Dutch Monarchs Award Military Honour

King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima were at the Commando Corps at the Binnenhof in The Hague this morning to award the Militaire Willemsorde, the oldest and most prestigious medal in the Kingdom of The Netherlands awarded for exceptional bravery on the battlefield. Queen Máxima used the occasion to début a new pillbox hat in grey felt trimmed sparingly with a band of grey ribbon around the base and a slim double bow at the side. It’s a very simple hat that  I thought was improved with Máxima’s addition of a diamond brooch (why don’t we see more jewels dressing up royal hats?) although I would still prefer it scaled up to a slightly larger proportion. With her lace dress, grey coat, and stunning drop pearl earrings, the hat makes for an elegant ensemble.

Queen Máxima, March 15, 2016 | Royal Hats   Queen Máxima, March 15, 2016 | Royal Hats Queen Máxima, March 15, 2016 | Royal Hats

Queen Máxima, March 15, 2016 | Royal Hats   Queen Máxima, March 15, 2016 | Royal Hats

Designer: unconfirmed
Previously Worn: This hat is new (and different than this very similar design)

What do you think of this new hat?

Photos from  Patrick Van Katwijk/dpa/CorbisPatrick Van Katwijk/dpa/CorbisPatrick Van Katwijk/dpa/CorbisPatrick Van Katwijk/dpa/Corbis and Patrick Van Katwijk/dpa/Corbis

21 thoughts on “Dutch Monarchs Award Military Honour

  1. In my opinion, one of the most successful partnerships of jewellery and hat was at the wedding of Princess Alexandra of Kent in 1963. Her mother, Princess Marina, Duchess of Kent, wore a beautiful and unusually shaped hat, smothered in gold sequins, with a pearl-drop brooch attached. I’m afraid I don’t know how to add a photograph to this post, but it is well worth the effort of ‘googling’ the wedding!

  2. Love the hat, and someone on another site said the brooches were part of the “Ears of Wheat” tiara. Anytime you can include a bit of tiara into every day wins for me!

  3. Super elegant. It’s very Maxima (I think) to put a diamond brooch on a hat! I love it.
    Do you know what’s also lovely? A picture of Willem-Alexander and Maxima smiling at each other. So rare. It just made my day. 🙂

  4. Very elegant and I love her hair with this hat. I, too, wonder if this pillbox is too small or just sitting a little farther back on the head. Nevertheless, a minor flaw, if a flaw at all. Máxima has had a very busy week, and she has managed to look fantastic for almost all of it!

  5. How popular is grey right now within royal circles!! Who new!! Well I think our favourite Maxima looks absolutely gorgeous today, stunning. The hat is just lovely….I can’t see too small myself and I think the entire look is fabulous. Love it.

  6. Why don’t we see more jewels dressing up royal hats? Good question HatQueen! I wish we did. The Queen Mother often used to put brooches on her hats with good results. I like the brooch addition here which adds glamour to an otherwise rather plain hat. I think the hat looks a bit too small for her head. I love the colour and I love pillbox hats, and I think they suit Queen Máxima well. The hat compliments the rest of her clothes. Those earrings are superb. I like her other grey hat too but I also think that one was a little too small.

    • Alex, you made my day! I remember my mom and both grandmothers wearing their jewelry on their hats too. This is however one part of the diamond tiara “epis de blé”popular among the dutch royal ladies as their wedding tiara choice. The best picture of a tiara on the hat is IMO, the sapphire tiara of French crown jewels, worn by the Queen Marie-Amelie on her velvet hat. I wish I could attach a picture here. I think, that small hats are always a great choice for any public person, whose face is expected to be seen from faraway. Bravo to the Queen again.

  7. Oh, how funny, Glitter Girl. I was an air hostess in the 1960s and I guess I see what you mean about the pillbox hat. That said, I really like the entire ensemble.

  8. I see what people mean when they say the hat is too small. I wonder if it is the band and bow trim on the lower edge that gives that appearance. I also thought something was off.
    Looks far better than the hats that are close to her hair colour.
    Lovely outfit , good colour, not over the top in anyway.

    • Actually if Queen Maxima and the Duchess of Cambridge traded hats today, both of their outfits or looks might be better or more proportional (In my humble opinion).

  9. I love her entire ensemble, especially the grey pearl earrings. Pillbox hats are so elegant, although I agree that the hat seems too small. What mystifies me is why she would choose another hat so similar (colour, style) to the one she wore to the state visit to Denmark last year? Who needs two medium-grey pillboxes?

    • Although the two gray hats are different, when not looking directly at them they rather form one picture in my mind. I actually prefer the first one — perhaps because, worn farther back on the head, the calot doesn’t have that “too small” feeling that today’s pillbox does have. I assume that Queen Máxima must have tried the calot with today’s outfit and decided that the colors or textures somehow weren’t quite right.

  10. I agree that the hat is too small. Perhaps it was the photos, but it also did not appear to be on her head straight but also made it look awkward. But very lovely colors and the coat is very attractive. Love the way she had it belted with the neat matching tucks. Very classy.

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