Majesty’s hats, she showed her preference for it today with another outing, the sixth since its début at Prince George’s christening two years ago.

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

Embed from Getty Images

Designer: Angela Kelly, made by Stella McLaren. Coat designed by Stewart Parvin  
Previously Worn: June 11, 2015April 5, 2015October 24, 2014April 8, 2014; October 23, 2013
Photos from Getty as indicated

8 thoughts on “Queen Elizabeth Visits Home Office

  1. Queen Elizabeth looks good in blue and that brooch is spectacular, and I think it is one of the Cullinan diamonds. I am not too keen on the hat. These tall crowns don’t suit the Queen and the trim looks a bit home-made to me.

  2. Are people really complaining because the queen wore the same outfit 6 times in 2 years? Honestly I wish the royals would repeat clothes more often. Their clothes are so nice and they almost always look lovely, it seems a shame not to get more use out of such expensive things.

  3. I very much like the outfit and love the blue color, but when one considers all of the Queen’s outfits hanging around somewhere at Buck House, one might think that a greater rotation would be possible. This is an well photographed, high-profile-wearing outfit. Give it a rest.

  4. QE2 is getting some mileage out of this ensemble, and it’s very beautiful. If you notice the first 4 dates when she wore it, (2 in April and 2 in October) you’ll see an almost exact 6 month interval between wearings . . . more than coincidental?

  5. I don’t mind the outfit and it suits the Queen. However, if it has had that many outings in such a short time span, then perhaps it should have a respite.

  6. I like the hat enough, it’s a classic QEII outfit and silhouette and the cookout and shape are fine.

    However it’s just been out too much. 6 times in 2 years. It’s clearly a favourite and that’s great, but she has so many other lovely rigouts that don’t see he light of day anywhere near as much. I wish she’d mix things up a bit more!

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