Birthday Celebration Of Swedish King

Festivities for the 70th birthday of King Carl Gutaf IX continued today with schedule of daytime events that included a Te Deum Thanksgiving Service at the Royal Palace, Armed Forces tribute, choral tribute and cortege, and lunch hosted by the City of Stockholm.

As expected, the day’s events saw new millinery worn by the Swedish royal ladies. Queen Silvia wore a large picture hat with mushroom-shaped brim in pale pink straw. The hat’s small, rounded crown was trimmed in a ring of pink silk that knotted at the side into a flying silk and straw bow. It’s a much larger hat than we’re used to seeing on Silvia but the size seemed to convey the importance of the occasion.

Designer: Philip Treacy
Previously Worn: This hat is new

Crown Princess Victoria topped her striped dress and white coat with a white straw hat. The hat featured an angular , off-centred peak at the top of the crown (very similar to this hat), and a diagonally upfolded brim. A pleated band of black patent leather finished the piece, circling round the base of the crown and ending in an elaborate ringed knot at the side. The angular lines of the piece work well on Victoria and while I didn’t like the hat in combination with the coat, it’s a great topper to her striped dress. We can’t forget wee Prince Oscar, who made his official début in a blue knitted cap.

Designer: Philip Treacy desicn OC-153 from SS 2016
Previously Worn: This hat is new

Princess Sofia topped her pale pink dress and white coat with a headpiece of silk roses and pale green velvet leaves. While she undoubtedly is focused these days on her brand new son, Prince Alexander, I would have preferred to see her in something more than these few faux blooms.

Princess Sofia, April 30, 2016 | Royal Hats   Princess Sofia, April 30, 2016 | Royal Hats

Designer: unknown
Previously Worn: This headpiece is new. 

The other ‘blooming’ hat at this event was worn by Princess Madeleine. Her percher hat featured a sculptured saucer in black straw edged in white windowpane sinamay. The tall, fluted side of the hat was trimmed with huge silk cabbage roses in the same pale pink as her coat. This is a far more bold and dramatic hat than Madeleine usually chooses and it would have been a home run without those two unfortunately placed black appliqué flowers on the neckline of her dress. How I want to take a scissors to those things.

Designer: Philip Treacy design OC-109 from SS 2016
Previously Worn: This hat is new
Such large, hatted events happen only a few times per year and it is wonderful to see the spirit of fun and celebration that was undoubtedly part of the day, also visible in these hats. Which ones stood out to you?

19 thoughts on “Birthday Celebration Of Swedish King

  1. My favorite hat for this event is Queen Silvia’s. Even though it may be a tad too big, I love the shape and color on her. Both Crown Prince Victoria’s and Princess Madeleine’s hat really complimented their dresses, once the coats were removed. Princess Sophia looks beautiful.

  2. Really enjoyed all the big hats on this outing. The next question is whether they go well with the rest of the outfit. On the latter, I’d say “yes” to the Queen, and to CP Victoria. Not so much, Madeline, because, as noted, the two black flowers on her dress look weird.

    • I agree those two black flowers looked weird with her coat on. In pictures I saw elsewhere I thought they looked fine with her coat off and I really liked the dress. I The only thing I can say in the black flowers favor with the coat on is that it matches the black on her hat. Ha! 🙂

    • Really? I thought Madeleines hat was the best one! Victoria’s is a little weird (I don’t get the see through straw with the S&M black leather stuff on it) and Silvia’s is totally swallowing her up.

  3. I thought everyone looked great in general. However, those awful flowers on Madeline’s dress need to go. They were just distracting and didn’t work at all. I liked everything about her but the flowers, and I do love the fitted, flared coats on the Queen, and Madeline. Madeline’s reminded me of one of the Duchess of Cambridge’s coats.

  4. I like all the hats but I really want to say how impressed I was that Sofia was there. When I was 2 weeks post partum I was lucky to put on sweats and flip flops and comb my hair. I realize she has help but I still think she made a commendable effort.

