Dutch Monarchs Visit Friesland

King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima visited the Dutch province of Northwest Friesland today where they visited an education and employment campus, a tomato farm, a shipyard and a housing and care centre. For this day of engagments, Queen Máxima repeated her buff straw picture hat with gently upswept brim on one side and grosgrain ribbon hatband with flat bow. While the colour on this piece has always felt a little flat to me, Máxima rectified it today by pairing the hat with a bright orange dress.

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Queen Máxima, June 13, 2016 in Fabienne Delvigne | Royal Hats

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I really like the colour and texture interplay between Máxima’s orange crepe dress and the neutral buff lace coat and straw hat but I wish she had skipped her orange statement earrings.

Embed from Getty Images
Designer: Fabienne Delvigne
Previously Worn: November 22, 2013; October 5, 2011; September 21, 2010
It is always fun when Máxima reaches into the depths of her millinery closet to bring out a piece that has not been seen for a while. The colour of this hat makes is among her least memorable- what did you think of its styling with this ensemble today?
Photos from Getty as indicated via Robin Lonkhuijsen/ANP via The Dutch Monarchy

18 thoughts on “Dutch Monarchs Visit Friesland

  1. The hat is the same at all the events; the differences are the various ways they’ve creatively shaped the brim into various shapes and angles and placement. The Queen is stunning wearing it, particularly with the peplum outfit; the hat is situated perfectly!

  2. The bow really elevates this hat. I would have preferred it without the lace coat, as there’s too much beige going on–hat, hair, face, coat, legs, shoes.

  3. What an intriguing millinery puzzle! I too agree that the brims on these hats look very different but the side bow is identical. HatQueen- does this designer use this style of bow often? It seems rather distinctive.

  4. Love this hat with this outfit. Not sure about the earrings but I’m not that off about them. I am always agog at Maxima’s Ninja Hat Pins.

  5. I was thinking the hats were all different . The latest one’s crown does seem much higher.
    I like it with the lower crown but maybe it is an illusion.

  6. This is a lovely ensemble with the orange dress underneath, otherwise it would be very boring. Not a fan of the earrings. It’s a bit difficult to tell if this hat brim has just been reshaped or if this is a completely different hat, hmm . . .

  7. The brim from today does look different from the Colombian hat, but I find it hard to believe that those bows are identical. Couldn’t the brim have been re-steamed a little? I think the crown looks the same height in the two wearings.
    At any rate, I like today’s outfit. The orange earrings do look a little jarring with the hat. Since she’s got an orange purse, I think everyone knows the House of Orange is advertising its stuff. Good outfit.

  8. I can’t tell whether or not they are the same hat, but I *think* not. Queen Maxima looks fantastic in the outfit, even with the wacky earrings!

  9. Hat Queen you can be a little crazy you have had a very big weekend with all the Royal happenings in the UK, I don’t care if they are the same I just love seeing the photos so again THANK YOU.

  10. An interesting conversation unfolded on twitter a few minutes ago with a reader who suggested this hat was also worn for the King and Queen’s visit to Colombia in 2013. I thought the same thing until I took a look at these hats closely this morning. If you look closely, the brim shape on the two hats seems different (today’s hat is flatter while the hat in Colombia has a sharper upsweep). In the two photos below, the hats’ bows are in nearly the same position, offering a good comparison view of the brims. This is making me think the two hats are different… but am I going crazy here? HELP!

    Hat worn in Colombia in 2013:

    Hat worn today:

    • Incidentally- I think the hat worn in Colombia was a repeat of the hat Maxima wore to Prinsjesdag September 2010, worn tilted further back on her head.

      • Is it possible that the brims on these hats are flexible and can be moved into different shapes? The bow at the side is the same on all of them which seems like a dead giveaway that it’s all the same hat!

      • So I’ve stared a this for 15 minutes and I think that’s 3 different hats. The brims are different and the crowns are all different too. Some are more boxy and the one today is taller than the others.

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