This Week’s Extras

Royal Hats

Princess Mako in a black pillbox at a memorial for the Great Tokyo Air Raid (Imperial Family of Japan)

Princess Michael of Kent in a casual winter hat at the Birmingham Dog Show (Daily Mail)

Prince Bernhard, Prince Maurits and Prince Pieter-Christiaan participated in the first edition of the Hollandse 100 skating and cycling races on March 8 to raise money for Prince Bernhard’s foundation ‘Lymph&Co’ (he’s a lymph node cancer survivor). The princes’ parents, wives and children cheered them on. (PPE Agency and Monarchy Press)

A certain royal blue beanie hat was spotted in Denmark again (Danish Monarchy)

A busy week in Norway as Crown Prince Haakon completed a paratrooper course,  the Crown Prince and Princess opened a new library in Furuset and King Harald was on winter military exercise (Royal House of Norway

Royal Hats

The Swedish royals released a sweet photo of their newest family member (Kungahuset Facebook)

Danish television has a new documentary series inside the Danish royal palaces. You can watch the first episode, on Amalienborg Palace, here. (

And to show the great extremes experienced in royal life, here are photos of Queen Maxima taken last night in Paris (in an interesting Tom Ford velvet and silk gown) and this morning at a playground in Alpen aan den Rijn. One can only admire a queen who seamlessly goes from diamonds to rubber gloves inside of 12 hours.

2016-03-11 state visit to franceJPG   

Photos from AFP/Pool/Philippe Wojazer via Getty and Patrick Van Katwijk/dpa/Corbis


6 thoughts on “This Week’s Extras

  1. I enjoyed This Week’s Extras HatQueen. Princess Mako’ s hat is very plain, and matches her hair colour so it doesn’t stand out enough, but I imagine that the protocol for this event was a black hat. She suits the pillbox style. I thought her grey suit was drab and too matronly for her age group. Princess Michael of Kent sported a very appealing hat, which matched her scarf, and toned in well with her bright red jacket. The big dog obviously approved too! It was nice of the Dutch Princes to raise funds for the Prince Bernhard’s foundation. I despair when I see Queen Margrethe wearing that horrid blue beanie! It was good of her to narrate the Danish television documentary on the Royal Palaces, and I am looking forward to seeing more of them. The Norway Royals are looking well and keeping busy, but I wish that the Crown Princess would take to more hat wearing. It was nice of the Swedish royals to share a photograph of their newest Prince. He is very cute and looks a lot like his sister at that age. Queen Maxima’s evening gown looked rather loud and very unlike her usual style. She looked quite dishevelled at the playground!

  2. I always enjoy doing tours of royal palaces, but I’ve never been to Denmark and I am really looking forward to watching the entire series on the Danish royal palaces. Thank you very much for the link HatQueen.

  3. Maxima looked fabulous this week in Paris. As a Parisian myself, I would have sooo loved to be able to see her and I am quite embarrassed at the host France gave them. Just look at the pictures, Maxima and Willem-Alexander look so confident and our President looks so awkward. They deserve better…

  4. Princess Mako’ s hat is a bit boring and black matches her hair too much, but considering the occasion she probably does not have much of a choice. I was surprised to see white gloves with the outfit. Good cause for Prince Bernhard! I like Princess Michael’s hat. It matches her scarf nicely! She almost always looks good! Thanks for sharing those two last pictures of Queen Max. It is kind of a Cinderella after the ball and she lost one shoe occasion, isn’t it?

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