Dutch Royals Attend Four Freedom Awards

With a busy week of royal hat happenings, I’m going to catch up a few posts today and save the regular ‘Extras’ post for tomorrow. First up- over to the Netherlands! On Thursday, the king, queen and Princess Beatrix attended the annual Four Freedoms awards. For this event, Queen Máxima repeated the coffee-hued straw slice picture hat that she débuted in Paris last month. It’s pairing this time with her coral dress felt a little heavy to me, making me wish she had instead chosen her well-worn lighter version of this millinery style.

Designer: Fabienne Delvigne
Previously Worn: March 10, 2016

Princess Beatrix topped her magenta dress and coat with contrasting black accessories. Her hat, in black straw, featured a highly upturned, pleated brim. The flat crown of the piece was wrapped in a straw sash that echoed the shape of the brim, giving the piece the illusion of a double brim. It’s a wonderful scale on Princess Beatrix and the double play of the brim and crown wrap gives such visual interest to the piece while keeping it light.

Designer: unconfirmed. Likely Suzanne Moulijn
Previously Worn: May 4, 2011; April 14, 2011; June 22, 2010

You will see the winners below (you may recognize German Chancellor Angela Merkel) with the royal guests. This event is a highlight in the royal Dutch calendar each year- what did you think of the hats worn to it?

Photos from Getty as indicated

11 thoughts on “Dutch Royals Attend Four Freedom Awards

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  2. I think QMax looks wonderful and the coffee-colored hat and accessories were perfect to complement her dress. Princess Beatrix is predictable but lovely in her hat, outfit and accessories.

  3. I think this is one of the best hats I have ever seen on ex-Queen Beatrix. The magenta and black together are splendid and the pleating on the dress and hat is a cool touch. The jewels are the icing on the cake. As happy as I am to see again Queen Máxima;s coffee-hued straw slice picture hat, I just don’t think it is the best pairing with the coral dress. I think that brooch at her waist looks wrong. Those certainly are killer heels she is wearing!

    • You are spot on Splendid Jewels. It is great to see Princess Beatrix in”…jewels (that) are the icing on the cake” instead of a hat that looks like a cake!

  4. Like the whole look on the ladies and I know this is about millinery fashion, but, just as a side-note: the three gentlemen awarded next to Angela Merkel (just two pictured in the group picture above) are religious leaders from the Central African Republic fighting against religious and political separation and power mis-use in their African region. No political debate intended, just a little extra info 😊.

  5. These are two fantastic looks for Máxima and Beatrix! Brightly-colored outfits with more neutrals hats isn’t a new thing, but they both do it so well here. I actually think the darker hat here works better; a lighter color I think would we a little too washed out. Also, the color may make this hat look heavier, but it is made of parasisal, which, after sinamay, is one of the lightest-weight materials you can have for hat.

    Beatrix’s hat, made from sinamay, is a standard shape for her, but I love the illusion of a double brim to make this more interesting. And her outfit is such a bright color for her, it is so fun!

    Hope to see some great hattery for Konigsdag!

  6. I too like both hats, even though neither is an interesting color.
    The third picture above of Queen Máxima above is the most flattering: reflecting the sun, the hat appears a little lighter, and there’s less orange visible in that picture. Bright orange and tan is an uninspired color combination, but that third picture shows why Queen Max is a hit wherever she goes.
    Princess Beatrix’s hat is nice switch from her regular cake hats.

  7. I agree with the HatQueen in preferring the lighter version of Queen Maxima’s hat, not only in terms of weight, but also in terms of color– I just don’t like it in combination with the orange of her dress (which I do like!). Princess Beatrix’s hat is perfect, and I love her shoes which look both comfortable and elegant.

  8. I like both hats – a lot. Here is also a comment on the clothes. The placement of Queen Maxima’s brooch at her waist is unusual and how does she walk on those heels?! The coat that Princess Beatrix is wearing looks a little “fussy” to me and she looks much better without it.

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