Jordanian State Visit To Belgium

King Abdullah and Queen Rania of Jordan arrived yesterday in Belgium for a three day state visit. While the first day saw no hats on either the host or visiting queens, today’s more formal programme (which included the official welcome) was a different story.

Queen Mathilde used this occasion to début a large hat in cream straw with a rounded crown and mushroom shaped brim

The stand out feature of this design is the very wide weave on the straw- a much wider weave than we’re used to seeing on straw hats. This rough weave is balanced by the hat’s crisp cream silk bands around the crown and brim that magically transforms it from something one might see at the beach to something that fits for a state visit. Paired with Mathilde’s streamlined yellow and cream hounds-tooth dress and cream accessories, the hat tops an ensemble that feels summery and effortless yet so very refined.

Designer: Fabienne Delvigne
Previously Worn: this hat is new
This hat is unlike anything we’ve seen in recent memory- what do you think of it?
Photos from Getty as indicated

25 thoughts on “Jordanian State Visit To Belgium

  1. The open weave on Mathilde’s hat prevents the hat closing off her face. It’s an interesting piece that helped create a great ensemble.

  2. I really like this hat; the trim does finish it nicely. Yes, it is large, almost shoulder width, but Mathilde wears it so well. The earrings give the dress and hat just enough of an accent. I agree with HatQueen..Queen Rania looked lovely, but I’d like to see her in a hat. She does have all that hair though….

  3. While the whole outfit looks nice together at a glance, closer inspection turns out flaws.
    1) There’s a shadow from the hat brim over QM’s face.
    2) the proportions seem out. It’s crown is tight fitting and suddenly the brim flares out.
    3) it does look like a lampshade.
    4) in some other photos, I think QM & QR had problems exchanging the greetings kiss…

  4. A mixed review here: the open weave gives it an airy feel and the trim is pretty, but the odd shape detracts from it. It’s still a good choice with the dress, though.

  5. This is a rather overpowering lampshade, and the colors in the hat are off from those in the dress. The huge open weave of the hat is interesting with the houndstooth, however, and I think the overall effect of the outfit is fantastic. It’s hard in general to upstage Queen
    Rania of Jordan, but Queen Matilde managed it with ease.

  6. LOVE!! I love the wide bands of silk contrasting with the open weave. The open weave keeps the hat from looking too heavy.

  7. Such mixed feeling about this hat. I love the wide weave. It’s something we don’t often see. Yet at the same time I don’t really like the fact it looks a little bit like a lampshade. She wore something at little bit similar at the remembrance ceremony in Waterloo and I prefered that shape.

  8. For a very plain hat and an ensemble that is mostly white/beige/yellow (all things I’m not normally a fan of), I really like this! I think the more open weave helps to not overwhelm Mathilde since this is a large lampshade hat; the bound edge and hatband help to also refine this hat. The yellow houndstooth dress adds visual texture and color to make things more lively. And I love those earrings too! I would like to see this hat again, but paired with something a little more colorful (purple, blue, or green are my choices for another dress).

  9. Queen Mathilde’s hat is a classic style, a fine neutral summery hat, that suits a hat and gloves formal occasion without being too frou frou. Queen Rania has a more modern style most of the time, eschewing both hats and gloves. But I think it is fine for Mathilde to stick with her own style for this event without going overboard. She did take the hat off indoors, but probably kept it on for that last portrait until she could check to make sure her hairdo hadn’t suffered any hat damage.

  10. The hat leaves a shade on her face, (last photo) I don’t like it, don’t like the shape nor does it match with the white in her dress, for me a miss.

  11. Apologies in advance, but the hat looks rather like a lamp shade to me. Queen Mathilde is a lovely, elegant woman and if anyone could carry it off, she’s the one! Is that embroidery on Queen Rania’s lapel or a large brooch?

  12. I will concede that the brim might be just a trifle overwhelming in size for Mathilde, but otherwise I love it! Hope this signals a return of larger hats in general!

    • Jane, I will wager that you and I are in the minority, but I also think it is too big. The 5th picture shows how absolutely beautiful the queen is, but she’s hiding in an umbrella-sized, albeit beautiful chapeau! Just my humble opinion.

    • Interesting thoughts about proportion. Of late, many of us seem to be wishing for larger hats (probably in response to a decade of fascinators and percher cocktail numbers) but I agree that something about the scale of this piece is a little off. Taking a second closer look, the brim shape is a little funny. Is it me or is the angle where the brim meets the crown not consistent?

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