Queen Mathilde Launches Ship

Queen Mathilde was in Oostende yesterday to launch a new dredging installation ship. For this event, she repeated her grey printed calot hat with straw twist trim.

Queen Mathilde, April 28, 2016 in Philip Treacy | Royal Hats

Paired with her coordinating coat, the hat makes for a very streamlined and coordinated ensemble. However, something about the all-over print falls flat for me. On its last outing, this hat was paired with a grey suit and I think the subtle contrast of fabric set this hat off to greater success.

Designer: Philip Treacy. Coat by Armani
Previously Worn: June 24, 2015; February 19, 2014
Any new thoughts to share about this piece since the last time we saw it? Do you like it enough to include it in this month’s poll of favourite repeated royal hat?
Photos from Getty as indicated; and Kurt Desplenter via Belga; and The Belgian Monarchy

10 thoughts on “Queen Mathilde Launches Ship

  1. It’s a pretty Queenly outfit. I mean the cut is great and it is super elegant and goes together really well. But the hat still doesn’t work for me. It’s like taking an edgy black leather sofa and putting a doily on it. No thanks.

  2. Despite the fabric of the coat and hat being the same, because it’s in this silver color, it feels less-matchy to me than it could be. I personally love this look (especially being a big silver fan), and the design of the coat has a futuristic vibe, which I also love. My only complaint is that there is no waistline, so I would cut the coat to give Mathilde more of a defined waist.

  3. I love this whole outfit. The coat style is unique, pretty, warm looking. The hat coordinates with the round shapes of the coat. The fabric is beautiful. Queen Mathilde can be seen from every angle. The hat is not in danger of blowing away as a larger brimmed hat might on board a ship. I think it is a great outfit for the occasion and the Queen looks very elegant.

  4. I never noticed this hat with the June 2015 outfit. However, here, as in 2014, I still love this ensemble. I like the solid color twist on the hat, as well as the solid color shoes and bag. The Queen is still stunning!

  5. I think Queen Mathilde’s outfit is elegant and fabulous, although I think the pictures from its first outing are more flattering than today’s.

  6. Matching- matchy doesn’t bother me but the ribbon twist seems placed too far back for the hat to look balanced from the front.

  7. Mixed thoughts…this hat style reminds me of a beanie but worn on the side. It or rather the style seems too small to be worn with a coat. I do not like the style of this coat at all. There is no balance. The colour is fine.

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