Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall Visit Serbia

The Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall continued their Balkans, moving on to Serbia today. For their arrival in Belgrade, Camilla wore a more streamlined, black version of the hat she wore yesterday. While the trimmed faux fur cuff brim does lend a more formality to this hat than many of its other twins, I wish she had instead repeated the black Philip Treacy felt hat she paired with this beautiful coat at Christmas.

8 thoughts on “Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall Visit Serbia

  1. Considering warm spring weather this outfit just wrong! Paddington hat- is so Wrong for state visit, wrong for weather. This hats must be aloud to wear around stable yards on winter morning, only!

  2. How I love this coat, and while this hat works well with it, I do long for a return of the Treacy hat from Christmas! I imagine since this was such a short trip, these hats were easiest to pack and looked regal enough without being too fussy. Always good to see Charles and Camilla out.

  3. I don’t love the Duchess of Cornwall’s Paddington Bear hats. I agree with what HatQueen said. The Philip Treacy hat she wore at Christmas (in the link) was a much better choice and paired better with this coat.

  4. Couldn’t agree more. While this is one of the better Paddingtons (not too slouchy), the black hat as previously worn was so much better for a formal event.

  5. Another gorgeous coat! I do agree about the hat; the Philip Treacy one from Christmas makes the ensemble A+. Camilla has such a natural touch; lovely pics with the children.

    • There were some technical glitches with the photos in this post that are now fixed. I think the photo you were referring to was this one
      Embed from Getty Images

      • If you go to “Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall FaceBook” page, the first two photos on left hand side are taken with children in Belgrade, but she’s not wearing a hat and I don’t see the photographic attribution.

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