Norwegian National Day

The Norwegian Royal Family celebrated their National Day today with attendance at a children’s parade and a balcony appearance at the royal palace. This year, the women remained in traditional folk dress for all events which meant that the hats were left to the men. King Harald and Crown Prince Haakon both donned silk top hats as part of their morning dress and looked quite handsome, indeed.

3 thoughts on “Norwegian National Day

  1. I can’t recall a National Day balcony appearance with both the Queen and the Crown Princess showing up in traditional dress.

    As for the King and Crown Prince, I love that they are always reliable in wearing these same top hats every year. Each hat suits its owner’s personality it seems, and I think they look great in them. My only complaint is every time I think Harald’s looks a bit small, and Haakon’s looks a bit big.

    • In the past, the ladies ave always changed into day dresses/suits with hats for the balcony appearance. It’s lovely to see them embrace folk dress but I’m sorry to see them loose another occasion to wear a hat.

    • Jake, maybe the two men accidentally grabbed each other’s hats as they walked out the door! Ha Ha.
      I almost bought a used top hat at an antique market once, but it was in very poor condition, and the price was ridiculous!

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