British Royals Celebrate Commonwealth

Members of the British Royal Family gathered at Westminster Abbey this morning for the annual Commonwealth Observance Day Service. For this event, the Queen repeated her sky blue felt hat trimmed with chrysanthemum feather flowers. We’ve seen this piece so many times, there’s not much new to say about it.

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Designer: Angela Kelly, made by Stella McLaren. Coat designed by Stewart Parvin
Previously Worn: November 12, 2015; June 11, 2015April 5, 2015October 24, 2014April 8, 2014; October 23, 2013

There is, however, much to discuss about the Duchess of Cambridge’s new hat! In luxurious grey velvet felt, this piece features a squared crown, an upturned slice brim and a charcoal silk sash around the base of the crown. We have seldom seen Kate in brimmed hats and the scale of this design is really lovely on her. The simple lines of the hat are a perfect compliment to the lace-trimmed coat and the two pieces create an ensemble that is beautifully elegant.

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Designer: John Boyd Coat by Erdem
Previously Worn: This hat is new
I suspect many of you will have much to say about Kate’s new hat- I can’t wait to hear what you think!
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33 thoughts on “British Royals Celebrate Commonwealth

  1. I just must add one thing. Doesn’t the Duchesses hair look fantastic in that second to the last picture? I love the hat on her and would like it tilted up a little higher off her face. I do not think grey is the best color for a brunette, but it is a nice color for this time of year, so I understand the choice. I think this was a nice way to include lace without overdoing it.

  2. HM’s hat goes nicely with her brooch!

    DoC’s hat looks to be slightly too big for her, it’s sitting too far down on her forehead – almost at her eyebrows, for goodness sake. And that combined with the very high neck on her coat makes her look like she has no neck. Not flattering. However, I like the hat shape and am glad she’s trying something new. Just a tweak and it would be super on her.

  3. I think it’s really great that Kate wore a larger hat for a change, but overall I had the feeling that she did not look as confident as on other days.
    The hat is great, I like the shape and the color is a nice change.
    I don’t like the coat so much, we have seen better tailoring. As other readers said before me, it is a little too big for her. Not running for Best Royal Appearance, I’m afraid.

  4. I like the hat very much for a change on Kate; however, it sits too far down on her forehead….It does not fit well. But my initial reaction was “beautiful!,” a lovely color and style! The coat is very pretty. I think it would look better on her, however, if it was a bit shorter (just a bit) and a bit better-fitting. A more-defined shoulder perhaps. Overall, it appears Kate it trying to transition to a more “grown-up” style, but how old is she now? I think this outfit as it is would be more suitable for a woman who is at least 10 years older than Kate. PS. I too would like to see Kate carry her handbag in her hand by her side, or under arm, and every so often maybe wear beautiful kid gloves.

  5. I think the Kate’s hat is too big for her body, but this type of hat works good on her.
    About the Queen, I hope is the last time we see this hat, is good but worn so many times that I hate it.

  6. I agree with many of the other comments. It is wonderful to see Kate in a large brim hat and overall it is a very stylish ensemble. The size and angle of the brim of the hat is lovely, however I agree it sits too low on her head I think due to the crown being so high and wide. If the crown was rounded rather than square and slightly more shallow it would sit further back on her head. Also I agree the heavy high collar of the coat coupled with the low sitting hat cuts off Kate’s petite face. I generally like the coat but think it would look better without the collar and worn with a slim black belt, maybe a chance for a recycle in future?

    • I agree with what LadyJayne24 says: March 14, 2016 at 4:47 pm. I do have some quibbles but overall I think the Duchess is headed on the right track.

  7. The Duchess of Cambridge looks elegant! (What a wonderful change.) The coat is a little tight, but the collar is beautiful symmetrical, and the hat sets off the coat to perfection. Gray shoes and purse are perfect with the outfit. The coat itself is busy, but with everything else a calming neutral, it all comes together beautifully. Well done!
    I continue to like the blue christening outfit on the Queen, but let’s snoop around a little more in the wardrobe and give some less-oft-repeated outfits a chance. This is a nice outfit, but with fewer public outings for the Queen, the regular recycling schedule needs to be altered a bit.

  8. A grown up hat at last! She is taking note of Queen Maxima I think! Hope she will now wear more ‘proper’ hats. I would love her to carry her clutch under her arm as Diana always did and as most women do – carried in front looks rather odd and uncomfortable somehow.

  9. The new hat is lovely, a simple complement to the design on the coat. It’s a restrained version of the Maxima slice suitable for a quieter personality.

