British Royals In Malta

Queen Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh continued their visit to Malta on Saturday with a sail across Valetta harbour. The Queen has used this tour to début several hats and stepped out in another new piece. Covered in the same sky blue wool silk as her coat, the hat’s crown follows a fluted almost hourglass shape with squared angles.The brim works especially well on this piece- the lightness of the straw lifts the entire piece, as does the higher upturn of the brim on one side. A wide stripe of wool edging around the brim ties the hat back with Her Majesty’s coat.

Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

The focus of this hat is the floral trim. Made of blue and white silk flowers, blue seed pearls, slim white feathers and blue wool bows, the bouquet includes considerable detail that I’m afraid, is lost without a close-up view. While very pretty, I would prefer the bouquet placed a few degrees further around on the side of the hat. This issue aside, there’s no arguing that the colour and style are really lovely on the Queen.

Embed from Getty Images

Designer: I believe it is Angela Kelly
Previously Worn: This hat is new

We’ve saw Queen Elizabeth in three new blue hats on her trip to Malta (see the others here and here). Which one is your favourite?
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15 thoughts on “British Royals In Malta

  1. This is my favourite hat of the three blue hats. The shade of blue is the most flattering. I wish the coat had a collar, and that the flowers were rotated a little more to the side, as HatQueen has suggested. The brooch is the very best part of the outfit.

  2. This is a lovely hat, and to me the thing that lifts it is the asymmetric brim. Most of Angela Kelly’s hats are very symmetrical, and on the whole I think asymmetrical hats are more flattering to most people. I like a lot of AK’s hats, but this is a welcome change.

  3. Agreed that this is a great color and hat for HM. I think the trim is great and the placement is perfectly fine; my complaint is the asymmetrical brim, which makes it seem a bit off balance in my opinion. Otherwise, another fantastic outing in Malta. Disappointed Camilla didn’t wear any hats during their time in Malta.

  4. I like this hat very much. The brim is fabulous: see-through, thick strip of wool from the coat on the outer brim, upturned. Perfect.
    Are you sure that this isn’t RTM? The floral trim looks so much like her work. I believe too that this coat must be there same pattern as the bright pink with red feather outfit from last Christmas:

    Wasn’t that a Stuart Parvin/RTM ensemble?
    What surprises me, though, if this is RTM, is the seam in the back of the hat. The seam rather resembles the big seam you’ve often commented on with the blue hat made for Prince George’s christening, an AK hat.

    So maybe this turquoise hat is AK. This dress fabric doesn’t look particularly interesting and the coat is ordinary, but this turquoise hat is fantastic, whoever designed it.
    (And as JamesB said, this outfit, hat especially, does resemble very, very closely two RTM turquoise outfits with floral dresses for the Queen.)

    • Yes I thought the exact same thing when I saw this hat, I felt very sure it was the work of RTM, such was the trims’ lightness and beauty, and the rope bow, but if HQ is right, and it is the work of AK, I say well done to her and her team.
      I think this hat is wonderful, a very nice shape and the colour lovely, but for me it is all about the trim. So nicely done.
      The whole ensemble is lovely, to my mind, classic QE2.
      My second favourite was Day 1 and the least Day 2, mainly because I hate the type of fabric used and I would have to agree that there was something jarring about the colour combo.
      Thanks for the posts. (Nice appearances at the banquet too from Camilla and HM).

    • Yes that’s the same pattern on the coat – also the same as the vivid green for the D-Day event. She clearly got a bulk discount! I’d have said given the tailoring that it’s Stuart Parvin, but then AK has got a lot crisper on her tailoring of late…

      • You’re right about the green D-day coat! I hadn’t picked up on that (since the buttons are different). I suspect there are more of the same pattern too. (I’ve always thought that the Queen used only 3 or 4 dress patterns. They rarely have distinctive detailing.)

  5. I like his hat very much, it is classic HM really – one block colour with a simple shape. I can’t help pondering however – how many does she need that are almost identical – this is so close to the Ascot outfit she brought out last year and one she debuted in Canada 2010 and which has been a favourite. They’re so very similar, I just can’t get that she got another one.

    Anyways, she looks lovely, and it was clearly a great trip.

  6. I agree that this is my favourite hat of the three. I like the slimmer brim, if that’s what I mean, which, to me, makes the hat feel less heavy. (Too many commas, sorry!) The colour is perfect on Her Majesty.

  7. This is the best one of the three – hands down! A fantastic color and shape, and the trim placement doesn’t even bother me a little. Each day, she looked lovelier than the previous day! BTW, the photos are just outstanding, capturing HM’s wonderful smile. Question: is there a reason that all three new hats are blue, or is it merely coincidental? Some significance to Malta, perhaps?

  8. Agree entirely about the placement of the ‘floral’ trim. Otherwise a lovely hat that looks terrific on HM. Would have preferred the coat without those darn patch pockets. It’s not as though HM has any need for pockets so I wonder why Ms Kelly puts them on her coats?

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