Princess Alexandra Opens Care Home

Last Thursday, Princess Alexandra was in Salisbury to open the Avonbourne Care Centre. For this event, she topped a colourful woven jacket with a tall-crowned hat in heathered lilac straw. The gently sloping brim on this piece is wrapped in a swath of widely woven net tulle, also in lilac, which gives softness to the piece. On its own, I would prefer the hat in a slightly more saturated colour but its grey undertone does well to balance (and, dare I say tone down) the bright jacket.

Princess Alexandra, May 5, 2016 | Royal Hats

Princess Alexandra, May 5, 2016 | Royal Hats

Designer: unconfirmed but very likely Rachel Trevor Morgan
Previously Worn: I believe this hat is new. While very close to this blue hat, the two are different. 

This is a bolder ensemble than we’re used to seeing Princess Alexandra wear. I’m curious, dearest readers – what do you think of this new hat?

Photos from The British Monarchy

16 thoughts on “Princess Alexandra Opens Care Home

  1. Just offering a slight correction… She hasn’t been Princess Alexandra “of Kent” since 1963. She is Princess Alexandra, The Honourable Lady Ogilvy.

  2. I love her jacket, it appears knitted?
    Somehow I don’t think the hat goes with the rest of her outfit. I would like the hat with a different outfit, maybe a less bright jacket, the colors of jacket don’t go with the dusky color of the hat.
    She does have a very regal berring about her and despite the discord of the hat to jacket, she is just a lovely lady.

    • I agree that the hat doesn’t go well with the jacket. The jacket is bold, which I think is a good look, but the color of the hat just doesn’t work. A less conventional hat style in a color that picks up one from the jacket would make more sense.

  3. This hat suits Alexandra very well and definitely falls in line with most of her hat styles. I think it seems a bit tall for her in the crown, but that’s a minor detail. The jacket is definitely a bit crazier than we’re used to seeing, but I think she pulls it off. Glad to see her out and about again; hopefully she’ll make an appearance at Ascot!

    • You don’t have to wait until Ascot- she’s scheduled to join the Duchesses of Cornwall and Gloucester for a Buckingham Palace Garden Party next week.

      Most of Alexandra’s hats have tall crowns… I’m not sure if that’s to accommodate hairstyle or if it’s simply how she prefers them. They’re a smidge too tall for my liking as well.

  4. She looks spectacular! I love the jacket! The hat does tone things down, but still ties in with the whole colour scheme. I’ve never been a big fan of tulle netting, but I won’t quibble.

  5. What a funky outfit! It really only makes sense when you see the skirt too as that ties the purples together. I think she looks rather spiffing!

  6. I agree about the net tulle not complementing the rest of the outfit and in the second picture, I find the light shining through the top of the hat rather strange. However, I DO LIKE the jacket!

  7. I would have preferred it without the net tulle, which I think looks too frilly for the jacket. I think the color is lovely with the jacket and dress (or top and skirt).

    • I’m 100% on board with you, Christina! The jacket is great! In general, I don’t like hats with the netting on it.

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