Dutch Remembrance Day Oberserved

The King and Queen of the Netherlands presided national remembrance day services held in Amsterdam yesterday. For this event, Queen Máxima wore a new pleated turban hat in black velvet. This photo by Yvonne Van Woudenberg provides a close-up view of the piece. It’s a simple piece that fit the tone of this occasion and I thought  Máxima wore it well.

Designer: Bronté Amsterdam. It is the Jasmijn turban in black velvet.
Previously Worn: This hat is new
I don’t suspect we’ll see this hat named among our top favourites this month although it is a well crafted piece and I really like the volume and height it achieves around Máxima’s crown (as opposed to a more form fitting, helmet like turban design). What do you think of this new piece?
Photo from Getty as indicated

9 thoughts on “Dutch Remembrance Day Oberserved

  1. I think black is really the only color option for this event, but the velvet seems better suited to winter. I like the suggestion of this style, still deep black, but in a different fabric that would coordinate better with the fabric of her coat.

  2. I am not loving the shape on QMax. For some reason, it doesn’t pair well with the black trench coat that she’s wearing.

  3. It’s very polished, and I like the slight military vibe, but the whole look seems a bit heavy for May.

  4. I know the Netherlands can be cool; but black velvet in May seems a poor choice. The shape is very flattering for Máxima and I think it might have worked in a silk. I don’t know if the occasion permits any color at all; but maybe a grey or a black and grey would have been nice.

    • The occasion does not permit any colors at all. Even grey would be considered as very inappropriate. The Queen has been fully in black since her marriage into the Royal Family. The Dutch are remembring those who died in the Second World War (my country was hit very hard in those years) and Dutch soldiers who fell in combat in other countries in the years after the war. It is a very solemn occasion and the Queen is highly appreciated by many for her solemn appareance on this Remembrance Day, which we call ‘Dodenherdenking’ in Dutch. It’s always on the 4th of May. The Netherlands was liberated on the 5th of May, on which we celebrate Liberationday (‘Bevrijdingsdag’).

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