Danish Princess Supports Peacekeepers Day

Princess Marie of Denmark was at Kastellet (The Citadel) yesterday to take part in UN International Peacekeepers Day. For this occasion, she repeated her navy felt calot hat with side bow. The side view of this hat shown in the third photo below shows the scale of the bow (something we have not directly seen before)  which is much larger than I thought. This hat doesn’t excite me but its classic design is a good one to have in a royal wardrobe for events such as this. I think we’ll see it become one of Marie’s workhorses.

8 thoughts on “Danish Princess Supports Peacekeepers Day

  1. Yes, Marie wore a hat … but no one’s mentioned the bloke with a tassel on his cap! Marvellous. It appears so completely pointless as a piece of military uniform that it gave me a big smile.

  2. I wonder if this hat is meant to be more of a beret style. It seems like it on the first two appearances. It seems too big to be a calot, coming down to the back of Marie’s neck. At any rate I do prefer it worn back.

    • And I can’t stand that coat and huge belt! It looks really ageing to me. The hat’s OK but nothing special.

  3. I certainly like the hat farther back on her head than when she wore it on June 5, 2015. I agree it is not exciting but I like the bow now that we finally got a chance to get a good look at it. She looks good.

  4. It’s nice to finally see the bow side of this hat. Not the most exciting hat, but I think this larger bow livens it up a bit, and I think it suits Marie quite well.

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