Queen Celebrates 300 Years of The Royal Artillery

Queen Elizabeth was on Salisbury Plain in her role as Captain-General of the Royal Regiment of Artillery to oversee a Royal Review on the occasion of the regiment’s 300th anniversary.  For this event, she repeated her pink straw cloche hat with diagonal crown wrap in the same pink bouclé as her coat. The hat, which is trimmed with an interwoven pink silk looped bow at the side, is a good scale on her and I like the repeat of the bow silk on the brim’s piping. I have never been a fan of these diagonal crown wraps which, while adding interesting shape, always look awkward to me. That being said, this ensemble is a very pretty colour on Her Majesty and I never fail to marvel at her ability to choose an outfit and hat that will make her stand out in any situation. Pale pink is not a hue one associates with standing out in a crowd but she did so beautifully today.

11 thoughts on “Queen Celebrates 300 Years of The Royal Artillery

  1. The first photo of Her Majesty is just wonderful. She looks so happy! I think this hat and outfit is a complete success.

  2. HM is on a roll! Another great hat for her. But, like @JamesB, there are still some others that we have seen less frequently that I too would like to see brought back out of hiding.

  3. I like this outfit. It looks soft and comfortable and the fabric is pretty. The hat is well coordinated and it seems to be the perfect size for the Queen.

  4. If the Queen keeps wearing this outfit, I’ll keep making the same comment: the problem is that the coat always appears off center. I rather like the shape of this hat, but as JamesB has said, it’s been worn a lot. The Queen often wears this dress for investitures and meetings at the palace. She must love it, but perhaps she could restrict her love to photographer-less occasions.

    • I suspect the slewed appearance of the coat is due to the Queen’s posture Snug H. You have probs come to that conclusion yourself and I realise you are not having a dig at HM but having a mother of similar vintage and stature I just accept it as a part of the aging process, put it that way, and simply admire HM all the more. I hope you won’t find my comments offensive. 😊
      Re the hat and outfit- always been a fave of mine, the colours are soft, the texture box is ticked and I like the slightly darker piping coordination. The hat appears very well proportioned with soft lines and is light and airy. It also looks well made and nicely finished off. Very nice choice today Ma’am.

  5. I like it enough, it’s a perfectly nice ensemble, but it’s been seen a lot, and there are some lovely ones lurking in the closet (I know, this is a constant moan of mine!) Lets release those shall we before keeping with the tide of old favourites!

  6. I like the outfit. HM’s handbag stands out and reminds me of the family portrait with great-granddaughter (MIA?) proudly clutching it!

  7. I think it’s very nice, but – not trying to nit-pick, shouldn’t it be placed a little further forward, so as to not have her hair seen and thus smashed?

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