Dutch Royals Kick Off State Visit To France

King Willem Alexander and Queen Máxima began their state visit to France this morning. For their official welcome and itinerary today, Queen Máxima wore a new slice picture hat in coffee coloured straw.

Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images

We all know and love this shape on Máxima- the height gives it great drama while the soaring brim makes her animated face fully visible. This piece was clearly dyed to perfectly match the silk trim and lace on Máxima’s coat and the coordination between the two makes for an utterly stunning ensemble.

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

Queen Máxima has a very similar slice hat in lighter brown straw that we’ve seen her wear many times. At first glance, I thought these were the same hats but this design is has a slightly smaller brim and is darker in colour- two subtle changes that add a touch of formality to the piece that is perfect for an event such as this.

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

Designer: Fabienne Delvigne. Dress by Claes Iversen
Previously Worn: This hat is new

I’m not sure anyone dresses as well for formal royal events as Queen Máxima does and today is case in point. What do you think of her new hat?

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38 thoughts on “Dutch Royals Kick Off State Visit To France

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  2. I am in full agreement with HatQueen. Queen Máxima’s new slice picture hat in coffee coloured straw is a wonderful colour and shape on her. The coordination between the hat and coat does indeed make for an utterly stunning ensemble. King Willem Alexander looks very dapper.

  3. Queen Máxima was born to wear these dramatic slice hats and this new slice picture hat in coffee coloured straw is my favourite Royal hat so far this year. I would like the coat better if it didn’t have those huge Lab coat sized pockets.

  4. I first saw this hat on Patrick van Katwijk’s Snapchat, then Fabienne Delvigne posted it on her Instagram (along with Mathilde’s hat from day 2 of the German visit), so I’ve waiting to get a chance to finally get over here and see all the glory!

    Despite the fact this is a fairly monochromatic look, there is enough shades of brown, blush, and beige, along with varying textures, to save it from being boring. I simply adore this entire look, and we all know this style is my absolute favorite hat for Máxima. This is probably going to be one of my favorite ensembles for 2016! The hat, the hair, the outfit, the gloves, her smile, make this perfection for me. Brava!

    Finally, I believe the orange tie was worn to an event earlier in the day where they were dealing with Dutch interests (based on Patick’s Snapchat, where Willem-Alexander spoke in Dutch), and then switched to blue later when they met with President Hollande. Just my guess, especially based on how they did things on the visit to the U.S. last year.

  5. Love love this blog….you do an excellent job of giving us the details. Quick question — where in the US can I find a hat like this or have one made? The ones I have seen rarely look this good. Thanks so much.

  6. This. This is so good, and so Maxima! I love Queen Maxima and this is why… or part of why.

    The hat is perfect. I love that she wears her hat pins boldly! Her hair is perfect. The coatdress looks like a Transformer toy, but it totally works on her. Hat, shoes, bag, gloves… all good.

    Did King Willem-Alexander spill soup on his tie at some point? He came in wearing orange and switched to blue…

  7. Fabulous! I love the coat, although I wouldn’t really mind if its pockets were to disappear, I suppose. Queen Máxima’s hair is perfectly styled for the hat. I can imagine one’s having chosen a calot or something smaller, probably matching the lighter color used on the belt, but what the Queen chose is so much dramatic. (And the King’s tie goes with her ensemble as well.)

  8. I love the hat and the hairdo is perfect with it; but I do think it is a bit too early in the season for straw in Paris.

  9. I am mesmerized by the third picture of her. The hat is great and frames her face beautifully. The coat is very different/edgy and Queen Maxima looks fabulous!!

  10. I like the hat, the colour, earrings, makeup and hair. The dress is too heavy looking, do not like the belt or the pockets but great colour and I do like the lace inserts.

    Looks too expensive and a bit show offy. Too much. Just my thoughts.

  11. Queen Maxima looks fabulous no matter what she wears. I am happy to see her hair styled so nicely, which often is not the case. I do have a couple of issues with the outfit. The dress looks like it is inside out with all the seams emphasized to that extent. And I always think of those super sized hats as sun shades, so it seems rather out of place in an indoor setting. It is a great hat though.

  12. I do really love Queen Máxima’s hat and it suits her so well, and the color and the hairdo are just spot on. The outfit is rather busy but I think it just passes muster due to the simplicity of the hat design and its French influenced design. My only minor quibble, and I have had this quibble before, is with her rather dangerous looking hat pins, but maybe there was just no other way to anchor this hat, and I know from personal experience, that when Paris gets windy, it can really blow your hat away! A kindly Japanese tourist man rescued my mother’s new French hat, with no hat pin anchors, as we were chasing after it on a very windy Paris day, and fortunately it was saved.

  13. I LOVE this coat dress. The detail is exquisite and so appropriate for a visit to Paris by a Queen. I think she looks fantastic. What I love about Queen Maxima is that she dresses as a Queen. She is so confident in her style choices, and she dresses to impress. Yes, some people may not love what she wears, but she always pulls it off and makes it memorable.

    My only fault with this look is when she was sitting in the Elysee Palace and she actually blended in with the surroundings. Photo below.

  14. Don’t care for this dress at all – it’s far too busy for my tastes. The hat is nice, but it would have looked better with a more paired down dress/coat. The hat is a tad overwhelming for this event in my opinion – she might have worn one of her donut hats and done this dress a tad more justice. That said, I hate her hats with the holes in crown.

  15. Oh now this is just stunning. This is just wonderful for Paris – it’s actually quite an edgy look to take to conservative Paris but I love it unreservedly. I think she could have got away with the previous hat (they’re so similar that I just can’t see the point in the new one), but never mind. Already my favourite Royal get up of the year.

  16. The hat and hair are a perfect marriage! The whole ensemble is worthy of a state visit to Paris! Maxima looks fabulous.

  17. Now this is classic Maxima and I loooove it. Wonderful hat. The coat is… rather special. But it works. Well, I guess Maxima can make almost anything work.

  18. Love almost everything about this. Hat, fabulous. Embroidery on coat, fabulous . Updo, fabulous. But why always the Bet Lynch earrings ( you may need to be a Briton of a certain age to get the reference!) To end on a positive note the colour is great on her !

  19. Queen Maxima dresses exquisitely for formal events and I agree with you HatQueen she looked wonderful today. Glorious hat – she knows just how to wear them and as ever her hair style is just right – if you done get that right even a gorgeous hat can be reduced to the ordinary.

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