Inventory: Princess Mary’s Red Hats

As we continue building royal hat wardrobe inventories, February will focus on all things red. To kick off this month’s first millinery tour, we’re headed into the closet of Princess Mary of Denmark who celebrated her 44th birthday on February 5. So far, there are three red/burgundy pieces in her millinery wardrobe. Here they are, in the order they were introduced:

1. Crown Princess Mary, January 10, 2012 in Philip Treacy | Royal Hats  Crown Princess Mary, January 10, 2012 in Philip Treacy | Royal Hats      

Designers: Philip Treacy; 
Introduced: October 9, 2004

2. 2006-11-01 football game 2     3. Crown Princess Mary, May 6, 2009 in Jill Courtemanche | Royal Hats

Designers: likely Susanne Juul; Jill Courtemanche
Introduced: November 1, 2006; May 6, 2009

While we might debate on counting hat #2 in this list (obviously a very informal piece, worn to a football match), Mary has so few red pieces in her wardrobe that I thought it warranted inclusion. While the first hat seems to be Mary’s favourite (with seven public outings so far), I have always had a soft spot for the third headpiece which is the most glorious colour and frames Mary’s face so beautifully. I’ll admit- this is not the most exciting group of royal red hats which is unfortunate, as Mary wears red so very well (I’d love to see her pick up this raspberry straw design from her go-to Danish milliner, Susanne Juul) Do any of these pieces strike your fancy?

Don’t worry, dear readers. We have a few more royal hat wardrobes to peek inside this month and there are some marvellous red designs that await us. Stay tuned!

Photos from Albert Philip van der Werf/dpa/Corbis; Albert Philip van der Werf/dpa/Corbis; unknown; Carsten Rehder/POOL/epa/Corbis

16 thoughts on “Inventory: Princess Mary’s Red Hats

  1. I vote hat number 1 for the win! The next best is hat 3. I wonder why she doesn’t wear more red hats, because red looks great with her colouring?

  2. Red is such a fabulous color for her, I am shocked at only three! All are lovely on her, and I agree-the raspberry straw would be divine.

  3. I love this Philip Treacy hat for Mary, especially in the photos selected; her chignon hairstyle fits perfectly with it and creates a wonderfully balanced look! The color is also very flattering.

    The second one is fine in terms of shape, but the color and fabric really scream “cheap” to me unfortunately. The third one is ok and I love the color, but I’ve never warmed to the casque style.

    She definitely needs to incorporate more crimson and burgundy into her hat inventory. I’d personally like to see either this Treacy piece ( or this Louise Green portrait hat ( on her.

  4. The first hat with her hair done in that beautiful chiffon works so well for her. Everything is perfection! 3<3. The second hat is perfect also for the occasion. 3 <3. The third hat is not my cup of tea. It looks plastered on her head to me.

  5. The brim on the Philip Treacy is spectacular! It’s a great hat, all in all. I would love to see her in the raspberry straw hat some summer…

  6. I love the first hat. She wears it well.

    For us who are new, how would you classify the third hat? Didn’t you do a recent post on this style.

    Thank you HQ.

  7. Number one is so elegant and looks wonderful with CP Mary’s loose chignon. (Wish Duchess of Cambridge would wear more hats like this and up style her hair more often). The raspberry straw you refer to, HQ, would be a very good addition.

  8. With her gorgeous ruby jewellery you would think Mary might wear red more often. It is a colour that looks very good on her with her dark hair. I really like the third hat too. It is similar to the hat she has worn at the baptisms of her children. A most becoming style on her.

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