    I see a lot of “quibbles” in the comments. Here’s mine: the hat rides very low on the forehead and the collar is very high on the neck. That combination closes off the Duchess’s face.

    • I agree with what Mitten Mary says: March 14, 2016 at 3:30 pm. I am delighted to see the Duchess in a brimmed hat though.

  10. Now this is very nice! Loving the rich velvet. But like others here I wonder if the hat is not sitting too low. Anyway, I’m happy she tried something new.

  11. HM looks elegant and very springlike. The Duchess looks lovely and my only quibble is the fit on the bodice of the coat, it’s pulling. Otherwise she looks stunning and I’m so glad to see her in my favorite kind of hat!!

  12. I am also bored of seeing this ensemble for HM. It’s nice, but we need to give other outfits more love.

    I saw John Boyd post this on his Instagram earlier and almost yelled out in excitement on the bus haha! Such a beautiful hat that is still subdued and reminds me very much of Máxima’s hat and outfit from last week in Paris. So wonderful to see a full hat on Kate and I hope we see something like this in the spring/summer on her! Brava!!

  13. I love Kate’s new hat. I love the colour, the shape and the texture of it, it’s a great choice. The coat looked fab from a distance but became too busy for me close up but as she picked for a big event in an Abbey where she’d be mostly seen from far away I think it works. But it’s the hat that really makes it, I hope we see it and similar ones again soon.

  14. I like the hat except the crown seems oddly bulky. I am not a fan of gray on brunettes – I’d rather see Princess Beatrice in this colour. I am not crazy about the pattern on the coat but prefer her bespoke version to the original with all the flaps. I also wish she’d tuck her clutch under her left arm instead of holding it across her body – would give a better view and longer line to the coat.

  15. I agree that it’s nice with a change from the perchers. And that the hat was not sized correctly for Kate’s head. It seems too big, too roomy, it comes down too far on her brow. The hat is very nice though and goes with the outfit. I’m not sure such a large hat style is the best for Kate. For one thing it hides her hair which is one of her most attractive features.

  16. I am conflicted about the duchess’s hat: On the one hand, how nice to see her in other than a percher. On the other, the hat is a bit severe, and I think it cuts too low on her face. Similarly, the coat: I actually think the coat is properly fitted, but I think the top is too buttoned-up and boxy. Yet she looks very well. (As does Her Majesty, though I don’t care at all for the decoration on her hat. But the color is lovely!)

  17. Love Catherine’s hat…I dislike her coat with the heat of 1,000 suns. It adds pounds to her frame and is just bulky. The length is perfect.

  18. Wow! Love this hat on Kate! Love it! I might quibble that it’s almost spring and the hat is a trifle heavy, but, no, I’m not going to quibble! I’m just so happy to see her in something other than a percher or fascinator or other cocktail hat. This looks marvelous!

    And, her Majesty? Proper, as always.

  19. Finally! I’m not a big fan of perchers, fascinators and cocktail hats so this makes me truly happy! I love it unconditionally and hope to see her venture out more into the beautiful land of picture hats!

  20. I really like this hat on Kate. Perhaps it’s just a relief to see a larger, brimmed hat, but I think it suits her really well. And it’s such a nice change! The coat is nice, though I have a few issues with the fit.

    I’m bored of the Queen’s blue outfit now. It’s nice and all, but she’s got a lot of other really nice winter outfits I’d like to see in the rotation a bit more.

  21. Love the hat on Kate – so nice to see her wear something other then the silly little perchers and cocktail hats she typically wears. Bravo – Now the coat – well not a fan of it at all. Too busy.

  22. I really like the hat, although it looks a little too large for Catherine’s head. When she wears her usual perchers with her hair long and loose, the hair is usually in her face, so this new style is better at restraining the strands. Don’t care for the coat.
    Love the blue of the Queen’s hat.

  23. I think the hat ages her hugely, to be honest. A little too large/bulky for the time of year (even if the temperatures aren’t that warm yet!). Would be good in winter or at Christmas, but still, I think a full hat like this really doesn’t make her look youthful as she could do.
    With the mumsy/modest hem lengths and necklines she is obliged(?) to wear in her role, she really doesn’t need a boxy hat as well. Below the knee and buttoned all the way up to the chin makes her look like she’s approaching 50-odd!
    A decent-sized velvet percher/cocktail hat OR this hat but in a less thick material, and a slightly less severe neckline = superb.

  24. I like this hat of Kate s so much more than all her percher hats put together!! It’s fabulous!! Very Max. And I like the coat too, a respectable length and love the lace pattern. More please !!

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