Queen Celebrates School Annivesary

Queen Elizabeth was in Berkhamsted this morning to take part in the 475th anniversary of Berkhamsted School of which she is Patron. For this event, she repeated a magenta straw hat that we have not seen in several years.

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Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

The piece an upturned brim on one side which follows the same agle as its sloped crown. White and pink straw bands encircle the base of the crown, lending further graphic effect, and the piece is trimmed with white and magenta straw loops on the side and a pair of magenta feathers. The piece is all about contrast and balance (both, executed to perfection) and after fearing it had been retired, I’m tickled to see it on Her Majesty again today as it is fantastic on her.

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Designer: Rachel Trevor Morgan
Previously Worn: June 4, 2011June 17, 2009
An interesting note about this ensemble- when the Queen first wore the coat and dress during a tour of Turkey in 2008, it was paired with a different hat. In lighter pink straw, the design featured a tall, flat crown and mushroom brim, both wrapped in dark pink silk. Wispy white feathers and a dark fuchsia flower finished it off.
 Embed from Getty Images
The earlier hat has many markers of an Angela Kelly design (although its origin is unconfirmed). Between the two pieces, I much prefer the punchier lines of the Rachel Trevor Morgan design Queen Elizabeth wore today. What do you think?
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22 thoughts on “Queen Celebrates School Annivesary

  1. Her Majesty looks lovely. This is a wonderful hat for her. I very much prefer this hat to the downward facing brim of the mushroom hat.

  2. I agree that this hat is jaunty and nice, but it seems a tad small sitting a bit high on the Queen’s head. I prefer the one with the mushroom brim. I find it very elegant.

  3. This may be the best of HM’s many pink hats. Strangely, though, her pearls look a little dingy with this outfit — probably because the white is so bright.

  4. I too thought that this hat outfit had been retired. It’s beautiful. There have been NUMEROUS pink and white replacements. Each of the past Royal Ascots have had a pink and white outfit that could have been worn today instead. Wonder why this old (!) one was chosen instead. (Perhaps because it’s more attractive!) This hat is perfect, and the coat FITS!

  5. When the Queen debuted that ensemble in Turkey, the hat was already at least 10 years old, having been worn in Kuala Lumpur in 1998. The bow which included fabric from the dress originally worn with the hat was replaced with a flower and swirling white feathers.
    Embed from Getty Images
    I’ve actually always preferred this first hat with that outfit.

    • GREAT catch Baxter- at a quick glance through my archives, I didn’t make this connection. I agree- this hat worked better with the original floral bow. The dates also put it at the time when Philip Somerville and Frederick Fox were the Queen’s primary milliners, likely making it one of their designs.

    • Now that’s interesting. Hats get replaced, but the Queen’s hats rarely get de-commissioned from one entire outfit to wear with a new outfit when it means actually leaving the initial outfit without a hat. I was aware of the Turkey and the KL hats but never realized they were the same. I take it that the KL outfit never was worn again after the visit to Turkey, which I believe was May 2008. Is that KL outfit still sitting somewhere in Buck House with a hat?
      Congratulations on your sharp eyes!

    • That’s so interesting. I assumed that when the queen gets a new outfit it includes a hat. I guess that’s not always the case! I do love the hat today. It’s one of her best I think.

    • I actually prefer this first hat with the outfit, and the hat of ’09. But Her Majesty looks pretty in all of them!

  6. I thought. This had long since been retired, glad to see it again though, it’s a winner, and a fab colour for such a lovely sunny day. I’d like to see her resurrect a few oldies from the back of the wardrobe, there’s some that we could do with seeing again.

  7. Wowza! It looks different than what Lilibet usually wears but I can’t put my finger on it as to why.

    • The coat is much more open than most of the Queen’s other coats. I really like this because we can see the dress underneath and it lies flat (sometimes her coats all buttoned up bunch a little bit especially when she sits down). There’s also the band of white down the coat which gives a nice sharp contrast and makes her look taller. It looks like the white stripe on the hat is the exact same width and that makes a difference too. The pink and white print on her dress pulls everything together. Her dresses usually pull all the colors of her outfits together but we can actually see it this time! I hope this hat gets included at the end of the month in the best hats because it’s just gorgeous.

  8. I like both of the hats paired with this coat, but I do agree the RTM hat is more streamlined and matches better overall. The only thing I dislike about the RTM hat is how high it sits on HM’s head compared to most of her other hats. But seeing this one (and remembering it from Epsom years ago), makes me excited to see what hats show up at Epsom, which always gets a little overshadowed by Trouping and Ascot.

  9. I like both of them, but prefer today’s. Magenta is definitely one of HM’s most flattering colors, as well as royal blue, I think.

  10. Mr Fitzroy loves this hat….the whole ensemble is superb on HM, nice when the cut of her coat allows a bit of opportunity to see more of the dress as well. Does anyone know why HM brooch disappears in the 6th photo? Curiouser and curiouser…as Alice would say.

    • According to news reports, she had moved the brooch and attached it to her dress. I can only assume the coat came off for part of the engagement.

    • There were other changes too. The Express has several pictures of this event and she changed her shoes half way through! I thought that was interesting. Love her whole outfit today.

      • Yes — I caught the change of shoes, missed the losing of the brooch. Usually she has her walking shoes (those shown above, with the gold buckles, perhaps lizard) and the non-walking shoes (patent heels and toe, smooth leather otherwise). I’m afraid this is another sign of aging.

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