Hats From The Past

Royal Hats to a grand event that took place 55 years ago today. With Princess Margaret of Great Britain in a feathered helmet and Princess Paola (as was her title then) of Belgium in a luxe fur pillbox, the glamour at the wedding of King Baudouin and Fabiola de Mora y Aragón was palpable.

Photo from Getty as indicated

15 thoughts on “Hats From The Past

  1. Oh my goodness but Princess Margaret’s dress doesn’t do her any justice. I’m so sorry but the hips on her dress as horrendous!

  2. Margaret pulled this feathered hat off very well, although the volume of her dress’s skirt seems a bit a overwhelming for her. Paola looks beyond stunning in this dress! I’m not as thrilled with her choice of hat because of its style, but it pairs very well with her dress nevertheless. I would love to see more retrospectives of past royal weddings like this.

  3. Princess Paola of Belgium looked amazing in that gown and her fur pillbox was elegant, and doesn’t look dated. Princess Margaret’s hat looks like a bird on her head. I know this type of feathery creation was popular at the time, but I still think it was ugly, and her petite frame was swamped by the huge fur wrap also.

  4. I can’t say that I like the hat Princess Margaret is wearing, but I know it was fashionable at the time. I love the dress that Princess Paola is wearing! I wonder what the colors were. Too bad we can’t see that hat better.

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