Queen Opens General Synod Meeting

Queen Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh were at Church House this morning to officially inaugurate the tenth General Synod of the Church of England. The Queen marked the occasion with a new hat in heathered charcoal grey straw.

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With a tall, fluted crown with domed top, the hat was simply trimmed with a charcoal and cream double bow and a stripe of cream piping around the edge of the cartwheel brim.

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I really like the contrasting colour scheme of this piece and the restrained use of trim is very effective. I’m less keen on the shape of the hat’s crown which feels slightly too tall and sets its overall proportion off.

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Designer: Rachel Trevor Morgan. Coat by Stewart Parvin
Previously Worn: This hat is new
It has been a while since we saw Her Majesty début a new hat- what are your thoughts on this one?
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24 thoughts on “Queen Opens General Synod Meeting

  1. I don’t like the coat or the colours used. I think most coats without collars tend to look unfinished, and this is the case here. The huge pockets resemble lab coat pockets. The crown of the hat is way too tall and the bow way too big, so the overall effect is rather strange.

  2. I have to agree with many here: The Queen looks wonderful, but would look even better in a different ensamble, because this is not a winner. Tthe hat is too tall, the bow is too big. and the straw is at odds with the wool coat. The fuzzy, informal collarless coat with patch pockets reminds me of my grandmothers housecoat. If it had some structure and a decent collar or revers it would look so much better.

  3. Overall I really like this ensemble; first saw it yesterday on RTM’s Instagram. My biggest complaint are the pockets on the coat, but otherwise I really like the fabric and design of this one for HM. As for the hat, I don’t necessarily think the crown is too tall (I feel like I’ve seen taller), but I do think the simple trim accentuates this hat’s height. Like most others, I’m also confused about the wearing of a straw hat so late in the season. Finally, while I like these colors on HM, I still don’t think the hat quite matches the coat; most of the time the coat looks steel/charcoal grey, but I still think the hat is more of a brown-grey. Love the purple ensemble and hat on the woman in the background of the fourth photo.

  4. love that the coat is not her usual one color design and the hat looks lovely, moest of it has been said by others, refreshing this look.

  5. While the hat height bothers me, I am just delighted that she is wearing a hat that is not made out of her coat and/or dress material. ( I am amazed at the number of responders on this and other blog who fault other Royals for wearing hats that are made of the same material as their coats for being too match-y, but think it is great for Queen Elizabeth.) Mostly, I am surprised that this one is a straw hat this late in the year.

  6. I like the charcoal and cream colors together on HM. It is a color she seldom wears, but looks so good in the gray. If the hat is straw, I’m surprised it was paired with this wool coat. The coat is fine, except for the odd way in which the pockets were attached to it. Personally, I like the color of the hat and really like the bow rather than fussy feathers and flowers. I think this is only the second time, I believe, that HM has worn this color; the other that I remember is the gray with yellow accents she wore when they visited Germany. I wish she wore this color combination more frequently. It is such a sophisticated color on her.

  7. Overall, I like this hat very much, especially the trim, but I agree that it is too tall for HM.

    HatQueen, I am curious about the number of HM’s new hats this year. Other than the flurry of new hats for Ascot and then this one, have there been many? How does the count for this year compare to previous years?

  8. I wish I knew for sure what the color scheme here is. In picture #3 the coat and hat are gray and cream. In other photos, though, the hat looks surprisingly brown (including in picture #2 above, where the coat remains gray). In picture #1 above both the hat and the coat appear brown.
    While I have no particular objection to the hat, its being a regular Angela Kelly shape, it does seem at odds with the heavy coat. The straw hat with a huge double bow does seem rather summery. I really dislike the coat material turned sideways for the pockets. The heavy fabric is busy enough without added ornamentation. I also dislike the pleated dress, a style too casual and yet too from-frou for the Queen, and the light color and plain texture of the dress again seem at odds with the thick, dark coat material. The outfit seems disjointed to me.
    Since several others have commented on how much they like this outfit, I must be missing something. Perhaps the outfit will grow on me.

    • SH, I agree with you100%.
      1. Heavy coat with a straw hat?
      2. Patched pockets?
      3. Of all the times that black gloves are worn, THIS should be one of them!
      4. The bow is too big . . . but I DO like the color combination of the whole ensemble.
      5. I like the purple outfit in the last picture.
      6. As always, it’s wonderful seeing the queen out and about, with the prince, perpetual smiles and waves close at hand. I’m green with envy!
      7. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

  9. I actually have more problems with the coat than the hat, but yes the hat is too tall. If she wants to appear taller, use vertical stripes on the coat. Why would anyone at her age want to look shorter and wider with a coat, and have a tall hat? And those patch pockets look very silly. Sad.

  10. I really like this. A lot. The colour scheme is fab, the trim is restrained and the whole thing comes together really well. I think it’s very elegant.

    The hat shape is the same as the magenta one with the fuchsia feather isn’t it?

    • Yes- it was actually designed by Rachel Trevor Morgan and not Angela Kelly, as first reported.

      I just peeked at the pink hat and it’s not as tall as this one although the domes at the top of the crown look to be the very same shape.

  11. Such a pleasant surprise. The coat still has the regular neckline but the material pattern takes eyes off that. The hat is just too large height and brim. Hard to see her face. The Queen is not tall enough to carry the size of the hat. I like the bow.

  12. The colors are beautiful, but it is nearly the end of November in the northern hemisphere — way too late, in my opinion, for a straw hat, especially with a long sleeved, wool coat. It just looks strange. I also agree that hat is too tall.

  13. I like the hat, I like the coat (although not in love with the reverse stripe pockets which seem gimmicky); I’m just not sure I like the hat and coat together. I think I agree with HQ that the crown is slightly too tall. I would humbly recommend that HM not wear this hat when attending any events with Beefeaters present – the shape reminds me of their hats.

  14. I like the colors – think the bow is a bit over sized for what is becoming of HM. hard to tell it’s a new hat since the shape is something she wears a lot.

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