Seeing Triple: Crown Princess Mary

Royal HatsCrown Princess Mary knocked our proverbial socks off at the recent christening of Prince Oscar in a fantastic new straw picture hat. This, however, is not the first picture hat with wave brim we have seen on the Danish princess:

At the May 27, 2016 Swedish christening and at the 350th Anniversary Of The Royal Danish Life Guards on June 30, 2008

2016-05-27 Prince Oscar baptism      2009-08-03 Daens Wordwide annual meeting

At the Swedish christening and at the August 3, 2009 annual meeting of Danes Wordwide at Kronborg Castle

UPDATE: I completely forgot that Princess Mary has a third version of this hat, in cream straw. The hat made its début on April 16, 2010 where it was paired it with the same cream silk flower and feather spray as she attached to the black version for Prince Oscar’s christening:

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

The purple and cream designs follow a very similar shape and scale to the black one, with a slightly lower upsweep on the brim opposite the wave. All three hats are Susanne Juul designs made of straw and have the practical option of adding additional trim . I have long adored the purple hat and the addition of the new black one adds a versatile and beautiful piece into Mary’s millinery closet. When I thought there were two versions of this design, I said, “We’re often left scratching our own heads when it comes to royal hat triplets but in this case, I’m simply nodding in approval.” I stand by that statement. I’m just not sure it applies to THREE versions of the same design, no matter how beautiful they are!

What do you think of this trio of similar picture hats?

Photo from Getty as indicated; Stella Pictures; and James Thistead via Corbis

18 thoughts on “Seeing Triple: Crown Princess Mary

  1. She should buy as many of these as Maxima has her ‘slice’ style – they’re fabulous. Mary looks great in most jobs, but in a statement brim she’s just amazing.

  2. Fabulous both! I absolutely love them and wish I had reason to wear one like them. Mary’s style is impeccable.

  3. She wears hats well, and I do love her in these larger hats. She is a beautiful, elegant woman, and is always beautifully dressed.

  4. I agree with all the comments so far. I just wish the lavender would have been worn for the Christening and the black for one of those other engagements.

      • Hello to you HatQueen, from a longtime admirer of your wonderful blog. Thanks so much for all you do!
        In my view, Mary can never have too many wide-brimmed hats.
        Re the colour of the fabulous “black” one: I saw the exact dress that Mary is wearing IRL being fitted on a client yesterday, and can confirm that the colour scheme of the dress as shown in the top left-hand pic, appears true to life (at least on my PC); i.e. the fabric is matte, and the tulips are black, on a ground of very faint and flattering blush (compare this tint with the truer beige of the hat’s flower).
        I think the shiny surface of the hat straw is reflecting the blue-toned artificial light inside the building, which is lightening the apparent colour – especially when juxtaposed with the matte black on the dress. This is the same effect we often see with black leather, which usually has a semi “gloss” finish, and can therefore look more charcoal, or navy, than black.
        So I’m guessing that the hat is black. If it is, I don’t feel that this particular example is inappropriate for the occasion – especially when teamed with the light-coloured dress. For me, the black colour looks snazzy, not sombre, and the hat’s shape, size, texture, and contrasting flower, all convey the expected message of “joyous elegant celebration”.

        • Thanks, LBG! Knowing that Mary’s dress was a blush pink with black print makes the black hat make more sense. I wonder, however, why she didn’t add the pink straw embellishment we see on the purple hat here, since we know it is removable!

  5. Love both hats, especially the black. Now, the pinkish dress, I have some issues with, but we weren’t talking about dresses!

  6. She is doing what many women do when they find a style that suits them, be it a hat, dress, or any other article of clothing or accessory; she includes the same style in many different colors, materials, and accents in her wardrobe. This is one smart lady who knows what works for her and utilizes the knowledge.

    • I agree with what penelopeshaffer2015 says: June 8, 2016 at 12:57 pm. Crown Princess Mary is a very wise lady.

  7. They are similar, but dissimilar enough that it warrants having both in her closet (can one have too many hats? asking for a friend). I personally like the more upturned brim on the black one.

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