Queen Visits Windsor on Eve of Historic Birthday

Queen Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh were in Windsor today to visit the Royal Maily Delivery Office and open a bandstand in the town’s Alexandra Gardens. The Queen, who turns 90 tomorrow, was all smiles in a new vibrant pink hat for this event.

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Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

With a tall, domed crown (the same base shape as this hat and this hat if I’m not mistaken), this design is edged in contrasting pale green piping around the cartwheel brim and trimmed with a lavish posy of flowers and a pale green straw looped bow. I really like how the floral trim pulls in the floral print of Her Majesty’s floral frock and adds lightness to the punchy hat. The result is a bright, light and well balanced ensemble that sings spring.

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Designer: Rachel Trevor Morgan. Coat by Stewart Parvin.
Previously Worn: This hat is new
I suspect you will all have thoughts on this new piece and can’t wait to hear them!
I have been reading through your comments on the open posts while I was away and want to sincerely thank you all for keeping the royal hat conversation going while I was away. Stay tuned later today for our March polls and tomorrow for the Queen’s birthday walk about in Windsor. I have a hunch we might see another new hat!
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30 thoughts on “Queen Visits Windsor on Eve of Historic Birthday

  1. Love the hat, love the Queen’s outfit, love her smile and radiance. It’s a happy hat – the colour and the flowers – and its makes me feel good looking at it. That’s a pretty good job for a hat.

  2. Hmmmm…. my first thought was that this is not the usual fine execution of trim that RTM usually does. But then I see the dress underneath and it all makes sense. Welcome back HatQueen! I hope your vacation was splendid!

  3. LOVE this whole outfit! The hat is just gorgeous – wish we could have seen more of the lovely print dress under the coat, though. Top marks to the Royal dressmakers and hat makers – HM certainly puts some of the other Royal ladies to shame.

  4. Yay! Hat Queen is back!

    I love the pink outfit! The hat is wonderful – maybe the bouquet needs a little judicious pruning, but I’m not in the mood to quibble. I love the pink and green together on the brim and the trim. So very springtime!

  5. I join the chorus welcoming you back from your holiday, HatQueen, and hope you had an enjoyable time.
    Love the Queen’s ensemble; it all comes together with dress and flowers adorning the hat. Am constantly amazed at the attention to detail,of your readers– finding comparisons with the hats from today and one worn last November and then the almost identical coats in pink and yellow.

  6. Like everyone else I welcome you back, HQ!
    Unlike everyone else, however, my first impression of this outfit was that it reminded me of two recent ones. Today’s hat looks like this RTM from last fall:
    Embed from Getty Images
    I prefer today’s pink hat.
    The coat reminds me of the yellow and gray worn to tour the Brandenburg Gate:
    Embed from Getty Images
    Are the buttons even the same? I prefer the yellow and gray coat, partly because its collar is better executed.

  7. HatQueen – It’s so good to have you back and I sincerely hope you had a refreshing holiday! Thanks for setting up the discussions while you were away. And, BTW, I really like the Queen’s new hat.

  8. This is certainly a happy ensable! Just as it should be. It just screams spring and happyness and I love it! I love the “flowers in her hair” and how it ties with the dress and the brooch. Feels like the perfect outfit for an almost-birthday girl 😀

  9. Dear HatQueen (and hello fellow hatlovers),
    It is great to have you back HatQueen! You have loyal/royal followers who have clearly been missing you but kept the spirit alive.
    I love the color, shape and trim (including swirl, excluding hat bouquet) of HM’s hat and her (matching pink) smile. Lovely to see her out and about.
    I ordered the adorable family stamps, in which she -understandable- was not wearing a hat, sigh, but yeah about the stamps!

  10. I’m very torn with this hat. I love the colour and shape, and the floral trim makes it tie in beautifully with the dress, making the whole ensemble united. However, these small flowers in themselves look rather like some of Angela Kelly’s less successful embellishments. I’m sure they are best quality silk flowers, but the scale is such that the quality can’t be appreciated, and to me it isn’t nearly as successful as other RTM hats with bigger blooms. I guess I might think of it more positively if it were just one kind of flower – but then of course it wouldn’t achieve the purpose of bringing the whole outfit together.

    Good to see you back, HatQueen.

  11. SO good to have you back, HatQueen! Hope it was a “jolly holiday,” as they said in Mary Poppins.

    I find the trim on this one a little busy. Weed out some of those blooms, and I’m all in. (But not the lilies of the valley — they’re such a sign of spring!) The shape and color are beautiful and flattering.

    • Thanks for your warm welcome back, everyone! I did have a lovely time away and am recharged and ready to tackle the next 8 weeks (the busiest 8 weeks of the royal hat year!).

      I see what you’re saying about a slight trim to the flowers on the hat. I adore the green contrasting trim and that would make it more visible.

  12. And of course her lipstick matching is the final icing on the cake! Such perfection for HM. And welcome back @HatQueen! Hope you got some much needed rest.

  13. I like that cheerful, vibrant color and she wears it well. She looks marvelous, and it is a delight to see her looking so well. I am so thankful that we have her. She is a true inspiration.

  14. Welcome back HatQueen! I agree with your comments about the Queen’s outfit. It really does sing spring. Her hat is beautiful.

  15. This one is a winner – that’s a fab colour on her. I like this basic shape of hat, it’s got height so balances well with the trimming. The cost is the same as the lovely lemon one we saw in Berlin last year – I do hope we get to see that outfit again soon, it was one of my favourites.

    Oh – it’s really good to have you back – I’ve missed checking in here for the latest news!!

    • Oops. I just posted that today’s coat was the same pattern at the yellow and gray from Germany. I didn’t see that you’d already posted that information. (But I do agree with you!) I too want to see the yellow coat again.

  16. Rachel Trevor MORGAN makes THE best hats for Her Majesty! Looks gorgeous and I always love to see her in coats with collars.

  17. She is so happy. It is a tender moment. Noticed how nicely the bouquet she is carrying does go with the hat and the design in the dress. Certainly looks like a spring blossom.
    Almost do not want to mention, the posy on the hat seems to come from Walmart, Target type of store.
    I do wish it was of better quality.
    Sort of sad and it does stand out in that inexpensive way. Surely the designer could have upgraded it.

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