    • Yes, I give her credit for just being there! While I’d love to see a larger hat, she looks beautiful.

      • Sofia’s go-to hairstyle won’t support a hat well. It’s too poofy. She’ll need to let a hairdresser fool around with her hair to figure out the best approach at some point. And as much as I hope to see her embrace real hats one day, I know I sure wouldn’t have been up for messing around and trying something new when I was two weeks postpartum, so I certainly don’t mind seeing her stick to the tried and true now. Shoot, at two weeks in, she gets points from me just for standing in heels at all!

        I’m not sure I like the queen’s hat on her up close, something about the fit and proportion look wrong for her face and hair, but it makes a very striking silhouette from a distance and is certainly easy for folks in the crowd to pick out. So, for this event, I like it. And maybe I’d like it up close had she worn her hair up. The color is certainly lovely on her.

  5. Wow! These are great choices. I like the way Queen Silvia’s picture hat balances out the flared coat. The black patent leather trim on CP Victoria’s white hat is unexpected. The minimalist look is perfect with the dramatic striped dress, although, as others have noted, not a good match with the cream coat. While Princess Madeline’s is pretty, I prefer the simplicity of the others.

  6. It was such a pleasure to see several “real” hats, even complete with brims, at this occasion – we’ve had so many where fascinators, cocktail hats and other small headpieces predominate, that this was a lovely change! (I don’t mean just in Sweden, I mean at all sorts of royal occasions). I like all three of the proper hats worn here, and Silvia’s was particularly attractive as a statement change from many of her usual hats.

  7. I’m so glad to see Silvia back is a wide-brimmed hat! I had grown tired of all the calots and pillboxes, and this is a great one for her. My only minor complaint is I wish the hat color was a bit more saturated to better match her coat color, but beyond that, I love it! Definitely one to repeat.

    Victoria looked absolutely fabulous! I love her entire look. And while I can see the complaints about the weights of her coat (which is beautiful) and her hat being different, I don’t find it any different from Silvia’s, so it doesn’t bother me. I love the hat with or without the coat, although it makes more of a statement without. Another one worth repeating!

    Part of me wants to give Sophia a pass, but at the same time, it’s not like we didn’t know this event and her son’s birth were gonna happen around the same time. Disappointing she didn’t get a Treacy hat, so I’m hoping that’s remedied soon! A white beret cocktail hat incorporating these roses would’ve been much better.

    I love the avant-garde look on Madeleine with this Treacy headpiece! Unfortunately the rest of her ensemble falls flat for me. I usually don’t mind hair being let down, but this time it really looks like she put little effort into it (unlike Kate, who I think looks great with her hair down), the black lapel flowers are bizarre, and the shoulders on her coat looks almost 1940s costumey. I do love the design/pattern on her dress’ sleeve cuffs.

    Despite some flaws, overall this was a fantastic showing of hats by the immediate Swedish royal family!

  8. Queen Silvia’s hat is pretty but I think it would have looked better worn a little bit back on her head instead of completely horizontal making it look like a lampshade, seeming to press her down. Princess Victoria’s hat does look best with her dress alone, as you said. It is not the right shade or weight for the coat (although the coat is a flattering style on her). Princess Madeleine’s hat has a lot of potential, but the black part seems too jarring next to the softness of the pink cabbage rose and the softly rippling white edge. I might have liked it better with a different hairstyle or a more modern coat. There is something off about the coat to my eyes. The wide lapels seem retro while the pleats and color read little girl to me. It’s just not sleek enough to go with a dramatic hat somehow. The hat was clearly made to go with the dress though and the coat was a mismatch in my opinion. Maybe Sophia and Madeleine could have traded coats.

  9. It’s as if Victoria and Madeleine didn’t try on their hats and coats beforehand. Both hats go so much better with the dresses worn underneath, but the Mickey Mouse ears on Madeleine and the jarring off white and stark white for Victoria spoil the whole effect for me. The Queen looks magnificent.

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