Queen Elizabeth and Duke of Edinburgh Visit Birmingham

Queen Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh were in Birmingham today where they braved drizzly weather to open a dental hospital and the newly renovated train station, take part in a dedication for a war memorial and visit a tram extension. The Queen stood out against grey skies in a repeated bright pink straw hat with teardrop shaped crown, curved brim and feather trim.

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

The Queen’s choice of this hat surprised me- we seldom see her in this kind of light, bright, summery straw past October. While the shape of this hat’s crown is still not one of my favourites, its saturated colour is lovely on Her Majesty and her ensemble cast a very bright note on a rather dull day.

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

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10 thoughts on “Queen Elizabeth and Duke of Edinburgh Visit Birmingham

  1. I love this hat and this shade of bright pink is just perfect on HM. Her coat looked a bit baggy unfortunately, but man, is that brooch divine! Overall, despite the appearance of a straw hat so late into the fall, I much approve of this appearance.

  2. I am so surprised that the Queen chose this hat today rather than the other, more wintry hat made for this outfit;

    I prefer the other hat’s style since it’s softer and less angular, but the color of the whole ensemble is noteworthy.

  3. I’m so surprised the Queen didn’t choose the other hat for this outfit today:

    Since the other hat is not straw, it would seem like a more logical choice, and the other hat has a softer, more elegant design. The outfit’s color is fabulous.

  4. Beautiful color. I rather think this outfit might be warm and cozy which is why she might have decided to wear it on this cool and rainy day. Whatever the reason for the spring-like outfit, it would is a hat style which the queen must like as she wears this shape fairly regularly.

  5. Too spring-like for past-the-middle-of-November, methinks. Beautiful bold color, however, but the flowers clash with such a Pepto Bismal shade as a background. All that said, I’d be proud as a peacock if my 89 year old monarch was still out, meeting, greeting, and eating the way your beautiful QE2 does. I’d think the world of her, even if she wore a baseball cap!

  6. I’m surprised this has made a reaurgance actually, thought it had been retired already in 2011 and back it comes. She clearly really likes it! It is unduly spring like too, it’s got pretty chilly here!

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