Day 2 of Cheltenham Festival

The second day of the Cheltenham Festival was attended by Princess Anne and Zara Phillips Tindall, both of whom wore dark blue hats. Princess Anne repeated a trilby with extended brim that looks to be in remarkably good shape despite its age (more than 20 years). While the hat has been around the block a few times, it’s pairing with this purple velvet skirt and chevron tweed cape was new. It’s not a pairing I would like on anyone else but on Anne, it works. Her scarf does a good job of tying the ensemble together.

Zara wore a midnight blue felt cocktail hat with beret base trimmed with overlapping navy feathers. The placement of these feathers creates the most exquisite sense of movement on this small hat and the colour is absolutely fantastic on Zara. I’m less happy about the coat paired with the hat but the hat is so beautiful, it stands on its own.

Designer: Rosie Olivia. It is the “Capricorn” from AW 2015
Previously Worn: this hat is new
So, dearest readers- what do you think of this pair of navy hats?
Photos from Getty as indicated

20 thoughts on “Day 2 of Cheltenham Festival

  1. Zara’s hat is fabulous and the color is so refreshing on her. I can’t get on board with that bulky, collarless coat with the exposed zipper. The huge white bag isn’t thrilling me either. The Princess Royal’s blue trilby with extended brim has a great retro look, and the color couldn’t be better on her. I don’t like her bulky outfit in a different color palette entirely.

  2. I think if Anne’s skirt/dress had been navy, it would’ve improved things much more for me. I can see how this fedora can catch a hint of the purple hues she’s sporting, but it’s a little too mismatched overall.

    Zara’s navy ensemble is just wonderful, although I find the hat not quite as exciting as day 1, but that’s just me. Still very chic, and I love the third photo of her smiling.

  3. Both outfits have positive features. Princess Anne’s outfit, had the hat been in matching deep purple to match the cape trim, could be striking. The picture with her navy blazer does make sense, but the first impression has already been made.
    I like the pairing of Zara’s interesting hat with the textured jacket. Had the whole hat been feathers, the texture of the jacket would have been too much for the hat. With features just in the front of the hat, however, I think it works. What doesn’t work is that white purse

  4. Zara’s hat is exquisite. I don’t think I’ve ever seen feathers arranged this way. Perhaps it goes better with the dress than the bulky, shapeless coat?

  5. Lovely hats. I have found an interesting link you may wish to share with readers showing the original sketch for one of the queens most popular and stylish hats. Philip Somerville Sketch caption: LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM – MARCH 15: Designers For The Queen: Sketches Of The Hat Designed By Milliner Philip Somerville For The Queen (Photo by Tim Graham/Getty Images) link:

    Here is also the sketch for a Breton at the same time

    Queen Hat Design Sketch caption: LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM – MARCH 15: Sketch Of Design Of Hat For The Queen By Royal Warrant Holder Milliner Philip Somerville (Photo by Tim Graham/Getty Images) link:

    The piece of dress material attached provides an interesting insight into how the hats are designed.

  6. I love zara’s navy hat but I think there’s to much texture paired with that coat. Does it matter which side of the head the hat is slanted?

  7. Zara’s hat is exquisite. I note that this coat has a zipper on the left; the coat she wore a couple of days ago had a zipper on the right!
    I admire Princess Anne and don’t think fashion is a major priority of hers!

  8. Both this hat of Zara’s and the previous one are beautiful hats in themselves. Lovely trim and nicely executed. However, this size of hat simply doesn’t balance either Zara’s face or her outfits, so in those terms, they don’t succeed very well.

  9. Zara tries but I cannot see a small hat with a big winter type coat. I like the hat. I like the coat but not together.
    Anne I just do not understand her clothing. She has other things to think about and that is good. She does a lot of good work.

  10. Other photos I have seen of Anne at this event (in her box) show the purple-trimmed coat removed. She has swapped it for a navy blazer and wrapped the most gorgeous purple pashmina around her shoulders. The hat makes a little more sense with that ensemble.

    Zara’s hat … wow, wow, wowsa! Beautiful and looks great on her. Like you HQ, I’m not so happy with the coat. The hat would have been exquisite paired with a coat not featuring so much texture. I also think the round neckline is wrong. A collar is much more finished.

    • The only photo I can find that meets your description is this one. I agree- the navy blazer and purple pashmina makes the whole ensemble make much more sense.

      Embed from Getty Images

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