Danish Queen Celebrates Cathedral

Queen Margrethe of Denmark was at Maribo Cathedral on the island of Lolland yesterday to celebrate the church’s 600th anniversary. For this celebration, she surprised with a new hat. The bright red bumper design, made in the same fabric as a streamlined red coat, is simply trimmed in a bow at the side in the same fabric as the ensemble’s patterned dress. It’s not the most exciting of hats but it tops a vibrant and elegant outfit that works beautifully all together on the Danish Queen.

Queen Margrethe, May 24, 2016 | Royal Hats

Queen Margrethe, May 24, 2016 | Royal Hats Queen Margrethe, May 24, 2016 | Royal Hats

Queen Margrethe, May 24, 2016 | Royal Hats

Queen Margrethe’s hairstyle provides a challenge for hat wearing and often, her hats make her appear as though she is completely bald. I think the shape and scale of this piece works well in this regard and as for the colour-  Margrethe never shies away from a red (nor would we want her to!) and she wears it well.  What do you think of this new hat for her?

Photos from Billed Bladet and Scanpix via The Danish Monarchy

15 thoughts on “Danish Queen Celebrates Cathedral

  1. This isn’t my favorite style of hat, but it is absolutely perfect for her. The outfit overall is very becoming.

  2. I admire her confidence in wearing this red…on my computer screen it’s a fire engine red…which I wouldn’t be comfortable wearing…& I am much younger than her.

    I notice that what HM is wearing might also be suited for her DIL! It’s interesting that her fashion styles works well on her & younger ladies too…it’s quite different from say Princess Beatrice’s fashion…

  3. One of her best looks! Red is a fantastic colour on her and gen while, streamlined look is elegant.

  4. first of all HatQueen thank you for all the effort you put in this blog, I always love reading it,
    second, love this shape and color on Margaretha, very nice.

  5. Lovely! She looks great in red. The hat reflects her style without veering into eccentricity like the infamous blue beanie.

  6. I would prefer the rosettes to be in a solid color (either navy or white), but otherwise this is a great hat and outfit for Margrethe!

  7. Yes I always look at the full outfit. I do like the colours and the hat is fine. One of her better outfits. The length of the coat and dress is good too.

    • The more I look at royal hats, the more I’m convinced that we can’t look at the hats on their own. It’s how they work with the entire outfit that makes for success!

      • Yes, I agree – we almost need to assess things twice, once on their own merits as hats, and secondly how well they perform their role as part of a royal look on a particular person at a particular event.

  8. She looks absolutely wonderful. I love her beautiful, warm smile, also. My long-departed Danish grandfather would be very proud of her.

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