Princess Beatrix Views Restored Cathedral

Dutch Princess Beatrix was in Haarlem today to see the newly restored nave of the Kathedrale Basiliek Sint Bavo. For this visit, she repeated a navy straw bumper hat. Beatrix has numerous similar hats and this one stands out by shape- notice the pointed wave on the left side. While distinctive, I’m  not sure this particular shape is successful.

Princess Beatrix, March 4, 2016 | Royal HatsPrincess Beatrix, March 4, 2016 | Royal Hats Princess Beatrix, March 4, 2016 | Royal Hats

Designer: unconfirmed. My guess is Suzanne Moulijn
Previously Worn: November 28, 2015

Photos from  Albert Philip Van Der Werf/dpa/CorbisAlbert Philip Van Der Werf/dpa/Corbis and Albert Philip Van Der Werf/dpa/Corbis

9 thoughts on “Princess Beatrix Views Restored Cathedral

  1. Princess Beatrix’s hat shapes and their large size are not to my taste, but she likes them and that is what matters! I do think this is one of the better versions of her hat style, and it’s not too enormous. The blue colour is very flattering to her and the cape is a show-stopper. She seems to be enjoying a joke with the little altar-girl, and that encounter looks a lot of fun.

  2. I think that it is partly a factor of age, and partly a factor of confidence, but when we have a few (or more) years under our belts, we know what we like and what suits us. I respect that in Princess Beatrix, and in Queen Elizabeth, Queen Silvia, Queen Sonja, Grand Duchess Maria Teresa, etc. I love that these women dress for themselves as well as for the public.

  3. I like the contrast between her hair color and her hat. This color suits her very well. The hat style is one that is synonymous with Princess Beatrix, but like you, I’m not sure I like the wave on the left of the hat. All in all, I think she looks prettier than ever. She is a woman, like Queen Elizabeth, who knows what she likes and feels comfortable with and doesn’t deviate very far from what works for her.

  4. On the Princess, I love the hat! She looks altogether wonderful. Like everybody else, I love the expression on her face as she talks to the young lady. (Always a nice-looking woman, the Princess looks even more beautiful [to me, at any rate] now in “retirement” than she did before.)

  5. The Princess has such a warm smile. Love the second picture with the little girl. And, as noted, her style is distinctive and suits her well.

  6. It’s a Princess Beatrix typical hat. It’s definitely not a hat I would wear, but that is the hat type she likes. I do like the color.

  7. She looks lovely – I can’t fault her for this style – it’s hers – she owns it! Love when she wears this cape. It’s stunning on her.

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