Hat From the Past

Royal Hats Two royal hats, worn to a grand event. Any guesses as to the royal wearers?

Mystery royal hat

Photo source is unknown.

19 thoughts on “Hat From the Past

  1. I recalled the Duchess’s straw hat, because it was one of the few hats she ever wore that I liked. I actually thought the hat with the flowers was worn by Princess Michael of Kent. It was a rather twee hat for the late Diana, Princess of Wales, and it wasn’t a hat I must have took much notice of at the time. The flowers look real, otherwise they were extremely well-made. The hat looks a bit too much like an Easter bonnet than an Ascot hat, with all the flowers in it.

  2. It’s Diana Princess of Wales and Sarah Duchess of York probably Tim Graham photographer.
    I was there Royal Ascot .that day and attended Ascot for years during all the years the Princess and Duchess attended I have marvellous photographs of the royal family but not in race course but on route .

      • Very much so that the Royal Family know my name even Her Majesty The Queen ,ive met for years .
        Goes out of her way to speak to me on engagments and poses for photographs for me so can’t miss ,I send the photographs The Queen tells me they are in her personal albums .
        I first saw The Queen 1977 ,silver jubilee year ,loved all the hats from that time and the outfits bright and a lot of chiffon ,
        The strawberry milkshake pink not new for jubilee day ,or possibly cyclamen pink is nicer to discribe the colour and the hat with the bells on the back ,seen it countless times in exhibitions think is my favourite , John Boyd fantastic ,did a lot early hats for Diana ,ostrich feather ones .
        The Queens similar style to the Royal Wedding 1981 hat and the style of outfit for Prince Charles and Diana ,to the Jubilee Day, swapped the pleats to the coat instead of dress and more buttons at the collar .
        The hat had little crystal flower stalks and it sparkled never notice that on television ,
        You may be intrested to know there is going to be a display of 150 outfits of the Queens including hats ,
        For the 90 th birthday celebrations ,
        I make sure I take photographs of all the Royal ladies hats ,have albums from 1977 to the present day ,

  3. The late Princess of Wales and the Duchess of York had some good fashion looks, as in the main photo taken at Ascot. But they also had some horror 1980s fashion blunders too, like the Fergie bow and the huge stripes on the Princess’s outfit that looked like it was an outfit made out of a tent!

  4. You are all too quick! It is indeed, the late Princess of Wales and the Duchess of York at Ascot in 1991
    Embed from Getty Images

  5. I thought the beige hat was placed next to a wedding cake!!! Since everyone else seems to know the wearers — was that the Ascot with the umbrellas used not for their intended purpose?

    • The umbrella incident was in 1987 (see below), just after the Duchess of York joined “The Firm”. The photo above was in 1991, just before she left it.

      Embed from Getty Images
      Embed from Getty Images

  6. Ahh I remember this so well! Fergie and Di at Ascot. I think this was a few years after the one where they behaved badly by poking loads of gents in the backsides.

    For once Fergie’s hat fares so much better – it’s a lovely dramatic straw number, whereas I find Di’s a bit twee.

    What fun the late 80s were!

  7. Yes Bruno Hat. That’s what I thought too. I knew the lady with the roses in her hat was Diana the Princess of Wales and took it that the woman next to her was Sarah Ferguson. My question is are those millinery roses? They look so real.

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