Zara Phillips At Aussie Races

While I included links to some of the hats Zara Phillips Tindall sported last week while attending the Magic Millions races on the Gold Coast, they are so interesting I think that they are worthy of their own post. Thanks to reader FabulousBubbles who linked to design information via Rosemary Pantling who styled Zara for the event.

The first hat Zara wore is this straw cocktail hat in a raised teardrop shape. Clearly designed to compliment her striped dress, the hat is rimmed in black and trimmed with a pouf of coloured silk bow loops. While I think I would prefer the  base in a warmer tone of natural straw, it’s a very fun hat not for the faint of heart.

Zara Phillips Tindall, January 7, 2016 in Neil Grigg | Royal Hats

Designer: Neil Grigg. The dress is Roksanda Ilincic
Stylist: Rosemary Pantling

Previously Worn: This hat is new

The second hat Zara wire was this beret-based cocktail hat in navy straw. This hat is all about the trim and the placement of navy and coffee coloured feathers gives such a grand sense of movement to what is a fairly small hat. This movement is echoed in the pattern of Zara’s dress and the two pieces go wonderfully together.

Zara Phillips Tindall, January 8, 2016 in Suzy O'Rourke Millinery | Royal Hats  Zara Phillips Tindall, January 8, 2016 in Suzy O'Rourke Millinery | Royal Hats

Designer: Suzy O’Rourke. Dress by Lisa Ho.
Stylist: Rosemary Pantling

Previously Worn: This hat is new

Finally, Zara topped her fantastic black blue and gold abstract paisley dress with a wonderful blue percher hat in roughly woven straw. I adore the braided detail around the edge of the piece and the way the dress and hat are linked through the textural quality of both. The shape on this piece is certainly a modern one but it’s really wonderful on Zara and I think she wears it beautifully.

Designer: Danica Erard. Dress by Ellery.
Stylist: Rosemary Pantling

Previously Worn: This hat is new
We have long considered Zara to be one of our bravest royal hat wearers, dearest readers, and I think the trio of hats she stepped out in last week confirm this. What are your thoughts?
Photos from Map and Page; Media-Mode; and Getty as indicated

19 thoughts on “Zara Phillips At Aussie Races

  1. Zara sometimes lacks finesse in her choice of outfits and hats but she seems to dress to please herself and to that I say – go for it!

  2. The third dress and hat are absolutely fabulous! I like Hat #2 but agree that the dress needs longer sleeves or no sleeves. Hat #1? It’s okay. Dress #1? Dear Lord, no! Too young for her!

  3. Zara Phillips is definitely one of the Royal hat-wearing stars. I liked everything she wore. My favorite hat on her was the blue percher hat in roughly woven straw. It was a real attention-grabbing hat. It coordinated well with her dress, which I think was the best dress of the group. Keep up the good work please Zara!

  4. If I saw all three hats in isolation, I’d certainly have positive things to say about them. But I find that Zara’s outfits only rarely strike completely the right note as a whole ensemble, and these are no exception.

    I like the first hat least, but it isn’t bad – to me it just isn’t the best choice with this dress (or perhaps I should say the dress isn’t the best choice with this hat!)

    The second hat in itself is wonderful – I quite agree about the sense of movement and interest. However, the size simply doesn’t work with the dress – with those sleeves, it needs something on a bigger scale to balance it.

    I really like almost everything about the third one, a really splendid hat that balances well with the dress (although again, there is something very obvious that could be improved, namely that the length of sleeve is flattering on absolutely no-one – longer or none would have been much better).

    Still I really appreciate that Zara is such a fearless hat wearer!

  5. The second cocktail hat and dress in coordinating cobalt blue is my favorite of these three. So glad to see her having fun in Australia. 🙂

  6. Zara Phillips looked good in three great dresses and hats at the Magic Millions. I especially thought the third paisley dress with that interestingly shaped straw hat made quite the statement, and they look purple on my monitor. I agree with HatQueen about the first hat possibly being even better in natural straw.

  7. Hats off to Zara for being so brave with her sartorial choices – particularly in the hat department (hehe, see what I did there?). She’s definitely not dull! My favorite is the last one. She must be happy to be enjoying the new year in a summertime climate.

  8. I could criticise… But you know what, I’d love to have a drink with Zara – she seems a hoot. She always dresses up to the max, looks like she’s having a ball and shows up for the family. And she looks like she’d love a glass of wine. And for the record, I love the orange outfit!

  9. These are such fun Ascot-type hats. Is it too soon to declare the navy one of the best of 2016? It’s so inventive, and I can imagine Queen Maxima in this style. But all of these would benefit from a softer, more flattering hairstyle.

  10. All three hats are fun and expressive and suit Zara well. I like the one with the feathers best, although the dark blue wave of straw is wonderful as well. I would like the one at the top of the post better if the yellow colored part were either a different shade, or even if it were pink. I love pink and orange together and there is a lot of possibility there.

  11. I do like # 3, percher and paisley dress. Most attractive. So few people can wear yellow well and I think hat #1 is the wrong color on her and the dress is too short.

  12. Not a fan of the orange outfit – too short/ pink *and* orange – but the other dresses are nice and, more importantly, so are the hats! I love both of them. The feathers are perfect and Zara wears that hat very well, and the straw swirl is unusual, effective and beautifully finished. Kudos to the designer for resisting the temptation of further embellishment.

  13. I don’t really like the first outfit, neither the hat nor the dress seem to quite fit. Love the second hat (lovely blue and orange contrast!), but the dress doesn’t do it for me, it seems too big. Now, that third oufit! Love it!

  14. The second outfit is odd. Little hat large skirt making everything off balance. Also pass number one. Three is better and I like it.

  15. I like the colors of all 3 hats – but I am not a fan of her in cocktail hats – her head is too large to pull them off well especially with her hair always pulled back so starkly. The percher has much better proportions for her head I think.

  16. Zara kept getting better and better. I don’t care for the first outfit at all. The dress is too skimpy and the straw of the hat is discordant with the dress. But the second and third ensembles are lovely. Simply lovely.

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